Yves Rocher Shower Gels, Review of 5 Scents

Recently I got 5 different shower gels from Yves Rocher and decided to review it. The reason I go so many is that they were on discount and my mom love this company. Not sure why because to me they like any other mass-market companies but anyway it’s nice to try new products. So from 5 of these scents, 3 is more on the hydrating side and 2 more like a regular shower gel type. All have very nice and pleasant smell, the texture is liquidish and easy to pure it from the boutle. Comparing with other creamy texture shower gels, these are really liqid. Nevertheless, they really do the work, have nice foam and easy to apply. After a shower, their scents stay for 10 min or so. At least I do not notice it after 10 min. So here is the review of every scent,

  • Grains de Café du Brésil – this one is perfect for the morning since it has a very pleasant coffee smell. It is more on the worm sweet coffee side, great for coffee lovers.
  • Feve de Cacao d’Afrique – very nice sent for chocolate lovers and evening showers. Personally, I love sweets so I enjoy getting into the cloud of chocolate and warm sweetness. Why to eat chocolate when you can put it all over your body :)))
  • Noix de Macadamia du Guatemala – this is my most favorite one for the evening. I just love macadamia smell and would purchase it in any hair care or skin care products. It gives me the feeling of coziness and warmth with a tropical twist.
  • Orange de Floride – very refreshing and sweet flavored orange. This is a great one for the morning. I love using it after my workout since it gives the splash of jucy cintrus scent. The texture is very liquid, east to apply, foams really well.
  • Pastèque d’Astrakhan – this smell is perfect for girls. I totally see it as my baby sister favorite one. I think teenage girls will have fun with this scent. It is a very nice sweet watermelon smell, perfect for morning jucy splash.

After a week of using all 5 scents by me, mom, dad & sis, I did an observation which ones are the most popular in our family. So the Macadamia smell is 1st, orange -2nd, 3rd – cocoa, coffee on the 4th place and watermelon got the 5th place. I hope this review was helpful, please feel free to share your experiences of Yves Rocher products and I would love to know which is your favorite one? Maybe you can also recommend me what to try next time.