Many people consider that jewelry is extremely expensive and cannot be purchased for birthdays or other occasions during the year. They allow themselves to get and to give such precious things only on a wedding day. However, I would like to break this misconception and show how, where and why other people go for it. To start, jewelry can be priced at any price, it all depends on the weight, brand, and materials. For… Read More

The collaboration between Kenzo and H&M is the top exciting events for this season. After the huge success with Balmain last year, H&M decided to do it with the other luxury brand, Kenzo. For my readers, I am revealing the collection secrets, before it even arrived to the stores. In this line, you will see splash colors with lots of animal prints. I felt like each piece in KENZOxH&M line is the statement. I would… Read More

Lu by Lolita is famous clothing brand from South America which was established in 1960 and it has already 70 stores worldwide. A year ago one of their stores was opened in UAE, The Dubai Mall. Personally, I was introduced to this brand four months ago and since then absolutely adore their clothes. All the outfits are so comfortable and easy to wear. The cut makes me feel very relaxed and the… Read More