7 Days of Almond Milk Challenge

7 Days Challenge Almond Milk Beauty Secret

Recently I was watching an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker about her beauty secrets, one of which is almond milk. She is super passionate about it and adores the flavor. So I thought why don’t I try to understand this passion better and subside my beloved low fat cow milk with almond one. At first, I thought the challenge will be hard because I tried almond milk before and I didn’t particularly like the taste. That is why pushing myself to do the challenge was the only way for me to get used to it. Surprisingly, it went much better than I imagined… watch the video below to see the challenge.

However in this article, let’s talk about pluses and minuses of this exotic drink.

Pluses of Almond Milk

  • Low in calories, unsweetened is just 30 cal. per 100 ml but sweetened is double of course.
  • You can lose weight much faster by substituting it with the regular full-fat milk. It is not so nutrient-dense. 
  • Almond milk falls into the category of plan-based food. It will help you to stay healthier and overcome lots of diseases. Check out alkaline diet if you have any problems with health.
  • When you add a little of it to some food, you will never notice the difference.
  • No lactose, so almond milk is perfect for lactose-intolerant people.
  • Vegan & raw-vegan friendly.

Minuses of Almond Milk

  • Only 1 g of protein which is not so good if you want to build muscles.
  • The calcium is added, not naturally there as in cow milk.
  • Very high price as far as I saw in the shops around me. Maybe you find a better deal but mine I got for $15 per bottle.
  • Very hard or next to impossible to make hot cappuccino with beautiful foam as it easily gets flat.
  • Taste in drinks might not be so pleasant at first, something to get used to.

For who almond milk would be suitable? Lactose-intolerant people, those who love plant-based food, want to lose weight & don’t want to build many muscles. And for the rest of us, we just go for nutrient-dense cow milk. It also isn’t so bad as many vegans might say. Only depends with what you compare it.

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7 Days of Matcha Latte and No Coffee

Last week, I challenged myself to make a little Coffee Detox and substitute it with Matcha Latte. Lately, I noticed that I drink way more coffee than I should. I am not against coffee but I am certainly against having a coffee addiction. Everything is good in life but without exaggeration and within a limit. So happy and ready for the next challenge, I started but didn’t realize that it would be so hard.

For those who never tried matcha and don’t know much about it, here are some of the interesting facts

  1. It tastes a bit strange, like an excessive amount of a high-quality green tea in your cup which makes total sense as matcha is a well-grounded green tea leafs. So if it is done properly and not too intense, it is quite drinkable. 
  2. A cup of matcha would have 137 times more antioxidants than a cup of green tea. Not sure why scientists are so precise about 137x, not 131 or 95. But anyway the point is there are much more antioxidants than you could drink green teas in a day.
  3. Matcha has almost the same amount of caffeine as the shot of espresso. And at the same time is more stable and healthy for the body.
  4. Also, this drink would make you calm and relax due to L-theanine amino acid.
  5. Next fact is awesome for those who always want to lose weight. Matcha helps to burn more calories through the day as it will boost your metabolism.
  6. and many many other facts….

The difficult part of this challenge was my addiction to the coffee apart from this, it went quite smooth. For 4 days I was having a headache, not sure why. Maybe it was an effect of quitting coffee or just stressful days and weather. Also, for 3 days straight I was circling around the coffee machine, having strange thoughts of making a cup of coffee while no one sees (I guess this is why people call it addiction). Nevertheless, on the last day of the challenge, I wasn’t so into drinking coffee. It was this nice feeling that you can do something but you actually don’t.

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My Favourite Matcha Lattes in Dubai

I have always been into healthy and green things. If someone told me I could eat something to get good skin consider it done. I often try one new fad to the other over time of course I have learnt many things about fad culture. The most important being that fads are called fads for a reason and we must pick and choose and perhaps even wait for some scientific research to really know if it’s true or apocryphal.

Despite my cynicism about fads I have hopped onto the Matcha Latte band wagon and can’t seem to drop off anytime soon. Here’s my recommendation of the 3 best Matcha Lattes by varying taste buds and portion sizes to suit you.

1.Baker and Spice – Souk Al Manzil

This is I think my most favourite matcha Latte to date. Been indulging in this one for at least two years now. I call it an indulgence because it is sweet, perfectly balanced, refreshing and satisfying. You can also ask for almond milk instead of regular milk and it’ll still taste very good. They also add honey which makes the taste balanced as opposed to the bitter matcha lattes available sometimes. I by no means want to offend bitter matcha latte but the sweet one is more to my liking and gives me the morning mojo or afternoon pick me up to keep growing and glowing.

2. Wild and the Moon

This place is really interesting and vegan and refreshing and from it’s roots in Comptoir 102 has really grown. It has by far the largest serving of matcha latte made with spirulina, almond milk and maple syrup. Matcha and spirulina are great anti-oxidants with regenerating and detoxifying strengths. I’m confused whether this or the matcha latte at Baker and Spice is my number one. To be fair they are both slightly different. I would say the touch of spirulina changes the taste and makes it a healthier version compared to the Baker & Spice one. Although a turn off for me is the large serving because I’m a tiny person and I like to exercise portion control relative to my body size and exercise levels.Besides the matcha latte here I also recommend the bullet coffee, which I will talk about in my next post. Promise.

3. Myocum

This comes in third place for me. It’s the right size, perfect taste in between bitter and nice and just like everything else Myocum is simply amazing. In case you haven’t been to Myocum it is worth adopting as your frequent haunt for healthy foods. I remember having an amazing tofu scramble and some colourful looking poke bowls. I also would laud this place for its great decor so urban and cool with crystals and greens.

4. Ladurée

Ladurée never disappoints and they certainly didn’t with a matcha latte as well. Served in their classic plan and pastel coloured cups. It is perfectly sweet and refreshing for an afternoon pick-me up. Perhaps not as potent for a morning boost as the baker and spice one but this could just be a personal opinion.

Thanks for reading. If you have any recommendations on matcha latte recipes or other places to try in Dubai please do let us know in comments.

Plant-Based​ Food For Weight Loss

I read so many books, listened to lots of doctors and experts about what is the best food to eat for longevity and perfect body composition. As well as I tested most of the diets on myself, to the point of being a fruitarian for 2 months. All of these just to find optimal food which will keep me young, lean and healthy with a bonus of being social and happy. I love eating and enjoy trying different dishes without limiting myself to any group of being raw vegan, vegan, fruitarian, vegetarian and etc. I am not black and white judging people’s food preferences and I am not limiting myself but rather I run lots of tests what works and what doesn’t. After this long 10 years journey, I came to a conclusion that the optimal for all of those targets, to eat 80%-90% plant-based food. I can assure you that its works because I don’t get thick, I don’t limit my food and don’t get fat, and my skin is glowing. People who follow such a diet have similar results. Besides this practical benefits, the food is super tasty you just need to know what to order and cook. The mind can get scared at first for trying something new, but don’t be because you are the baby of nature and this is the food you meant to be eating. I promise if you run a test, you will love it more than 21st century processed food creations.

So if any of my clients come to me with a request to help to overcome thickness or obesity, my answer would be, go for a plant-based food. With an addition of intermittent fasting if a person targeting weight reduction. It works for the majority of fit people in the world because its the law of physics, our nature and this planet. So there is no chance it won’t work for you if you really follow it. I added one of my favorite videos about a plant-based diet, so if you want a beautiful body, young skin and strong health, definitely watch it.

I do not believe in the short-term diets, they just don’t work and never will for long-term sustainable results. Of course, if you force your body to consume fewer calories, you will lose weight but will it be sustainable once you finish the diet? That is the root why most people faile. They do not change eating habits and expect result right away. Only dedication and consistency will take you where you want to go.

Fruitarian for 60 Days Challenge, Diet 80/10/10

After watching many videos about fruitarians and listening wonderfull book Diet 80/10/10 by Dr.Douglas N. Graham, I decided to make a little challenge for myself of trying it just for 60 Days. I am starting on 1st February 2018 and finishing around 1-7 April, I will see how I feel in case I will want to get back to regular diet earlier or finish it in the day when our Russian Orthodox fasting is over 7 April 2018. Many people say about miracles that happen to them when they become fruitarians from the health, business and other aspects of life so what the … I am also trying it. I believe in miracles so I don’t mind if they happen to me just by eating lovely fruits.


Besides, the hope that fruitarian diet will help me to forward my business ideas, lift my spirit to the next level and give some superpower, I also have two, dawn to earth, reasons for doing this 60 Days Challenge.

First, is to make myself more healthy, boost metabolism and get millions of amazing micronutrients/vitamisn/minerals into my body. The second reason, I want to lose 10 kg. I love my body and I am already quite fit wearing S/M size, but getting Victoria’s Secret supermodel body wouldn’t hurt. With my healthy diet right now my weight doesn’t move in any direction which is great especially if I already would have my target body weight and shape. Plus, I am the healthiest person I know; therefore, what I eat in general is quite good. However, I have a little addiction to popcorn, ice cream and a couple of others sweets. So we will see if this habit would change after 60 days and if I get my dream body.

There will be daily updates about my journey on my Instagram page @yanallure.

Here is the link to buy this wonderful book. It made a huge difference in my life and hope it will also add value to your wellbeing.

Read Book Diet 80/10/10