My Trip to Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Louvre is one of the most popular and well know gallery around the world. Now it is located not only in Paris but Abu Dhabi as well. It was on my list for quite some time and finally, I got the chance to visit it. Honestly, it was impressive to see it, such a stunning architecture and location. Great spot for some fashion photography since its designed in ultra-modern style. Plus the whole gallery surrounded by water which makes it even more incredible. Of course, the one in Paris holds more artworks but the art selection in the Abu Dhabi branch is great as well. I think to see everything inside you will need at least 4 hours. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and consider this place as a must-see for tourists.




Jazz Night at Bagatelle Dubai


One of my favorite places in Dubai for great food and night out is Bagatelle. It is located in the beginning of Shaikh Zaid Road, Fairmont Hotel. I have been there so many times and always happy to come back. The concept of the place is to have nice dinner and then party with great DJ set. Since people in Dubai prefer such nights on Thursdays and Fridays, a month ago, Bagatelle launched a new program Jazz Night for Saturdays. Perfect option for those who want to relax and rest before going to work the next morning.

For me, it was the first Jazz Night ever and I had absolutely awesome time. Music was amazing, some song were chilled, some were more dancy but all were really great. I must say, the singer and the whole band does a great job in playing Jazz. Besides as usually, the food in Bagatelle was outstanding. My favorite is the truffle pizza and basically everything else they serve. Really the food is so great and delicious. So I definitely recommend trying Jazz evening at Bagatelle. Just make sure you reserve a table in advance. One more tip, come after nine as the program starts from 9 pm. In fact, the best timing for this restourant is from 22:00-00:00 on Thursday, Friday and even Saturday. I promise you will have a great evening there.

  • Location – Bagatelle Dubai, Fairmont Sheikh Zaid Rd.
  • Cuisine – French
  • Food quality – more than excellent
  • Food Presentation – amazing
  • Service – great, always very helpful and polite
  • Ambiance – very nice
  • Parking – free valet hotel parking
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★

Segreto, Delicious​ Italian Getaway in Dubai

If you are looking for Italian fine dining in Dubai, then you should definitely try Segreto restaurant. The ambiance there so relaxing and chic. Ideal place to take your Louboutins for a walk. Also, the food at Segreto is really an experience, each dish prepared in a very exclusive way with a wonderful presentation.  I went there with a friend of mine and for starters, we ordered grilled octopus and seafood soup. I loved both of them so writing now about those dishes makes me hungry. Then for main courses, we got pasta with cod fish and black bream, delicious as well. For dessert without hesitation, I took my favorite tiramisu. Maybe I should have tried something else but it is really my favorite one. Me and my friend enjoyed our evening so much that we forgot rush and stress of the city.  Moreover, there is a lounge upstairs which is perfect for drinks after the food. The view and ambiance there are just fantastic. Espessially with the weather now, you will enjoy it a lot.  Last but not least, the restaurant is located in the heart of Jumeirah resorts, Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The place is surrounded by water channels so you will feel yourself almost like in Venice. This was my experience so if you already been in Segreto, let me know about yours and what was your favorite dish. If you never been there, you should definitely put it in your “where to dine” list.

Location – Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Cuisine – Italian, Venetian
Food quality – top quality, very fresh and exclusive
Food Presentation – beautiful and very artistic
Service – excellent, very nice personnel
Ambiance – very relaxing and elegant
Parking – inside the souk, free for 2 hours, next hour 10 AED
Price – $$$$ (fine dining prices)
Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Senara Grilled Seafood on the Island

Last week I discovered a wonderful restaurant Senara which is located in the Yacht Bay on Palm Jumeirah. Great place to have dinner with a group of friends or a date with a beloved one. The menu mainly contains seafood choices so it is a perfect place for me. In fact, this my favorite type of food. For a starter, I tried shrimps avocado salad, lobster roll, and smoked salmon. For the main course, I ordered seafood platter to share with half lobster, oysters, shrimps and grilled veggies on a side. All these dishes were super delicious and grilled in a perfect way. After the food, I also took a coffee with two desserts, one sticky pudding, and the other banoffee. The photos of each dish you can see below. I definitely recommend trying this amazing place, especially if you like grilled seafood. Personally, I think the location and food there are just fantastic.

  • Location – Palm Jumeirah, Palm Views West (free convenient parking)
  • Cuisine – Seafood
  • Food quality – everything I tried was extra fresh and grilled in an excellent way
  • Food Presentation – very nice with a lot of charm
  • Welcome – general greetings, bread basket
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – super cozy with modern interior
  • Price – $$$$ (almost like any fine dining restaurant), our bill was 750 AED
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★



Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Aquaventure  is one of the “must visit” places in Dubai. I absolutely love this waterpark. Some people might say it is only for kids but I say we all want to feel this way deep in our hearts. Besides, many waterpark attractions are actually for adults.

There is so much to do in this waterpark. First, you can try some of the 12 cool attractions. And I would say half of them for really brave people. You can easily spend a full day riding all. Then there is beautiful aquarium in the middle of waterpark where you can get ride inside of a glass tube. If you have some extra cash to spend, you can go as well to fed sting rays or swim with the dolphins. If you don’t want to pay you can watch them which also super fun.

I took a photo of the map they gave me at the entrance so you can see for yourself how many activities park has.


When you get hungry park has lots of places to eat. My favorites are Barracudas and Shark Bites where you can get many different meal options. As a snack, you can go also buy ice cream, fresh fruits, and many others tasty things. For coffee, I would recommend Starbuck as it is located in the Dolphin Bay. So you will enjoy your latte while watching live these lovely creatures.

Moreover, those who were missing the beach and salty sea in their home countries, get a chance to swim in the property of this resort. In fact, this is the place I love to sit, on the grass under some lovely palm and with stunning sea view. While walking along the beach you will see small funny crabs as well hiding in little holes and on rocks.

If you have a child with you, there are also a special place for little ones. Their mini aquaventure has a couple of slides as well and big water playground. In fact, the place even fun for many adults who afraid of big rides. So fun for everyone guaranteed.

Besides, if you have an event and want to come with the group, Atlantis Aquaventure offers rent of private cabanas. So you might consider this one for the next birthday party of your kids. Also, while writing this post I found out that you actually can even get a free pass to the waterpark on your birthday. Just go to the website and put your details to get it. I try to register myself for fun and they send ticked direct which I can redeem during a week from my birthday date. It is a super cool option to safe for around 300 AED and try the park.

Personally, I was coming to Aquaventure since Atlantis Resort was build so I guess I visited waterpark more than hundred times and love to come here till now. Therefore, I want to share some tips to get a maximum of your visit.

My advises

  • Come same time water park opens
  • Take towel with you; otherwise, you have to pay 30 AED for one
  • Take few cold bottle of water, or they will charge 13 AED for each inside
  • In the entrance with the ticket, take Waterpark meal deal for 45 AED, inside you will pay more around 73 AED (drink plus food)
  • Don’t take any food with you, they will take it anyway at the security point
  • Don’t take any expensive things or take locker in this case
  • Take coffee at Starbucks in Dolphin Bay and meet sunset
  • Register your birthday for free pass at


In conclusion, this is my cool experience of Atlantis Aqua Park. I hope this post was useful for you and you will have a chance to visit this awesome place. If you have any comments feel free to write it below. P.S. The price I wrote depends if you did birthday registration or bought ticket online or your resident or you purchase it at the counter.

  • Price: 50-350 AED per person (entrance plus food)
  • Place: Atlantis Resort, The Palm Jumeirah
  • Time: from 10 a.m. till 18:30