Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Kyiv

Kyiv is my home city and it gives me so much inspiration when I visit it! I can talk about it for hours and never get tired.

The reasons for it are written below.

1. Beautiful architecture and great combination of historical buildings with modern ones.

When I walk in the central part, everything breathes history but at the same time doesn’t look too old. I can visit Opera Theater and after it go to a modern shopping mall in 15 min walk. Isn’t it amazing? By the way the tickets in Opera Theater are just a bargain compared to Europe, you definitely need to visit it!

2. Kyiv is an action city.

It is always full of different cultural, educational or recreation events. Actually this city has so much to suggest to young generation. They can attend seminars, lectures, conferences almost for free and grow their skills. There are many events in English language too, you can find them in Facebook.

3. People are much into health and sport.

For me it’s a huge plus, as somehow this lifestyle in society motivates me to do same.

During my last trip I joined KM Running Club and it was amazing to see people of all ages running together.

4. If you have any food preferences, Kyiv will suggest you plenty of choices.

During my last trip to Bangkok it was really hard to find good restaurants with international quisine. Kyiv isn’t like this. Here there is so much choice for reasonable amount of money.

And I guess it’s great to try something new!One day you eat Italian Pizza, the other day – Japanese Sushi, and after one week – Georgian Khinkali.

Apart of this the atmosphere in local restaurants is so good!

5. Kyiv is one of the greenest cities I have ever seen in my life.

It has a great nature with lots of forests and parks.

There you can rent bicycle, make a picnic and enjoy the rest of other outdoor activities!

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Trip to Istanbul. My personal experience.

Around one year ago I visited Istanbul for the first time. It was a great trip, generally I was very happy about it. I am going to share my experience with you, so maybe you can use it for your further trips:

  • If you are going to Istanbul for leisure, make sure your hotel isn’t far from downtown.

Istanbul is a huge city, so if you don’t want to spend most of the time in traffic in order to get to the main historical places, it makes sense just to choose place to live closer to them. We stayed in apartment of our friends next to the Mall of Istanbul, and it was a way to far.

  • Turkish food tastes fantastic to me.

I really liked shawarma, local kebabs. Desserts were also amazing, kunafa definitely is worth a try. Even in supermarket all product look fresh and delicious. I tried local street food too. Eating stuffed mussels was pleasant experience.

  • If to choose between Turkish tea or coffee, I preferred the second one.

Turkish tea was just too intense for me, but their coffee had a great quality!

  • I started my sightseeing from Taksim Square.

It’s crowded but has a great atmosphere. There you will find different shops, cafes and bars with the live music. Plus there are great areas for walk all around. Make sure you visit Bebek and Besiktas, those areas are great for walk!

  • I also liked Grand Bazaar area.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered bazaars in the world, I personally was impressed by the huge size and architecture of this place.

If you want to do shopping there, simply bargain and you can get up to 50-60% discount. Also this is an excellent place for money exchange as they offer the best exchange rates for tourists in the city. Nuruosmaniye Masque, The Blue Mosque and Suleymanie Mosque are located next to Grand Bazaar, so you can visit them same day.

  • The best shopping I have ever made was in Istanbul.

I really liked collections in shopping malls, the prices were reasonable and many offers were going on. The clothes from local brands had a great quality and design. So I highly recommend to consider Istanbul for shopping.

  • I had issues with the local taxi drivers.

Yellow taxi drivers like to take people around the city just to get more money out of them. I personally needed to pay twice more few times because of this issue. But you always can avoid it by using clean and modern public transport. You will just need to buy Istanbul Card in advance.

  • The landscapes and the views on Bosphorus River were just breathtaking.

I felt myself like in some movie, these landscapes in Istanbul are worth it all. I would recommend to visit a restaurant with the view on Bosphorus at least once.

Overall I had a good experience in Istanbul and definitely want to visit this city again in future.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Bangkok

Welcome to my journey to Bangkok! Find out what you absolutely must do in Bangkok. The decision to visit Bangkok happened relatively quickly. I was excited and unprepared at the same time. It was my first trip to Asia. Fortunately I had one whole month to explore the city and share the best of Bangkok with you. See my top 10 things list below:

1. Take the river cruise to visit Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Wat Phra Temples
All of them are architecturally and aesthetically amazing. And the atmosphere is so magical over there. Don’t hesitate to visit them.

2. Go to an infinity swimming pool
Even if your hotel doesn’t have one, don’t feel left out. Some other 4* and 5* hotels offer a daily pass for extra money. I visited swimming pool in SO Sofitel Bangkok and didn’t regret even for a minute the money I spent (around 1000 Baht). Everything looked just like in pictures of travel bloggers: amazing atmosphere, clean pool with the perfect view of Lumphini Park.

3. Lumphini Park is worth visiting too
You need to do it preferably in the evening for two reasons. First reason is that in the evening the weather is not too hot, so you will feel more comfortable to walk. And the second reason is that you have to see how much Thai people are into sport. I’ve never seen so many joggers of all ages in one place before (except marathons of course).

3. Try local food
Thai food is healthy and easy to cook. It was quite exotic for me too. So if you visit Thailand for the first time, I‘d recommend you to start with Pad Thai (noodles with shrimps) or Fried Rice With Shrimps.  Most of the tourists like them.
Regarding desserts, you definitely should try Mango Sticky Rice, Fried Banana or Coconut Ice Cream.

4. Listen to live music at Shangri-La Hotel in the evening
Shangri-La is definitely one of the best hotels in the city. Despite their lobby lounge being very quiet at night, I loved the performance of their female singer, accompanied by a truly talented pianist. She had just such an incredible voice. This option will be good for you if you enjoy quiet place with relaxing music.

5. Take yoga class
Honestly, I didn’t like yoga that much before traveling to Thailand. But for some reason in Bangkok I felt like I wanted to try yoga desperately. So I gave in to my inner urge and searched for a nice cozy studio for myself. And the same day I found it. It had great teachers, modern design with all the needed facilities and amazing view from the room, where we were practicing.

6. Experience motorcycle taxi and tuk tuk
For me these two ways of moving across the city were absolutely new, probably that’s why I enjoyed them so much. By the way motorcycle taxi is a real time saver during rush hour, so if you want to get somewhere fast in the morning or evening, consider this option.

7. Have a Thai massage
The prices for massage in Bangkok are reasonable and the quality is very high. However, I should warn you that traditional Thai massage is a bit rough, so if you prefer a softer one, definitely inform the therapist in advance. Also I’d recommend a foot massage to relax you body and mind.

8. Touch the sky
Even if you aren’t into bars or drinking, the view of Bangkok at night is definitely worth visiting rooftop bars on the top of skyscrapers!

9. Visit street food market
I don’t recommend to eat food over there if you have a sensitive stomach. However local markets represent a real Thai life, which can be a contrast to luxury hotels and restaurants that’s why it is worth going there at least once.

10. Places to shop in Bangkok

If you like shopping and want to check out some latest clothing collections, head on to ICON Siam, EmQuartier or SiamParagon shopping malls. There is no shortage of shopping places in Bangkok as the city has a great number of shopping malls and markets to choose from, but those which I mentioned were the best for my taste. All of them have a big area for walking, unique and beautiful design, plenty of shops, where visitors can buy clothes from both local and international brands. I highly recommend visiting them if you like shopping or the weather is too hot to walk outside.

Let me know what you think of Bangkok and if you have any recommendations that I missed do let me know for my next trip.Perhaps we can add it here and even give your credit.