How to stop worrying about what others think and start living your life

Nowadays, we live according to many social norms. And most of us try to fit the standards set up by their surroundings.

I am sure so many of us remember those times when parents were pushing us to have excellent results in all subjects at school. Because when a child had “A”, It was considered he/she was well disciplined and smart.

From the other side, how one person could have the same accomplishments in totally different subjects, like Maths and Languages, Computer sciences and Art?

One more question. How many of those successful school graduates had great achievements in their further career and most importantly were happy about their lives?


Our family and friends definitely wish us all the best. Sometimes they have their perfect vision of our lives.

But the thing is that achieving things others want from us will not make us happy unless we want it from the bottom of our hearts.

My parents are doctors. And until the end of my school, they were sure that I will enter a Medical University. They were so convinced in it that never even asked me a question about what I wanted to do in my life. And they were shocked when I announced that I didn’t have any desire to actually work in this field.

Some of my friends did a complete career change when they were over 30. They just couldn’t do what they didn’t like anymore.

Female Firefighter

My point is that it is very important to learn how to make decisions and choices based on your own desires.

Before taking important steps in your life just ask yourself: “Which decision I would take if no one judged me?”. And the answer to this question will be the right thing to do.

The most important task for you is to learn how to listen to your true feelings, desires, and dreams, following them instead of those which others choose for you.

So here is a small daily exercise which will help you to know yourself better:

Every day complete a sentence “ If I knew nobody judged me, I would...” with three points.

And one more thing. It is never too late to implement changes:).

How Having A Dog Changed My Life

I decided to write this article as while I was filling my Gratitude Journal, I realized that I am so grateful for having a dog in my life.

I should probably say, that many of us are never ready enough to have a dog. We are busy with work, want to travel in the future, change our houses, etc. So many of us are waiting for a perfect moment which probably will never happen.

And when my husband brought a small cute puppy, I felt like I wasn’t ready enough either.

But now, when I look back, I realize, that having a new member in our family made my life so much better. I found all the sources, like energy, time and finances because I knew that my dog loves me, so apparently, I really wanted to give it back.

So here are the reasons why my dog made me happier:

• She helps me to forget about my problems and be present.

When I play with her, I distract from worries and stress. I just relax and enjoy this process.

And even during the busy days, when she bring her toy bagging to play with her a big, I can’t say “no”.

• She makes me calm down and stay positive.

Even when I am angry or upset and thus cutie looks into my eyes, my heart is melting. I truly believe that animals fill the home with positive energy and absorb negative one.

The relation between human and dog truly means unconditional love. I know my dog loves me the way I am and I feel so much support from her even when everything goes upside down.

• I became more organized.

My dog gave me more motivation to wake up early to walk with her and to do same thing in the evening even if I feel like lying down on the sofa and watching TV. And you know what? I enjoy those walks so much. Walking with dog is so much more exciting than walking by myself.

Also I learnt how to plan my day the way I can spend some time with her.

Of course having dog is the huge responsibility. But my point is that it is absolutely worth it all!

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5 Simple Habits That Will Make You Happier

All us know that it is needed to work out and follow healthy eating to be in good shape. But how many people really put effort to be happier?

Did you know that happiness also requires training and implementing some habits into daily life? Today we will talk about some of them:

• Gratitude Journal.

I can talk hours about the power of being thankful for the opportunities we have and moments which happen in our lives. It’s about our ability to notice all of these things. During the times when you feel depressed and lack of motivation, gratitude journal can help you so much. Just write 5 things you are thankful for daily. It shouldn’t be necessarily something big. You can be thankful for a beautiful walk after your work, a cup of coffee, meeting with the friend or just being healthy!

• Visualize your dreams.

Dreaming helps us to understand our goals better, be motivated to work harder and most importantly enjoy the process.

At the end of the day, happiness is about small things, not only big achievements!

• Feel the moment.

Most of people are always busy with either analyzing their past or worrying about their future. And what if we just relax a bit and start enjoying the moment!

• Forgive yourself and others for the past.

Blaming yourself or others is the most destructive feeling ever. While we blame, we put responsibility out of our shoulders and as a result don’t feel control of our lives.

I totally understand, sometimes there are reasons for that. And maybe your present isn’t the way you want to see it because of some past event. But you know what? We cannot change the past, so let’s put the future into our hands!

• Affirmations.

Affirmations describe a desired situation and goal. These are basically statements which help us to be positive about our lives. Once we constantly read them, we start concentrate our minds on positive things.

To make it easy for you, we already prepared beautiful affirmations for you! Just download here, put them as a cover photo for mobile devices and read 5 times a day.

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Why Daydreaming Is Good For You

Do you remember yourself as a child? I bet you had so many wishes and dreams and by the way, you were pretty clear about what you want. We grow up, get more rational…And also extremely busy with work. Some of us are so busy with daily routine that simply forget about global aims.

Today we are going to discuss the positive effects of daydreaming:

• It makes our goals more clear

The vast majority of people don’t have any achievements in life because they’ve tried to set any goals.

If you are one of them, we have good news for you! Even a short 5 minutes dreaming every day is a great start to implement positive changes.

When we dream, our goals get clear and our brain starts thinking how to achieve it.

• It makes us more inspired and in a good mood

Imagine your morning, which you start not from worries and rush, but from dreaming about places you want to go, people, you want to meet, things you want to learn.

I am sure that even such a small exercise can set positive vibes for the day.

Plus, if we visualize the result of our hard work, the process by itself will look more exciting.

• It helps to erase boundaries

How often do you respond to someone’s suggestions with the sentences which start “I don’t think we can…”, “It’s impossible…”?

We have so many limits in our heads, that they don’t let us grow.

Good thing, that while dreaming you don’t need to think about limits anymore. You are constantly practicing to think beyond the box, and even though it is just for 5 minutes daily, the result will appear very soon.

I hope this article was houseful for you.

If you want to know more about how to live a more happy and fulfilled life, check out our Detox Your Mind Course.

And now I want to suggest you a 7 days challenge.

You need to daydream about anything you want for 5 minutes when you wake up or go to bed.

Please share your impressions in comments once you complete it.

Thank you, next!

Thank you, next went viral when Ariana Grande crooned in her slightly sexy yet sweet yet heavy voice. While for her it was a reference to moving on from lovers and becoming friends with herself this phrase may have wider resonance in modern day life. Ever feel like you have reached your goal and say thank you, next, without feeling any excitement for what once seemed an unsurmountable task or conquest that if achieved is the missing piece to the happiness puzzle. Because where you’re at without a goal is normal and unexciting and unhappy. While jumping from goal to the next we lose sight of what is really important, it’s the journey to the goal and of course giving thanks to yourself and any other circumstances / people that led you to your goal. If you ever want to feel genuine happiness it is important to take a moment and reflect on all that you have accomplished.

Gratitude not only makes you appreciate your life a bit more but also boosts your confidence as you take stock of all that you have been able to achieve. To give you an example, we at Team My Happy Bae give thanks for the opportunity to be able to create this amazing happiness program to share our happiness to be able to live a balanced and healthy life. The three founders Yana, Slava and Kritika (myself) also give thanks for the opportunity to use our friendship to build an amazing business that helps explore our creativity and talents.

Team Hey Happy Bae

I personally am thankful for so much from the bad to the good as it’s all a lesson. But today I’m thankful for:

  • I am thankful for fashion and how it influences people and culture.
  • I thank God for the opportunity to be able to live in Dubai and learn and grow over the last 7 years. From changing careers to meeting new friends this has been a rollercoaster one that I don’t regret jumping on.
  • I’m also thankful for My Happy Bae to happen to me at a time when I really needed to change my career path slightly to doing something that lights up my eyes when I think about it. Seven years of doing a desk job have somewhat taken a toll on my health and body. I needed to take a step back and what better way than to create a product of love with people you love so so much.
  • I’m totally thankful for a body that heals and loves back, sound mind, loving family and friends and also for the abundant opportunities that exist in the world that could be my accomplishments someday.

What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude in comments below…

How Cleaning Out my Closet Changed my Life??

Hello there,

We have to be really living on Mars if no one has heard about Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While I didn’t get around to reading it, I did get around to giving up 3/4 of my wardrobe as a result of moving into a smaller home. At first I resisted and tried to fit things into my 3 skinny doored closet, but eventually sanity prevailed when my daily dressing routine got down to picking the pile of clothing out from closet and dumping onto bed for what seemed like eternity. And believe you me a clean home with only things that you need can be such a game changer. If you’re looking for a new direction in life do check out our Detox Your Mind course.

While I was not exactly clued in on Marie Kondo’s ideology back in 2017 I gave away things that no longer brought me joy but most importantly no longer made me look my best. During this period I may have also grown out of my late 20s and into my early 30s. From being the crazy person to don the unthinkable man-repelleresque clothing I had changed to this person, who only liked minimalistic simple clothes with a slight edge. My former self can be seen here. All of a sudden everything needed to meet a need or have some purpose in my wardrobe. I’m not sure if it was a reason of growing out or a change in perspective but decluttering my wardrobe did really change my life.

Although my reasons for the cleanse were not very Marie Kondo-esque I did experience joy, mental clarity, appreciation for the new found time and ease of dressing up and also a reduced dry cleaning bill.

Today I have just one IKEA closet, a chest and a half of drawers with lots of space to spare. This has changed my life because I now only have sufficient clothes all of which I circulate from time to time and when I don’t or no longer feel like it fits me I put it out of circulation by donating to charity. I also don’t spend a lot of time deciding what to wear.

Ever since getting into this minimalistic phase I have also focused on the quality over quantity aspect giving up on fast fashion. When I gave up 3/4 of my wardrobe I realized that I had spent shit loads of money on Zara and Topshop and although it may have seemed like a smaller dose of spending every now and then in reality I had spent a lot more. There was the answer I had been looking for to the frequently asked “Where does all my money go?” question.

I must admit thought that I still haven’t read Marie Kondo rather gathered her ideas from her many praises sung online. As minimalism is kicking in just like today morning’s coffee, I’m now on a journey to collect my staples. All of my new insights coupled with the money spent I also began to get a little woke as they say and learnt about the impact of fast fashion and how fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. More on that for another time……