7 Days of Matcha Latte and No Coffee

Last week, I challenged myself to make a little Coffee Detox and substitute it with Matcha Latte. Lately, I noticed that I drink way more coffee than I should. I am not against coffee but I am certainly against having a coffee addiction. Everything is good in life but without exaggeration and within a limit. So happy and ready for the next challenge, I started but didn’t realize that it would be so hard.

For those who never tried matcha and don’t know much about it, here are some of the interesting facts

  1. It tastes a bit strange, like an excessive amount of a high-quality green tea in your cup which makes total sense as matcha is a well-grounded green tea leafs. So if it is done properly and not too intense, it is quite drinkable. 
  2. A cup of matcha would have 137 times more antioxidants than a cup of green tea. Not sure why scientists are so precise about 137x, not 131 or 95. But anyway the point is there are much more antioxidants than you could drink green teas in a day.
  3. Matcha has almost the same amount of caffeine as the shot of espresso. And at the same time is more stable and healthy for the body.
  4. Also, this drink would make you calm and relax due to L-theanine amino acid.
  5. Next fact is awesome for those who always want to lose weight. Matcha helps to burn more calories through the day as it will boost your metabolism.
  6. and many many other facts….

The difficult part of this challenge was my addiction to the coffee apart from this, it went quite smooth. For 4 days I was having a headache, not sure why. Maybe it was an effect of quitting coffee or just stressful days and weather. Also, for 3 days straight I was circling around the coffee machine, having strange thoughts of making a cup of coffee while no one sees (I guess this is why people call it addiction). Nevertheless, on the last day of the challenge, I wasn’t so into drinking coffee. It was this nice feeling that you can do something but you actually don’t.

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