Mexican Chic Branch at Peyote, Dubai​


In Dubai, you can find the best of everything. The city can satisfy any taste and food preference. Plus, with each year there is more what Dubai can offer since it is rapidly expanding. In 2018, it brought us amazing Mexican fine dining restaurant, Peyote. I am a big fan of the Latin-American cuisine so I was trilled to go and check it out. To have the full experience, I went for a brach. The concept of the branch (breakfast+lunch) is super popular in Dubai. Many people here have a tradition on Friday to go for such fun and relaxing experience, usually for the whole afternoon around 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

About The Restaurant

Peyote located in a super fancy dining district DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center). This area is a home to many famous restaurants. Plus, it is a hub for finince and investment services. Interior of Peyote is very chic and modern with great ambiance around. Plus, the Dj plays fun sets which makes you want to dance. Service is outstanding as well, even when the restaurant got packed, staff could manage to take care of everyone. Besides, coming here you can use valet parking free of charge, just stamp the ticket on your way out.

The Menu

I came for a branch so the whole menu was already set. Peyote has two options, with or without alcoholic beverages. You can also tailor your meal for a specific diet or you can try it all. They have vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes. Moreover, you can reorder anything you like. It is actually perfect if you want to celebrate some special occasion. You just pay the entrance fee and enjoy with the guests without worrying who want to order what and the bill at the end. I saw many such groups having a blast with lots of fancy cocktails and different tequila creations. For me and my sister, they got same delicious non-alchoholic Mexican mocktails. First one was with blackberries and the second, with passion fruit, loved both of them. Food was so good and delicious that it went to my list of the best restaurants, right after the starters.

Let me know if you tried Peyote and what was your favorite thing about it. If you haven’t been there yet, I do recommend to check it out. It is a great option for visitors as well as residents after a hectic week. You will truly get a stress-free, and super fun experience.


Delicious Georgian Food in Moscow, Lari Restaurant

Georgian cuisine is very popular in Russian for its simple yet delicious food. Typical recipes include all kind of kebabs, khachapuri, vegies salads, and khinkali (almost like Russian pelmeni, Usbek manti or Chinese dim sum). My favorite Georgian restaurant in Moscow is Lari and all my friend who tried it they love it as well.


Here in Lari, I would definitely recommend trying Georgian salad, eggplant rolls with walnuts, home salted salmon, Megrelski khachapuri, khinkali with pork and chicken kebabs (shashlik). These are my favorites dishes; however, everything I ever tried at Lari was super yummy.

The ambiance inside is very cozy with comfy sofas, soft light, and friendly staff. You will be always welcomed with the smile here and served the best food that restaurant can offer. Moreover, the location is quite convenient, being in the downtown just next to the sport complex Olempiysky.


So if you are in Moscow is a must to try it. I went to many Georgian restaurants and it is by far the best here. Plus, I doubt that you will ever find out about it in the tourists brochures as Lari has so many clients they don’t even advertise. Most of you know that the best way to find out about great places is to ask locals. I can guaranty you will love it.

  • Location: Schepkina 33, downtown Moscow, Russia
  • Parking: city parking but always some places available around
  • Service: excellent, food prepared fast, people working are very nice
  • Prices: $$, very reasonable, you can get huge meal just for $20
  • Food: so so delicious and simple, you will get out full and happy
  • My rating: 10/10

Asado at The Palace Downtown​, Dubai


Asado is Argentinian restaurant located in the heart of Dubai and specializes in top quality meat. In fact, it is one of the best places to get a great steak. I have been there three times and always my experiences were wonderful. I tried there almost everything grilled seafood platter, grilled meat platter, and different starters. Asado has a great variety of dishes on the menu, so you will definitely find your favorite one. However, if you are planning to visit this place, I would personally recommend ordering grilled meat platter to share. It is my favorite there which comes with a mix of the best meat such as rib eye, goat, chicken, and many others. Extremely delicious, plus they put it on top of the hot coals so it stays warm for a long time. Last time, me and my friend got so full and honestly, couldn’t finish it all. Besides amazing food, they do excellent cocktails at Asado. I tried a couple of them, it was just perfect with the food and lovely Dubai weather. Last but not least, when you sit on the terrace you can see a beautiful fountain and Burj Khalifa right in front of you. Spectacular experience to have it.

  • Location – Asado, The Palace Downtown, Dubai
  • Cuisine – Argentinian
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – great
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – very cozy inside and beautiful terrace
  • Parking – free valet parking at Palace hotel
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★



Le Cirque at Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai

If you are looking for an excellent French restaurant in Dubai, then you must try Le Cirque at Ritz Carlton DIFC. It was opened a couple of months ago and already got very popular. No wonder because the food and the service there are just divine. In fact, I do expect in the following 2017 that they will get lots of awards in Dubai. So let me share my dinner experience with you…

I went to Le Cirque a week ago with a friend of mine and it was just wonderful experiences. We ordered two starters (seabass and burrata) which were absolutely magnificent. Then for the main, I took pasta with lobster and my friend took fish, both were prepared with a french touch and tasted excellent. The choice for desserts was quite difficult. From one side, I was extremely full and from the other looking at the menu, all of them seemed to be delicious. So we couldn’t resist and ordered two to try. Ours were amazing but looking at the tables around felt like we have to try everything on the menu, so hopefully next time. Le Cirque without a doubt is one of best restaurants in Dubai 2017. Last but not least, since it is a fine dining place, prices are not cheap but if you want the best, you have to pay for the best.

  • Location – Le Cirque Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai
  • Cuisine – French
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – great
  • Service – beyond excellence
  • Ambiance – great music and beautiful classic decor
  • Parking – valet at the hotel
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★

Restaurant Valenok by Novikov Group, Moscow

Novikov Group owns one of the best restaurants in Moscow as well as grows internationally in other cosmopolitan cities. Each restaurant by this group has a unique concept,  beautiful design, and excellent food. Therefore, when the new one opened, I run to try it. Valenok quickly became a very trendy place between different generations and incomes. The concept of this place is contemporary Russian cuisine with good prices and nice ambiance. Here you can get a set menu for business lunch as well as a la carte menu with a big variety of Russian dishes.

If you are traveling to Moscow on a budget then come during work days between 12 pm and 4 pm, you will be pleasantly surprised that you can get a starter, main course and a drink just for 380 rub ($6.5). I honestly never seen lower prices in fancy restaurants for excellent quality food. Plus, everyday set are changing and it is always a surprise for guests. For those with a bigger budget and specific food preferences, you will definitely find lots of nice dishes in the main menu. I went there a couple of times and everything I tried was fresh and delicious. For example, last time I had sald with calmares, red caviar and glass of wine. I believe for all of these, I paid around 2,000 rub ($34) .

So if you want to take a grasp of traditional Russian cousine, Valenok would be a soft start. To have a real caltural exchange soon I will share with you other wonderfull places to visit. Last but not least, the name of the restaurant, valenok came from traditional Russian boot made of wool. Nowadays, people don’t wear them much but you still can see valenki in some villages or in souvenir stores.

  • Location – Valenok on Tzvetnoy Blvd., Moscow
  • Cuisine – Russian
  • Food quality – excellent, open kitchen and fresh ingredients
  • Food Presentation – all dishes were looking delicious, especially cakes
  • Service – great, all waiters very polite and knowledgeable
  • Ambiance – cozy with modern design
  • Parking – for clients very convenient parking next to restaurant
  • Price – $6.5 for business lunch, other time average bill $30-50
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Valenok – Russian traditional boot


Wine Tasting at Caudal, Moscow

I always wanted to be a wine expert or at least understand the differents between them. Once, I even tried to look for some courses on the internet but I found only something for barmen which were way too expensive for my little interest to be a good wine shopper. Luckily, a friend of mine invited me at Caudal shop for wine testing. It was a small class between four friends with two bottles of wine. In this setting, an expert of Caudal store gave us lots of information about wines and taught us how to distinguish differences between them.

That evening we were talking about and tasting white wines, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. For me it was such an interesting experience as I am really into red wines. So I got to know the sides of wines I never tasted. I guess if it is chosen well both white and red can be quite pleasant. The most interesting fact I learned that all wines are actually white from a very beginning. The step on which wine becomes red it is when skin and seeds of grapes been processed and added to the wine. Therefore, an end product can have different shades of red and yellowish. Our first wine, Sauvignon Blanc was with apple notes more fruity and yellowish compared to Riesling. Riesling had a stronger smell, some people refer to it sometime as the petrol smell or other unpleasant scenes. Nevertheless, both were excellent and change their flavors with each sip. Here are few tips on what to pay attention when tasting the wine,

  • take the glass and look at the color of the wine, it has to be clear with either ruby color or canary shades
  • then smell the wine, pay attention on notes you feel
  • take a sip but don’t swallow, move the wine around your mouth for a couple of seconds

This will help you to learn more about wines and its differences while your drinking this wonderfully mysterious beverage. Last but not least, at the end of this fun experience we got each a membership card at Caudal shop with 8 free wine tasting. I guess with such membership I would definitely become an expert on the subject.



FUME Restaurant, Dubai


img_8021FUME is one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai. There you can find plenty of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For any taste and diet there is a solution, plus the chef can tailor some of the dishes to your taste. I have been in FUME for around 6 times, two in the downtown branch and four in Pier 7, Dubai Marina. It is not a Michelin starred food experience, rather a great place to gather with friends. My favorite menu there is for breakfast as it offers great healthy choices. However, I know many people love to come there after work to get a glass of wine or beer. For a lunch, I personally have a mixed feeling about the food. Some dishes I like and some I wouldn’t order it again. But in general, I am super picky with the food and also, my Russian origin can play some role in my food preferences.

Regarding the service, I also have a comment. One time in FUME Pier 7 I was treated rather rude than polite by some British lady when I wanted to sit at a specific table. The restaurant was almost empty and she was trying to give the worst table ever. Maybe that lady just had a bad day, after all we all have such days but with such experience, I didn’t want to go there for many months. So I hope it was an exception rather than their daily way of dealing with customers.  Of course, if you come as a press you will be treated excellent everywhere, that is why I like to come as a simple customer to see a true quality of food and service.


Moving on, the interior there is quite nice and different. The place has many modern details, true character and lots of day light. Aw… almost forgot to mention about gorgeous view of the yacht bay and lovely water channel. In conclusion, FUME restaurant is a great simple place to come with a big group of friends and have some fun. If you tried this restaurant already, let me know about your experiences, I would love to know your opinion about it.

  • Location – Fume Pier 7 & Downtown Dubai
  • Cuisine – British
  • Food quality – great for breakfast and snacks, the rest was nothing special
  • Food Presentation – simple food with little decorations
  • Service – average, sometimes excellent sometimes rude
  • Ambiance – nice and cozy place
  • Parking – very convenient and easy
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★☆


Tea Plantation Tour, Mauritius

Mauritius is a wonderful country which offers many fun activities. During my first trip, I tried to visit as much as possible and one of the tours I took, was to the Tea Plantation. I went with As-Siyaaha Tour Operator and combine the visit with a couple of others side seeing activities. With this company, you can get a driver for the whole day and tailor the tour according to your own interests. In fact, they will recommend the best places to see. The landscape is beautiful in Mauritius, on the way to the plantation, I passed lake with the sweet water, temple and many beautiful parks. It is located on top of the mountain which touches the clouds; therefore, it rains quite often.

The plantation is surrounded by forest/jungle with beautiful and rare trees. To visit the place, there were different ticket packages. For example, the official rates were rs 500 for  factory tour+museum+tea tasting, rs 250 for a museum+tea tasting, and to just have a tea tasting rs 170. I took the second option which includes museum and tea tasting. To be honest, the museum was very small and boring. The funny thing, there were a group and one employee approached me and asked which language do I speak? I said, English. So he took me with a group to the factory by mistake, thinking I paid for the full package. So I glanced at this factory but can’t say it would be worth to pay money for it. It just machines everywhere, processing tea step by step which you can see even from outside.


Then my driver took me up on the heel where the tea tasting was actually happening. It was like 5 min drive from the factory. There were 11 different kinds of Bois-Cheri tea. I also ordered a waffle with honey and vanilla ice cream. It was so relaxing and enjoyable tour. In fact, I am a big fan of fine teas so for me it was an experience. Also, the rain made me feel so cozy with this big selection of nice Mauritian teas. Last but not least, there is a great seafood restaurant in the same building. I didn’t try it but it looked amazing and it is definitely on my list for the next trip to Mauritius.

  • Tour – Tea Plantation Visit with Tea Tasting
  • Location – South
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – wonderful time and relaxation
  • Duration – 1-2 hrs.
  • Price – rs 500 the full package with As-Siyaaha Tour, and rs 170 just tea tasting dropping by or combining with other side seeing tours
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5 for tea tasting only


Segreto, Delicious​ Italian Getaway in Dubai

If you are looking for Italian fine dining in Dubai, then you should definitely try Segreto restaurant. The ambiance there so relaxing and chic. Ideal place to take your Louboutins for a walk. Also, the food at Segreto is really an experience, each dish prepared in a very exclusive way with a wonderful presentation.  I went there with a friend of mine and for starters, we ordered grilled octopus and seafood soup. I loved both of them so writing now about those dishes makes me hungry. Then for main courses, we got pasta with cod fish and black bream, delicious as well. For dessert without hesitation, I took my favorite tiramisu. Maybe I should have tried something else but it is really my favorite one. Me and my friend enjoyed our evening so much that we forgot rush and stress of the city.  Moreover, there is a lounge upstairs which is perfect for drinks after the food. The view and ambiance there are just fantastic. Espessially with the weather now, you will enjoy it a lot.  Last but not least, the restaurant is located in the heart of Jumeirah resorts, Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The place is surrounded by water channels so you will feel yourself almost like in Venice. This was my experience so if you already been in Segreto, let me know about yours and what was your favorite dish. If you never been there, you should definitely put it in your “where to dine” list.

Location – Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Cuisine – Italian, Venetian
Food quality – top quality, very fresh and exclusive
Food Presentation – beautiful and very artistic
Service – excellent, very nice personnel
Ambiance – very relaxing and elegant
Parking – inside the souk, free for 2 hours, next hour 10 AED
Price – $$$$ (fine dining prices)
Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Senara Grilled Seafood on the Island

Last week I discovered a wonderful restaurant Senara which is located in the Yacht Bay on Palm Jumeirah. Great place to have dinner with a group of friends or a date with a beloved one. The menu mainly contains seafood choices so it is a perfect place for me. In fact, this my favorite type of food. For a starter, I tried shrimps avocado salad, lobster roll, and smoked salmon. For the main course, I ordered seafood platter to share with half lobster, oysters, shrimps and grilled veggies on a side. All these dishes were super delicious and grilled in a perfect way. After the food, I also took a coffee with two desserts, one sticky pudding, and the other banoffee. The photos of each dish you can see below. I definitely recommend trying this amazing place, especially if you like grilled seafood. Personally, I think the location and food there are just fantastic.

  • Location – Palm Jumeirah, Palm Views West (free convenient parking)
  • Cuisine – Seafood
  • Food quality – everything I tried was extra fresh and grilled in an excellent way
  • Food Presentation – very nice with a lot of charm
  • Welcome – general greetings, bread basket
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – super cozy with modern interior
  • Price – $$$$ (almost like any fine dining restaurant), our bill was 750 AED
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★



Fish Beach Taverna at Le Meridien Resort

Fish Beach Taverna is the perfect place for those who like to have a relaxing dinner by the beach. The restaurant is located in a 5-star hotel, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. Interior is done in Mediterranean style with lots of simple elements, it reminded me of a typical Greek village. Also, the sea surrounding creates a vocational touch to it. All dishes I tried, were super delicious and felt it was done with love. I got so cozy there, almost like I came for vacation to my grandmother. Do not dress to empress, if you are planning to visit Fish Beach Taverna. You would feel very comfy and appropriate wearing a simple outfit, like linen dress with flats or wedges. In this charming restaurant, you can be yourself and just enjoy your time and food.

  • Location – Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & MarinaDubai
  • Cuisine – Meddeteranian, mainly seafood
  • Food quality – excellent, everything was fresh and done in a good way
  • Food Presentation – simple with a home touch
  • Welcome – nice, general greetings
  • Service – great service and caring personnel
  • Ambiance – cozy and relaxing
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Busaba Eathai in Dubai

Busaba Eathai is a famous restaurant in London which was recently opened in Dubai. They serve Thai cuisine with traditional and contemporary dishes. I was invited there for a long dinner and food review with around 25 of other bloggers. It was a first time for me to come across this place and quite fun to get to know new people. Employees at Busaba Eathai prepared for us set up menu, as well as before our meal they also asked about our food preferences. For example, some people were vegetarians, some didn’t tolerate spicy food and some preferred extra spicy. So they took care of each and every.

I liked that our meal was done with high-quality ingredients, and was slightly spicy (with a touch of chilly). I don’t tolerate very spicy food so the level they prepared was just perfect. Also, Busaba Eathai has very nice ambience like candles everywhere, relaxing music and a lovely smell of Thai oils. Plus, the interior is great with high-end wooden tables and luxurious minimalistic touch.

In general, I like Asian cuisine and after Busaba Eathai experience I like it even more. They had absolutely great food. All seafood dishes tasted delicious, all meat was done excellent and other feasts were just amazing. After the dinner, I wasn’t even sure what was my favorite because I truly liked everything. I tried a couple of Thai restaurants in Dubai before and in my opinion, Busaba Eathai is one of the best. Last but not least, if you decide to try it, there are free underground parking for 3 hours right next to the restaurant.

  • Location – The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Cuisine – Thai
  • Food quality – excellent, very fresh and exclusive
  • Food Presentation – everything looked great and yummy
  • Welcome – very friendly personnel
  • Service –  super nice, fast plus they remember each person preferences
  • Ambience – love their interior, relaxing place
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Grom Ice cream or Delicious Life

Recently I came across amazing ice cream shop which I would like to review today. Famous Italian brand Grom has been on the market for quite a long time in Europe and now they opened shops in Dubai as well. There are 3 places where you can get it here, in Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, and Box Park. If you live in Europe please check it out their location on the official website. So Grom is one of the best ice cream brands for a couple of reasons,

  • it has 100% natural ingredients
  • delicious taste
  • no preservatives or other toxic staff
  • it digests very easy and doesn’t create stomach aches and bloating


Before I didn’t believe that ice cream could be healthy. Once I was trying to move to healthier options and I bought Greek Frozen yogurt. Was it healthy? Yes. Was it tasty? No. That is why I know how hard is to find a balance between healthy and tasty but it is definitely possible. For example, one scoop of my favorite Dark Chocolate flavor has 120 kcal according to iPhone app MyFitnessPal. Plus I honestly like the taste of it. My favorite flavors are Mango Sorbet and Dark Chocolate. Moreover, it is really made from cocoa not artificial flavorings as most of the ice creams on the market.

So of course, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. But myself I love to have perfect health and fitted body without avoiding delicious part of our life. I do enjoy good food so if you have a similar approach to life, you should try Grom. Last but not least, in their coffee shops, you also can get some Italian delights and high-quality coffee. Please feel free to leave comments below about your Grom experience or if you just have some additional questions.

Hotel Café Royal, London

During my last trip to London, I stayed at Hotel Café Royal which is located in the Regent St. in the heart of London. I have been in many 5 stars hotels but this one surprised me a lot  by expensive and advanced technology inside the room. I was in IT paradise. To start, they had my dream TV, Bang&Olufsen. I think it is one of the most (or maybe the most) expensive TV. I would love to have it at home one day. Every time, I was switching it on, the screen turns to me, such a crazy feature. Also, you can control on the remote where you want the screen to be. For example, if you are sitting at the desk and working, you can press the button and TV will turn to you.  Also, the walls had a noise barrier, so you don’t hear your neighbors and they don’t hear you. Having so many details in mind, I forgot to mention how stylish the room was and of course, service was super excellent. Design, as you can see on photos, is modern and cozy at the same time.

I was traveling alone that time and one evening I had a movie night. I ordered pizza and watched Home Alone. It was the best evening ever, having a hot shower, then pizza with a great movie. Coming back to IT, in the morning it was very convenient that I could open curtains with the push of the button. Of course, room service can do this for you but it was so easy and fun. I love to see maximum daylight in the morning and in the evening to have my privacy. Moreover, there was a TV in the bathroom, I loved to put there some music clips or watch the news while getting ready. I guess because ladies spend a big amount of time in the bathroom, they really need a TV there.

The breakfast was wonderful as well. Every morning I had fried eggs, veggies, croissant basket and lots of other things I liked. Since I don’t eat meat, I was requesting extra  avocado, mushrooms, and smoked salmon on the side. Waiters were very helpful, sweet and every morning welcoming me with a smile. Besides in the room, I had lots of Hildon water free of charge. I always try to drink 2 liters a day so for me it is very important to have complementary water during my stay.

Also, in Hotel Café Royal there is a famous cabaret called, The Black Cat. I booked two tickets for me and my friend (she lives in London) to go have some fun. It was such a great experience with lots of entertainment. During the show, we laughed a lot listening funny retro songs, watching dancers and being a part of little magic tricks. Our tickets included dinner as well which I didn’t like. So if you planning to visit The Black Cat, I would recommend to get tickets for the show only.

Moreover, there were amazing spa facilities. It is very rare to find in the center of London such a great pool, with a sauna, steam, and nice gym. Perfect place to travel during cold days, so when you coming back to your room all freezing, you can just go dawn and have hot sauna. Last but not least, the hotel located in the walking distance from Piccadilly street. So I could go to my favorite tea shop, Fortnum & Mason in 5-10 minutes walk. Plus there are lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops in walking distance. One evening I went also to Coya and it look me just 15 min on high heels.

  • Hotel – Hotel Café Royal
  • Room design – modern and hi-tech
  • Cleanness – super clean
  • Service – excellent
  • Breackfast – continental breakfast, wasn’t included in my room
  • Facilities – spa, pool, gym, sauna, steam, ballroom, café, restaurants and etc.
  • Location – near to so many things in London, restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, museums, shopping; the best location to be
  • Price per night – £500 ($640)

So the question, will I want to come back to Hotel Café Royal? Definitely yes, it is an expensive stay but to me totally worth it. I do recomend it to check it out.


Farzi Café, Fun Experience​ of Indian Cuisine

Farzi Café is one of the must visit places in Dubai. It is located in the new area City Walk 2 which is part of the Downtown Dubai. The restaurant specializes in the Contemporary Indian Cuisine so great spot for those who like spicy food. I have to say, I am not a fan of Indian cuisine and spicy food but I heard so much about the place from my friends so when I got an invitation to Farzi Café, I accepted it without a doubt.

I went to the restaurant with two of my other friends and we had one of the nicest food experience in our life. When we entered, we were welcomed by very friendly employees who showed us around and gave us a very nice table. Then our waiter explained the set menu which was prepared for all guests that night. Also, he asked about allergies, food preferences and the level of spiciness we can tolerate. When the food started to arrive we were amazed how cool everything looked. Every dish there had a different presentation with lots of fun things. Below you an see our starters, some veggie tacos, molecular mango  and popcorn drink.

Each course and beverage were an experience. The presentation was so beautiful and creative. We tried 6 mocktails, all of them tasted great and looked great. Our food was amazing as well, a bit spicy but delicious. So whatever you order, you will be pleasantly surprised. Besides, in the menu, there are lots of vegetarian, seafood and meat options. Therefore each person will find something to his/her taste. Especially coming the first time, you will have a blast.

Last but not least, our dessert was just unbelievably good. It called Dirt Pile and looked like a soil. When the waiter came with a trowel, we couldn’t stop laughing. Then when I asked, How to Eat It; our waiter said, Just Dig. It was crazy fun digging for delicious dirt desert. In fact, it was chocolate cake crashed into small pieces with an ice cream on the side. Yummy!!!

  • Location – City Walk 2 near Reel Cinema, Dubai
  • Cuisine – Modern Indian
  • Food quality – excellent, everything is fresh and delicious
  • Food Presentation – amazing and very artistic
  • Welcome – 1st visit ☆☆☆☆☆ (very bad) and 2nd visit ★★★★★ (very good)
  • Service – excellent waiters very friendly and caring
  • Ambience – beautiful modern decor, high ceiling so not much noise
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★

P.S. A little tip, if you are planning to visit Farzi Café, book your table in advance. Because once I tried to drop by with my friends, hosts (or two guys in the door who supposed to welcome people) were very rude to us and literary kicked us out. So I didn’t have a chance to try anything that night. It is also the way I like to check places before I write about them. Just to drop by to see how people really interact with the customers as well as I ask all my friends about their experience.



Healthy Lifestyle with Fuit4Life

Most of you probably heard about tremendous benefits that fruits and vegetables have, especially organic. Any nutritionist, doctor or trainer will tell you that eating enough of them is the best way to get a glowing skin, fitted body, and strong immune system. However, knowing all of that people still don’t manage to eat enough fruits and vegetables. Some because of the busy schedule and lack of time to buy it, others because, it is too heavy to carry them from the supermarket or difficult to chose the right ones. Therefore, Fruit4Life came up with the fabulous idea and convenient solution for people in the UAE who cares about their health. Now all these items can be selects by the professionals for you and delivered at your doorstep. You will always get fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis, as easy as a newspaper delivered to you. It all starts just with a simple online subscription.


These are photos of the fruit box I got this week which contained green apples, gala apples, oranges, grapefruits, pears, mangosteen, passion fruits and bananas. In fact, every week fruit selection is always a surprise. So no more stress and worries what to snack on and what to select at the groceries. I would even say, the easiest approach to healthy lifestyle, ultimate beauty, and perfect body. Moreover, on Fruit4Life website you can select the best suitable box for you. They have four choices Fruit Box, Veggie Box, Tropical Fruit Box and Mixed Box.

Fruit4Life did a really great job to make hustle free life. Below I highlighted top points about the company and subscription in general.

  • always getting the best quality organic fruits and veggies
  • no need to carry home heavy boxes with them
  • no frustration to select the right ones in different seasons
  • online payment and easy subscription
  • no commitment if you don’t feel to be a customer anymore
  • delivery at selected time frame

So if you live in the United Arab Emirates, it is a great company to consider. There are so many plusses in Fruit4Life approach and so far I didn’t see any minuses. If you already tried this company or have any questions please leave it in the comments below, would love to know your opinion.