Flair No 5 Ritz-Carlton DIFC, Dubai

The new hot lounge in Dubai, Flair No 5 which located in Ritz-Carlton DIFC. A super cool place to spend time with your friends, especially with their new concept of the Wonderland Party every Monday. Here you can relax after your work with delicious food, easy-going ambience and great DJ sets. The place works till 2 am so hope you are the lucky one who doesn’t need to work on Tuesday. In both cases, Flair No 5 is a great spot to catch up with friends and have a fun time. Plus you can come any other day as well.

The food is excellent, everything super high-quality and delicious of course. In the menu, you will surely find something you will like with lots of sharing options. The decor of Flair No 5 done in a New York style, very spacious and with lots of nice sofa lounges. In the middle, there is also a bar for those who just came for drinks or waiting to get sited. The only drawback you may have is the weather. The whole restaurant is located outdoor and there is no ACs nor heaters. So make sure you chose a good day to visit. For me, I wasn’t that lucky as the weather was a bit hot but I bet within a couple of weeks would be awesome during November and till March.

  • Location – Flair No 5, Ritz-Carlton DIFC
  • Cuisine – modern europian 
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – great
  • Service – very good
  • Ambiance – relaxing
  • Parking – easy valet parking at the hotel, so just stamp your ticket before leaving
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – 9/10, the one is missing because of the weather

Venice in Winter, Italy

Venice is a dream place to visit once in a lifetime which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. My first trip to it was at the end of December during the Christmas time. Many people wonder if it worth to travel to Venice during the winter; therefore, I would like to share my experience so you get maximum of your trip to this beautiful city.


The weather in December was quite cold between +3 and +8 degrees. Besides, Venice located right on the water so the wind is very chilly. I took just a typical Burberry wool coat with me and I was freezing most of the times. Therefore, I strongly recommend to take a proper winter coat with you, something a little warmer than one layer wool. Also, take some warm socks and your favorite sweaters, you will enjoy having them here. While I was walking around Venice, I noticed that many Italian women wore mink fur coat. So if you have some fur, north of Italy is a great place to wear it during the winter. And of course, everyone around is very fashionable with perfect scarf, gloves and a hat. It is Italy after all…


Any day of the year there is so much to do in Venice. I personally choose a typical tourist road to visit opera, museum and do some shopping.

Teatro La Fenice – Italy is very famous for opera so of course, it was on my list. For the first time, I saw full Traviata at Teatro La Fenice. It was a wonderful play which combined excellent singing, great acting skills and gorgeous decoration. Traviata play is about a beautiful woman who was a prostitute but felt in love with a man and sacrifices her fancy life for him. They were so in love but couldn’t be together because of her past. I recommend to see it even if you are not into opera. However, tickets are very pricy €100-300. So a little hint, if you walk into the theatre on the day of the performance and there are few tickets left, you can get the last minute price of €50/ticket. This how I was lucky to buy directly from the office of Teatro La Fenice on the 10th raw, exactly where I wanted. Good that walked there, as at first I was intending to buy it online for €270.

Basilica di San Marco – This museum is difficult not to notice. It is located on the main  San Marco squire with an incredible architecture around. During the old days, this building was mainly for the parliament with lots of offices and meeting rooms inside. Many of decisions about Venice development and government regulations took place here. You will be definitely impressed by it as most of the walls are decorated with precious artworks. Note: inside is as cold as outside so wear a proper coat in order to take your time and enjoy every room of this beautiful building.

Shopping – What else women need for the perfect trip than the great shopping. Venice is a perfect place to get fashionable outfits, do some fancy purchases and buy authentic Venetian things. You will find hundreds if not thousands of different stores here. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, name it… It has almost all world famous boutiques. Also, from here you can get Venetian table clothes, Murano glass chandeliers and unique glasses for any beverage.


Having so much fun everyday, I didn’t even get a chance to ride a famous canoe. Partially because it was already cold and I didn’t want to have a water ride. Plus, I could perfectly reach everywhere by foot. Also, I heard that in Venice is terrible smell of siege during the summer from the canals and guess what, in the winter is not the case. One more bonus to travel during the winter is that amount of tourist is way less than during the summer. So if you are dreaming to visit Venice, winter great time to do it. Personally, my trip was just wonderful and I already can’t wait to come back to try canoe and do lots more what Venice has to offer.

Grand-Café Dr.Живаго, Moscow


One of my absolute favorite places in Moscow is Dr.Zhivago located in Hotel “National”. I come very regularly to this place at least once a week. To get a table is quite hard there so if you have a particular day and time you are planning to visit, book a week in advance especially for dinner time. Once I came with a friend without a reservation, they told us that we are second in the queue and the waiting time will be around 20 min. We waited 2 hours, then we gave up and ate in the hotel lobby. However, the other day I came for a lunch on my birthday and I was lucky to have a lovely meal on such memorable day. So to be sure you will get a table, better to call and make a reservation.


The food and prices in Dr.Zhivago are amazing. They have a great choice of Russian cuisine, and dishes prepared in an excellent way with a beautiful presentation. In fact, I think it is the best place to be introduced to our cuisine. I tried almost everything from the menu and all dishes were excellent. I don’t even have a favorite dish there as in most of restaurants because I really like everything they cook. Regarding the prices, you will be  surprised that in such luxury restaurant you can have a meal and a drink for $20 or a starter, main, dessert and wine just for $50. So it is up to you to stay within a budget or to go crazy and try everything. Last but not least, the interior is just lovely, done in the SSSR style but with luxury modern touch. If you are planning to travel to Moscow, Dr.Zhivago is a must visit place.

  • Location – Dr.Zhivago, Hotel “National”
  • Cuisine – Russian
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – amazing, everything looking delicious and looks great on photo
  • Service – excellent, all staff very helpful and friendly
  • Ambiance – beautiful interior and nice music
  • Parking – yes, hotel parking
  • Price – $20-… (average bill $50)
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Ronda Locatelli, Truffle Menu

Ronda Locatelli is one of my favorite Italian restaurant in Dubai. I know this place since the opening of Atlantis The Palm and went there more than 100 times, I guess. In Ronda Locatelli, you can come for a lunch as well as dinner. The place has a beautiful Italian design with a modern touch. For those who like outdoor dinning, there is an amazing terrace in the garden by the beach. My top favorite dishes of all times are octopus salad and spaghetti with lobser. Also, every autumn there is an additional truffle menu. So I went to enjoy these rare and delicius Italian dishes with super expensive mushrooms. I tried mini pizza with truffles, risotto with truffles, two pastas with truffles and even a dessert with truffles. All were in small portions so the guests can taste a little bit of everything. I would definitely recommend taking a pizza and spaghetti. Of course, everything was excellent but these were my personal top favorite from an additional menu. Also, I was lucky to meet personally a celebrity Chef Giorgio Locatelli. He explained the idea behind each dish and what is it so special about it. Last but not least, if you appreciate Italian cuisine and love truffles, then you should definitely visit this amazing restaurant.

  • Location – Ronda Locatelli, Atlantis The Palm
  • Cuisine – Italian
  • Food quality -excellent, made with real Italian ingredients and carefully selected
  • Food Presentation – everything looks delicious
  • Service – good but use to be better
  • Ambiance – relaxing and elegant
  • Parking – free valet
  • Price -$$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Aparthotel de Tamarin, Mauritius

When I came to Mauritius I stayed at wonderful place Aparthotel de Tamarin. The property located on the West Coast, Tamarin area right on the beach. The apartments have nice amenities such as outdoor mini gym, swimming pool, access to the beach, wi-fi and etc.. In the apartment, you get a fully equipped kitchen, laundry equipment and much more. Of course, since it is a hotel apartment you will need to buy your own shampoo, shower gel, snacks and food but such things are easy to get at the grocery. The view from every window is either on mountains or ocean. In fact, I had two amazing balconies, one with a sea view from master bedroom and other with mountain view in the tween bedroom. Downstairs I had a big living room with full-size kitchen and beautiful terrace. I loved to sit on this terrace during my meals or having a cup of tea. Also, West Cost is the best place to see the sunset every evening. The place will suit for those who like to lay on the beach as well as for the active travelers. Staying at Aparthotel de Tamarin, you will be close to many famous activities in Mauritius,

  1. Swimming with the dolphins (10 min drive)
  2. Seven colors earth (30 min drive)
  3. Tea plantation (30 min drive)
  4. Volcano crater (30 min drive)
  5. Casela Zoo (10 min drive)
  6. Many beautiful parks and a couple baobab trees on the way
  7. Two big supermarkets with shops (10-20 min drive)
  8. Salt harvesting (5 min drive)
  9. Many others.

So it is a very convenient area if you are visiting Mauritius and planning to do lots of local activities and visit popular tourist attractions. Besides, if you are renting a car, there are very convenient parking right next to the building. Plus the area if very secured and monitored 24/7. Last but not least, you can check it out my video where I show the apartment and the area around.

  • Hotel – Aparthotel de Tamarin
  • Location – West Coast, Tamarin Area
  • Experience – excellent and spacious properties, perfect for families
  • Time from the airport – 50 min.
  • Wi-fi – yes, I had a connection all the time
  • Parking – yes, very comfortable right next to the each apartment
  • Price – approximately $175 per night, it may vary depending on season or other factors
  • Rating (0-5) – 5/5, this aparthotel honestly exceeded my expectations


As-Siyaaha Tour Operator, Mauritius

As-Siyaaha Tour Operator is one of the best tour company in Mauritius. I came across this company while I was doing a plan for my trip. I found them through Google search. After checking out their website, I decided to contact them and I am so happy that I did. Of course, at first, without knowing the company I was a little bit skeptical if I did the right choice. But after my first tour, I couldn’t be happier that I found them. Therefore, love to share my wonderful experience and help those who are also planning to travel to Mauritius. As-Siyaaha Tour Operator offers very competitive prices and lots of different services. All employees that I have met were super friendly, professional and knowledgeable about Mauritius. On their website, you will find services such as,

  1. Airport Transfer
  2. Rent a Car
  3. Lots of Activities
  4. Any type of Side Seeing Tours
  5. And much more.

I was going with them everyday during my trip. They were the one, who picked me up from the airport as well as dropped me at the end of my trip. Also, with As-Siyaaha I did a couple of full day side seeing tours with stops at a tea plantationboat crafting factoryseven colors earth and etc. Plus, I did few boat activities such as swimming with the dolphins and catamaran tour on the east side. Thanks to As-Siyaaha Tours my trip to Mauritius was absolulty great, I got lots of beautiful photos and priceless memories. Last but not least, they tailor services for different types of costumers like families, vip cliens and just single travelers.


Mauritius, Seven Colors Earth

Mauritius has so many rare animals, plants and other wonders of the world. One of them is  Seven Colors Earth which is visited by the majority of tourists traveling to the island. You can combine this attraction with the South Side Seeing Tour or just to go there directly. Once you get the ticket, it will take 5-10 minutes driving to the first stop which will be the waterfall. There are two observation points to see the beautiful water falling from the cliff. Then when you are done, you will need to drive a bit further and in the next stop, you will reach entrance for the Seven Colors Earth. The person in the gate will check your ticket and you are free to stay there as much as you want. The colors of the earth change due to the oxidation processes. This wonder of the world is not to miss during your trip to Mauritius. I honestly enjoyed my time there and got lots of amazing photos. In the area, you will also see a nice coffee shop and toilets. Beautiful place to just relax and have a cup of coffee with the dessert. Last but not least, on the way to this attraction, you will have a couple of stops for pictures and sea view from the mountain. Below, I attached many photos from this tour as well as I have a video about all my trip.

  • Tour – Seven Colors Earth
  • Location – South Side
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – was amazing to see such a wonder of our planet
  • Duration – 3 hrs
  • Price – rs 225 per person ($6)
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5, one of my favorite tours


Mauritius Side Seeing Tour

The first day of my vacation in Mauritius, I went for the full day of side seeing. I didn’t organize the tour instead, I ask the tour company As-Siyaaha Tour Operator to create some nice plan with the best places to visit. So we agree the driver pick me up at 8 am and take me around. Within a day, I saw so many beautiful places such as,

  1. Boat Crafting with Souvenir Boat Shop
  2. Dimond Souk
  3. Other Tourist Stores
  4. Mauritius  Volcano
  5. Biggest Lake in Mauritius
  6. Tea Plantation
  7. Temples
  8. Gardens and Parks with rare trees
  9. Seven Colors Earth
  10. And lots more on the way.


It was a very productive day to get to know Mauritius. The think I liked the most, my tour was very privet so I could decide where to stop and what I want to see.  If you are visiting Mauritius you can also tailor your tour this way and just see the best of the island. Last but not least, I was traveling alone but if you are coming with a family or group of friends, it would be a great deal since the van can accommodate many people. Also, I did a full video of my tours and places I visited so feel free to watch it.

  • Tour – Mauritius Side Seeing
  • Location – West and South Coast
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – amazing and well-tailored tour to my preferences
  • Duration – the whole day (around 8 hrs.)
  • Price – rs 3,800 ($106)
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5, was really great experience


Transportation in Mauritius. By Taxi, Car or Bus?

For those who are planning to travel to Mauritius for the fist time, an important question will be how to I deal with transportation. Is it possible to rent a car or better to take a taxi or even go with the public transportation? In this article, I would like to give all the necessary information on this matter and break some of the misconceptions you may have.

To Rent a Car

To rent a car is super easy in Mauritius. It is a very developed country; therefore you can get such service as anywhere in the world right from the airport. There are many famous rent-a-car companies such as Avis, Sixt, Europcar and etc. Also, the tour company I was  dealing with during my trip As-Siyaaha Tour Operator have rent-a-car service as well. You can check their rates on the website. The important thing to notice cars drive on the left-hand side and the wheel inside the car in on the right side. So if you are able to drive in The United Kingdom or Australis, then you will manage in Mauritius. In addition, people are driving there very fast and a little bit crazy from my point of view. So you might expect lots of honking. They use honk just to warning others that they are coming, they mean by it “Watch Out”.

Cost – rs 1,200-6,000 ($34-170) a day depending on a car you want to rent.


To Take a Taxi

Another option for travelers will be to take a taxi. There are no famouse taxi system such as Uber or YandexTaxi. However, if the car has taxi sign on it, it means the driver is fully licensed. In fact, Mauritius is a very safe and well-regulated country. To find a driver there who will take you around all day long, quite easy. The important part is to agree on the price before the ride. Many people are taking a taxi to side seeing or any places they would like to visit. Also, a driver will wait for you as much as needed even if you take 3 hours. Do not be shy on this aspect, in Mauritius people will actually think you crazy if for example you are going to the zoo and agree on one ride without return. They like to wait and be happy to do it for the same price as you came to the place. Also, you can agree with a tour operator for any rides you needed. Personally, I was dealing with As-Siyaaha Tour Operator so I can recommend them for airport transfer as well as all kind of tours.

Cost – rs 500-3,000 ($14-85) per ride depending on where you like to go.


To Take a Bus

There are lots of buses and many stations around the island. In fact, if you need a short ride it is quite easy to find a bus. You will see Bus Stop signs on most of the roads. Just stand next to such sign and raise your hand!!! If you don’t raise your hand, bus not going to stop for you.  I didn’t try such transportation because I was standing and didn’t raise my hand, I had no idea I supposed to do that. So a couple of busses just passes next to me with a huge speed and honk. Almost like in a movie :))) Last but not least, most of the buses have different colors, it is just because they are from different companies.

Cost – rs 50 ($1.5) per ride, not sure if it would depend on distance as well.


Casela Zoo & Safari, Mauritius

Casela is a nature park in Mauritius which offers many fun activities such as safari, walking with lions, playing with domestic animals and etc. The park presents many animal species. It was located 10 min ride from the place I stayed, West Coast Tamarin Area. Once taxi dropped me I went to buy a ticket. The lady in the cashier explain me different packages, she was so helpful and clear on every option. Everywhere in Mauritius people speak very well English and French. So if you know any of these two languages, you will feel very comfortable communicating with everyone. Many activities were closed on Sunday so if you planning to visit choose any other day of the week, not to miss anything. Also, with the ticket she gave me a map of the whole park.


Once I entered the park, I saw lots of cages with birds, some of them are a walk throw concept. Also, there are many peacocks around the park. Then after, there is a beautiful restaurant with a stunning view. It is located on top the heel so the rest of the zoo and safari are dawn. On the way to the domestic animals, you will pass monkeys cage. After that, you will reach pet zone with deers (like from Bambi cartoon), rabbits, donkey, goats, pigs and others. Most of them you can touch they are super friendly and enjoyed to socialize with kids and adults. After the pet station, I reached tortoises farm. They are so big like a chair but sitting on them nor riding is not allowed.


At the end of the park, the safari starts. First, you can see beautiful and rare white lions. There is an observation point for every cage. If you paid for an additional experience “walking with lions”, it will be happening over there. Next, walking down the park you will reach giraffes area. You can even feed them for extra rs 100. Then the safari bus will take you in the wild part of the park where are living such animals as rhino, emu, zebra and others. The ride is quite short just like 15 min but fun to do. Instead of the bus you can also rent a quadricycle and ride it by yourself in the park. In conclusion, it was a great experience so if you like the animals it would be a great place to observe and admire them.

  • Tour – Casela Park
  • Location – West Coast, Mauritius
  • Tour Operator –  As-Siyaaha Tour Operator can provide you a car or a ride to this park
  • Experience – really fun time, especially if u have kids. But it is not the biggest zoo I have been.
  • Duration – 3-4 hrs.
  • Price – Different packages. I paid rs 750 for entrance, plus taxi rs 800.
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5


Swimming with Dolphins, Mauritius

One of the most popular activities in Mauritius is to Swim with the Dolphins. The tour starts at 8 am at a meeting point next to bay for the speeding boats. After everyone has arrived, the guided takes you to the boat and tell about the tour, dolphins and other interesting information. The company I went with As-Siyaaha Tour Operator, had a great boat and super professional staff. So if you want to try this activity, I would 100% recommend them. Also, it is not guaranteed that you will see dolphins; however, if you don’t this tour company will give you a free tour the next day.


Then we went few kilometers from the coast where the dolphins usually swim. Once we reached the place, there were like at least 10 more of speeding boats full of tourists. You can totally jump and swim but the water temperature was around 25′ so a little bit chilly. I saw many people were swimming, hoping that they would touch a dolphin. But those dolphins in the ocean are wild and not trained. So don’t expect they will play with you. I would call this tour watching the dolphins rather swimming with them.


After chasing and watching the dolphins, we went closer to the coast where water was much warmer. During this stop, we had time to swim and snorkel. The boat didn’t have toilet or changing room so if you planning to do this activity, bring your towel, wear swimming suit and apply SPF +50. Even after I applied sunscreen,  I got sunburned so do not forget it yourself. In the sea, it takes seconds to look like a tomato plus sunburns hurt for a couple of days. In conclusion, for those who likes to go with the speeding boat, it would be an amazing adventure. But if your kids would like to play and really swim with this beautiful creatures, take them to the dolphinarium.

  • Tour – Swimming with Dolphins
  • Location – Mauritius, West Coast, Tamarin Area
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – great ride with the speeding boat and swim in turquoise water
  • Duration – 2 hrs. or full day
  • Price – rs 1,200 for 2 hrs. or rs 2,000 full day with a lunch
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 4 because the name of the tour is a bit misleading


Tea Plantation Tour, Mauritius

Mauritius is a wonderful country which offers many fun activities. During my first trip, I tried to visit as much as possible and one of the tours I took, was to the Tea Plantation. I went with As-Siyaaha Tour Operator and combine the visit with a couple of others side seeing activities. With this company, you can get a driver for the whole day and tailor the tour according to your own interests. In fact, they will recommend the best places to see. The landscape is beautiful in Mauritius, on the way to the plantation, I passed lake with the sweet water, temple and many beautiful parks. It is located on top of the mountain which touches the clouds; therefore, it rains quite often.

The plantation is surrounded by forest/jungle with beautiful and rare trees. To visit the place, there were different ticket packages. For example, the official rates were rs 500 for  factory tour+museum+tea tasting, rs 250 for a museum+tea tasting, and to just have a tea tasting rs 170. I took the second option which includes museum and tea tasting. To be honest, the museum was very small and boring. The funny thing, there were a group and one employee approached me and asked which language do I speak? I said, English. So he took me with a group to the factory by mistake, thinking I paid for the full package. So I glanced at this factory but can’t say it would be worth to pay money for it. It just machines everywhere, processing tea step by step which you can see even from outside.


Then my driver took me up on the heel where the tea tasting was actually happening. It was like 5 min drive from the factory. There were 11 different kinds of Bois-Cheri tea. I also ordered a waffle with honey and vanilla ice cream. It was so relaxing and enjoyable tour. In fact, I am a big fan of fine teas so for me it was an experience. Also, the rain made me feel so cozy with this big selection of nice Mauritian teas. Last but not least, there is a great seafood restaurant in the same building. I didn’t try it but it looked amazing and it is definitely on my list for the next trip to Mauritius.

  • Tour – Tea Plantation Visit with Tea Tasting
  • Location – South
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – wonderful time and relaxation
  • Duration – 1-2 hrs.
  • Price – rs 500 the full package with As-Siyaaha Tour, and rs 170 just tea tasting dropping by or combining with other side seeing tours
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5 for tea tasting only


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS’17, Moscow

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is one of most glamorous events in Russia. All runways there are fully dedicated to the local designers. Therefore, if you are want to get a grasp of Russian fashion, it is the best place to start. I attended MBFW for the first time and I was honestly impressed with the organization and level of the whole event. The occasion took place on 12-17 October 2016 at TSVZ Manej which is located in the heart of Moscow next to Kremlin. All designers were presenting their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I saw so many outfits in each runway which I would love to get. Besides creative designs, the clothes quality is absolutely flawless and it is tailored in a very professional way. The  photos of the shows I went to, you can see dawn below. Also, for my readers, I recorded video with lots of insides of the event and runways. Last but not least, I felt honored to be a part of MBFW Russia and will definitely attend the next season.









Please feel free to write comments bellow. I would love to answer your questions and get suggestions about the blog.


Desert Safari Dubai, Review

One of the most popular activities in Dubai is Desert Safari. I went there at least 10 times and always had lots of fun. I honestly recommend it to all tourist and friends coming here.  Tour usually starts between 15:00-16:00, the driver will pick you up from a hotel or place you stay. Usually, in the car, there are up to 6 people so you might pick up some other tourists on the way. To reach desert from Dubai downtown takes 40-60 minutes but don’t worry you will get there on time. Also, you will stop on petrol station right before your safari, so driver removes air from the wheels. It is very important for the safety reason to drive inside of the desert with soft wheels.

The trip is quite extreme, you will think all the time that car will roll or fall to some dune. Most of the tourist are screaming and laughing during the ride. It is really scary to come to the edge of a sand heel. However, it is very safe because the speed is actually 20 km/h and all safari cars has metal corsets inside. I saw some people come there even with infants so don’t worry it will be safe extreme. Last time, I took Safari in the Red Desert, the color of the sand there is so beautiful, you can see my photos below. I took this trip with my family and since I love animals so much, we got the one which included stopping at the camel farm. It was such a great experience fidding cute camels. They were absolutely adorable.

After you safari, driver will drop you at the camp  where you will have a barbique and see a show with belly dancers. Besides, you can ride a camel for 5 minutes, smoke shisha, do henna on your hands and buy some souvinirs.  All of these are included to your tour, expect the souvenirs of course. In addition, you can rent quadricycle and ride it in the desert for 30 minutes. I tried it a couple of times and absolutely loved it. So if you got extra cash, it might be a great way to spend it.

  • Tour – Desert Safari Dubai
  • Food  – meat barbecue with Arabic starters, food court type of meal
  • Activities – safari, camel ride, belly dancers, Turkish dance, shisha, henna tattoo (some companies do fire show and photos with falcon as well)
  • Price – 150-600 AED per person (depends on the season and company)
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★