PRESTIGE Matte Lip Tints Review

I got 4 beautiful lipsticks from Prestige, which I will be reviewing today.  It is my first time coming across this brand so if you already know some of their products do let me know so I try it out. The lip tints that I got has a great long lasting texture which will stay on your lips throughout the day. So it is almost like a tattoo lipstick with which you can eat, drink and possibly kiss. Nowadays, most of the brands have similar products in their cosmetic line. I guess the only point from which Prestige Cosmetics would stand out, is the price range. In a few words, I would describe them as “Good Product and Good Price”.

All four colors that I got are perfect and suit me so well for different occasions.

  1. Racy – beautiful lip tint for daily wear, it has very light pink almost nude color. Such color has been around for many years and usually, it is favorite among blonde, barbie girls type.
  2. Superb – great for autumn season and evening wear, has more defined dark pink color to it. This shade is very trendy right now, especially in the Middle East.
  3. Mystery – this is a very special color for a very special dress. I would mostly wear it in the evening.
  4. Dazzle – beautiful classic red shade. This one is all times lipstick, super classic and super elegant. For those who love red lips, it is a perfect choice.

So there are lots of great options from this lovely brand. The only minus I felt while using those lip tints is lips doesn’t feel very silky. As the texture is bit grainy, but apart from this, it does the job perfectly.


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Revlon Makeup Palette and Mat Lipsticks

Today the review is going to be about Revlon Makeup palette in Nude Colors and two recent mat lip products. My first impression of the palette was great, you can check it out my YouTube review. Revlon Palette includes 6 eye shadows, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and 1 blush. Such an amazing set for everyday. In fact, it is a great purchase for traveling as you get all necessary products. Also, from many palettes that I had, I noticed that this one is super slim and doesn’t take much space. Mine has nudes colors which suit me really well. Besides, you cannot go wrong with it as colors are very soft and even if you are not a makeup artist, your face will look flawless. This palette is great to start if you don’t own any makeup or if you want to get maximum good products for the money.

  • Quality – good, easy to apply
  • Package –  great package, very thin and easy to fit in the purse
  • Effect – soft nudes colors, great for day looks and gives a nice fresh glow
  • Smell – none
  • Skin reaction – none, very comfortable for eyes and skin
  • Price – $$
  • Total – ★★★★★


Moreover, I got two mat lip products in pink and red color, I am not sure of the name of each as it isn’t mentioned on the package. Those lipsticks were a love from the first side, especially the pink one. Pink is very easy to apply and it stays for the whole day. Red is beautiful as well but you need to have a lip pencil so your lips don’t look messy. I found the red is more tricky to apply and it is not as mat as the pink one. In addition, both of them doesn’t dry lips as all others mat lipsticks I ever tried. The texture is very smooth and light.

  • Quality – excellent
  • Package – very velvety and nice to hold
  • Effect – perfect mat lips
  • Smell – light berry scent
  • Skin reaction – none, comfortable for lips to wear it
  • Price – $$
  • Total – ★★★★★