Perfect Breakfast​ at Brambles Cafe, Dubai

Would you like to eat something super delicious and special but healthy at the same time? Then there is the place just for you, The Brambles Cafe on Barsha Heights, Dubai. I think it is the coolest cafe in the area. I know the area is not so fancy but the cafe is really really worth trying.

Being in Dubai for quite a while, I am more and more careful with the food. In fact, from thousands of places here, only 10% is really good and my aim to find them and share it with you. When I came across Brambles, I was so amazed by the quality of the food, prices, and place, that the same day I started to wave about it to all my friends. It is really really good. For this kind of money, you will not find better food in Dubai. If you find let me know but I doubt. The dishes I would recommend you to try is Spicy Egg, Acai Bawl with berries and special spicy coffee with chocolate taste (can’t remember the name). Of course, everything I had was absolutely excellent but those just grabbed my attention.

The interior is also very cute, done in the pink tones with big windows, and flowers. A simple, stylish and cozy place to meet with friends. Last but not least, the metro station is right outside, if you don’t drive a car and if you drive, there are lots of free parking around the building. Really convenient for all kinds of people with different lifestyle yet the same goal to feel great after the meal. Once you try it let me know what do you think about this place and what was your favorite dish?

  • Place – Brambles Cafe, Metrocentre Hotel, Al Barsha Hights
  • Food – Northern California style
  • Quality  – excellent, healthy and delicious 
  • Prices- $$
  • Parking – free parking right next to the cafe


LEVEE Café on La Mer Beach, Dubai

IMG_9764Dubai never stops improving and developing so last year the new area popped up, La Mer. The place is close to downtown and holds lots of restaurants, cafes, entertainments and beautiful long beach.  Super nice and fashionable, in fact, a great spot to take photos. I haven’t tried many restaurants there but I am absolutely in love with Levee Cafe. Wanted to try it for a very long time and once I did, keep coming back every week. The  style of their food is contemporary French. Sound like I am talking about an art… but their food it is done in a very stylish manner. Also, it tastes great without some crazy things, just simple dishes in a fashionable manner. For me, Levee Cafe is one of the best spots for a breakfast. There is a quiet ambiance, beautiful decor, stunning view, and delicious food.  So if you are living close to downtown, definitely go for a nice relaxing breakfast on the beach. Plus after you are done, you can get some tan, swim and chill with your friends.

  • Location – Downtown Dubai, La Mer, Levee Café
  • Cuisine – French
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – beautiful
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – relaxing
  • Parking – very easy and free
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – very very nice, will be coming back to this place


Plant-Based​ Food For Weight Loss

I read so many books, listened to lots of doctors and experts about what is the best food to eat for longevity and perfect body composition. As well as I tested most of the diets on myself, to the point of being a fruitarian for 2 months. All of these just to find optimal food which will keep me young, lean and healthy with a bonus of being social and happy. I love eating and enjoy trying different dishes without limiting myself to any group of being raw vegan, vegan, fruitarian, vegetarian and etc. I am not black and white judging people’s food preferences and I am not limiting myself but rather I run lots of tests what works and what doesn’t. After this long 10 years journey, I came to a conclusion that the optimal for all of those targets, to eat 80%-90% plant-based food. I can assure you that its works because I don’t get thick, I don’t limit my food and don’t get fat, and my skin is glowing. People who follow such a diet have similar results. Besides this practical benefits, the food is super tasty you just need to know what to order and cook. The mind can get scared at first for trying something new, but don’t be because you are the baby of nature and this is the food you meant to be eating. I promise if you run a test, you will love it more than 21st century processed food creations.

So if any of my clients come to me with a request to help to overcome thickness or obesity, my answer would be, go for a plant-based food. With an addition of intermittent fasting if a person targeting weight reduction. It works for the majority of fit people in the world because its the law of physics, our nature and this planet. So there is no chance it won’t work for you if you really follow it. I added one of my favorite videos about a plant-based diet, so if you want a beautiful body, young skin and strong health, definitely watch it.

I do not believe in the short-term diets, they just don’t work and never will for long-term sustainable results. Of course, if you force your body to consume fewer calories, you will lose weight but will it be sustainable once you finish the diet? That is the root why most people faile. They do not change eating habits and expect result right away. Only dedication and consistency will take you where you want to go.

Royal Bruch at Thiptara in The Palace Downtown, Dubai

If you want to try finest Thai cuisine in Dubai, then Thiptara is the best place to go.  This restaurant is winning all possible awards since its opening and there are strong reasons for such a sustainable success. In Thiptara, the food is a piece of art, and the delicious taste – its soul. The splash of colors, vibrant taste and the coziness of the restaurant makes it so special and unique. Definitely, a Must Visit if you live or visiting Dubai. This time, I wanted to experience Friday brunch at Thiptara with my family.

Place & Specialty

Thiptara is located in Downtown Dubai in a 5-star hotel, Palace Downtown. Once you enter you will see a beautiful lobby and a gorgeous privet garden. The restaurant is done in a modern style with some Thai details. The whole experience getting even better once you realize that you are in the middle of the world-famous dancing fountain, plus you get the best view on Burj Khalifa and calming fire around. Super romantic during the evening and great for family lunch during the day.


Thiptara brunch is based on a sharing concept with the set menu where you can reorder as many dishes as you like. So no need to fight if you like something so much. However, there are two options for the set menu, with or without alcohol. If you got with alcohol, you can enjoy unlimited wine, beer, and cocktails. For a nonalcohol set, there are wonderful Thai ice-teas and delicious mocktails. The food experience was unbelievably good, the best Asian delicacies that you can find in Dubai. My parents tried Thai cuisine for the first time and they absolutely loved it. No doubts they would love to come back to Thiptara again during their next travel.

I absolutely recommend trying brunch at Thiptara with your family to get unforgettable and beautiful experience. Or it is also a wonderful place for a special occasion with your beloved one. Let me know about your experience at Thiptara, would love to know what was your favorite dish there. Please, feel free to leave comments below.

  • Location – The Palace Downtown, Dubai
  • Cuisine – Thai
  • Food quality – extraordinary
  • Food Presentation – amazing
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – relaxing with a beautiful view at the fountain
  • Parking – free valet at the hotel
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – great and very special

For booking press here


Venice in Winter, Italy

Venice is a dream place to visit once in a lifetime which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. My first trip to it was at the end of December during the Christmas time. Many people wonder if it worth to travel to Venice during the winter; therefore, I would like to share my experience so you get maximum of your trip to this beautiful city.


The weather in December was quite cold between +3 and +8 degrees. Besides, Venice located right on the water so the wind is very chilly. I took just a typical Burberry wool coat with me and I was freezing most of the times. Therefore, I strongly recommend to take a proper winter coat with you, something a little warmer than one layer wool. Also, take some warm socks and your favorite sweaters, you will enjoy having them here. While I was walking around Venice, I noticed that many Italian women wore mink fur coat. So if you have some fur, north of Italy is a great place to wear it during the winter. And of course, everyone around is very fashionable with perfect scarf, gloves and a hat. It is Italy after all…


Any day of the year there is so much to do in Venice. I personally choose a typical tourist road to visit opera, museum and do some shopping.

Teatro La Fenice – Italy is very famous for opera so of course, it was on my list. For the first time, I saw full Traviata at Teatro La Fenice. It was a wonderful play which combined excellent singing, great acting skills and gorgeous decoration. Traviata play is about a beautiful woman who was a prostitute but felt in love with a man and sacrifices her fancy life for him. They were so in love but couldn’t be together because of her past. I recommend to see it even if you are not into opera. However, tickets are very pricy €100-300. So a little hint, if you walk into the theatre on the day of the performance and there are few tickets left, you can get the last minute price of €50/ticket. This how I was lucky to buy directly from the office of Teatro La Fenice on the 10th raw, exactly where I wanted. Good that walked there, as at first I was intending to buy it online for €270.

Basilica di San Marco – This museum is difficult not to notice. It is located on the main  San Marco squire with an incredible architecture around. During the old days, this building was mainly for the parliament with lots of offices and meeting rooms inside. Many of decisions about Venice development and government regulations took place here. You will be definitely impressed by it as most of the walls are decorated with precious artworks. Note: inside is as cold as outside so wear a proper coat in order to take your time and enjoy every room of this beautiful building.

Shopping – What else women need for the perfect trip than the great shopping. Venice is a perfect place to get fashionable outfits, do some fancy purchases and buy authentic Venetian things. You will find hundreds if not thousands of different stores here. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, name it… It has almost all world famous boutiques. Also, from here you can get Venetian table clothes, Murano glass chandeliers and unique glasses for any beverage.


Having so much fun everyday, I didn’t even get a chance to ride a famous canoe. Partially because it was already cold and I didn’t want to have a water ride. Plus, I could perfectly reach everywhere by foot. Also, I heard that in Venice is terrible smell of siege during the summer from the canals and guess what, in the winter is not the case. One more bonus to travel during the winter is that amount of tourist is way less than during the summer. So if you are dreaming to visit Venice, winter great time to do it. Personally, my trip was just wonderful and I already can’t wait to come back to try canoe and do lots more what Venice has to offer.

Florence in One Day Relaxing and Enjoyable, Italy


Florence is a very romantic and charming city with lots of things to do. Myself I could easily go around for weeks or even months. However, most of us have a limited vacation or the budget to extend the trip. Therefore, I decided to share top things to do in Florence so you get the maximum of it. If you have just a day to visit it, you still will enjoy.

  • Ufizzi Gallery – this is one of the most famous galleries in Italy so be prepared. Buy your online tickets in advance before you travel and make a list of top things you would like to see there. Opening hours 8:15-18:50, Monday – closed.
  • Lunch – there are plenty of restaurants in Florence but for you to have the best experience, I selected amazing one in a walking distance, Il Santo Bevitore. It is a traditional Italian restaurant with a great vibe, cozy ambiance, and delicious food. Very important to make a reservation before you arrive. Opening hours 12:30-14:30 and 19:30-23:00
  • Ice Cream – after a nice lunch what can be better than refreshing gelato. Well, there is one of the best ice cream stores right on a corner Gelateria La Carraia. This is my personal weakness, absolutely adore chocolate flavor.
  • Shopping – walk on beautiful shopping streets and get some fashionable outfits for the upcoming season. Opening hours big boutiques – open all day till 19:30, smaller ones – close for lunch 12:30-15:30
  • Santa Maria del Fiore – this cathedral is a must visit when you are in Florence. It is a masterpiece from outside as well as inside. The construction of this cathedral began in 1296, so it is a significant contribution to Italian architecture. Opening hours 10:00-17:00
  • Aperatif – around 6 pm everyone starts to gather for aperitifs before dinner. So take an advantage of this tradition and enjoy a couple of cocktails like Aperol Shpritz or Negroni. In Italy, you will be always served some snacks like chips and nuts with your drink as a compliment. I definitely recommend a super vibrant place on the main square, Gilli Café.
  • Dinner – to have a romantic and relaxing dinner with a fabulous view I would recommend trying Se Sto on Arno which is located on the rooftop of Westin Excelsior Hotel. The combination of high food and high location of the restaurant will take your breath away. Opening hours 12:30-14:30 and 19:30-22:30.
  • After the dinner, just enjoy a beautiful walk around Florence during sunset.

So this is an example of a perfect day in Florence. In fact, this day plan was contracted in a way that everything is in a walking distance and located in the most popular among tourists, an old part of the town. Hope, it will be helpfull for those who are traveling for the first time to Florence. This list was made by personal experience, local interviews, and advice of my friends. Please feel free to add or share your experience of Florence.


My 3 Favorite Restaurants​ in London for French Toast

French Toast is one of my favorite breakfast of all times especially if I am in London or Dubai. In Russia, I don’t usually order them because we have other fun options as pancakes and cottage cheese dishes. But during my last trip to London, I had a very important mission to fulfill, to find the best french toast in town.  Of course, there are so many restaurants and I didn’t have a chance to try all of them. Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to find a couple of great ones. Hope it will be a useful little guide for those who are also in love with this delicious breakfast.

  1. Duck & Waffle

I know people supposed to come for Duck&Waffle dish to this restaurant but honestly, I think the best dish on the menu, it’s a French Toast. Although they call it differently, TORREJAS and recommend to share it. If I go there again, I skip the main and order just this with a cup of coffee or tea plus I’m going to share my French Toast with nobody. Don’t get me wrong, the other things I tried were good but French Toast there is something really amazing.

  • Name – on the menu TORREJAS (Serves Two)
  • Price £16 (to share the price is great but not the dessert)


      2. Four Seasons on Park Lane

I discovered this dish at the Four Season actually by pure luck. I was sitting in the hotel lobby with a friend of mine and having tea, then I felt for something sweet but nothing was appealing to me on the menu. Then talking to a waitress she asked me, What usually do you like to eat for sweets? As a joke, I answered a French Toast. She said we can make it, you are in a 5-star hotel, the no answer doesn’t exist here. So they made a French Toast just for me and honestly it was one of the best ever. Definitely coming back on my next trip.

  • Name – French Toast, it is off the menu but just ask for it
  • Price £14 (not sure exactly because I paid together with a tea £17)


      3. Aubaine

My all time favorite restaurant for breakfasts and brunches is Aubaine. Living in Dubai, I used to go there quite often. So to keep up with a tradition I decided to try it in London as well. They always do excellent French Toast although lately they try to modify and make it more interesting as French Toast Croissant with banana and bacon or French Toast Croissant with mix berries. Do not order these modifications, I personally didn’t like it. Just ask them to do off the menu traditional way with berries and maple syrup.

  • Name – French Toast ask for classic one
  • Price – £11.5

Let me know if you also a French Toast fun and if you know other great places to try it. I also learn from you.

Jazz Night at Bagatelle Dubai


One of my favorite places in Dubai for great food and night out is Bagatelle. It is located in the beginning of Shaikh Zaid Road, Fairmont Hotel. I have been there so many times and always happy to come back. The concept of the place is to have nice dinner and then party with great DJ set. Since people in Dubai prefer such nights on Thursdays and Fridays, a month ago, Bagatelle launched a new program Jazz Night for Saturdays. Perfect option for those who want to relax and rest before going to work the next morning.

For me, it was the first Jazz Night ever and I had absolutely awesome time. Music was amazing, some song were chilled, some were more dancy but all were really great. I must say, the singer and the whole band does a great job in playing Jazz. Besides as usually, the food in Bagatelle was outstanding. My favorite is the truffle pizza and basically everything else they serve. Really the food is so great and delicious. So I definitely recommend trying Jazz evening at Bagatelle. Just make sure you reserve a table in advance. One more tip, come after nine as the program starts from 9 pm. In fact, the best timing for this restourant is from 22:00-00:00 on Thursday, Friday and even Saturday. I promise you will have a great evening there.

  • Location – Bagatelle Dubai, Fairmont Sheikh Zaid Rd.
  • Cuisine – French
  • Food quality – more than excellent
  • Food Presentation – amazing
  • Service – great, always very helpful and polite
  • Ambiance – very nice
  • Parking – free valet hotel parking
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★

Uilliam’s on Patriarchy Lake, Moscow


A couple of months back a friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful restaurant calls Uilliam’s. It is located at the most fashionable and cool spot in Moscow, Patriarchy Lake. In fact, a majority of the best Moscow restaurants for young generation is there. From the first time that I tried Uilliam’s, I liked it so much. They have a very small menu but everything full of creativity and excellent ingredients. Here you will try dishes that you won’t try in any other place. The restaurant inside is quite small and you might feel sitting super close to each other but in my opinion, this is what it makes so cozy. Perfect to spend cold days in such a warm and lovely ambiance. Besides, delicious main menu, Uilliam’s serves excellent breakfasts. From all people that I know everyone loved this restaurant, except one vegan girl. But would make sense because they cook what they cook and it is impossible to tailor on the go some unique dishes. Personally, I have been there for around 10 times and always enjoy my food and time at Uilliam’s. Last but not least, for those who just getting to know me and my blog, I write only about things that I really think it worth to try. Of course, everyone has personal preferences but in general, I love to recommend my favorite places.

  • Location – Moscow, Patriarchy Lake, Uilliam’s
  • Cuisine – contemporary
  • Food quality – excellent, everything is super fresh
  • Food Presentation – excellent
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – cozy and unique
  • Parking – no valet so might be complicated to find a spot on the street
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


ZOCO, Mexacan Food in Dubai


I like Mexican cuisine but for many years I couldn’t find a good restaurant in Dubai. Luckily, I came across ZOCO and would like to share my experience with you. ZOCO located close to downtown in Habtoor city next to new water channel, in between St. Regis Dubai and W hotel on Sheikh Zaid Rd. I heard many nice things about the place and was really excited. I decided to go for a branch so I can try many dishes in a relaxed ambiance and enjoy my weekend. When I entered I saw a very nice interior, cozy atmosphere, and friendly employees. For the branch, they have a set menu so you just come and relax without thinking what to order. Besides, the waiter asked about my food preferences and allergies. During the meal, there was Spanish live music with very fun energetic songs. The food started to arrive very quick, of course it was famous guacamole with nachos, tacos, burittos and etc. For the main course, I got dishes with nachos, fajitas, and other things. At the end of the meal in ZOCO you get a tray with the variety of different sweets, donats and in-house made ice-cream. The full branch menu I uploaded below. Even thought the restaunat position itself as a street food concept, the place has a feel of relaxing fine dinning. Last but not least, all employees working in ZOCO are super friendly, nice and professional. I deffinitly recoment to put ZOCO in your Dubai “to do” list, you will definitely enjoy it.

  • Location – ZOCO, Al Habtoor City
  • Cuisine – Mexican
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – very delicious and simple looking dishes
  • Service – great
  • Ambiance – cozy, warm and relaxing
  • Parking – easy, free valet next to the restaurant
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★



Aparthotel de Tamarin, Mauritius

When I came to Mauritius I stayed at wonderful place Aparthotel de Tamarin. The property located on the West Coast, Tamarin area right on the beach. The apartments have nice amenities such as outdoor mini gym, swimming pool, access to the beach, wi-fi and etc.. In the apartment, you get a fully equipped kitchen, laundry equipment and much more. Of course, since it is a hotel apartment you will need to buy your own shampoo, shower gel, snacks and food but such things are easy to get at the grocery. The view from every window is either on mountains or ocean. In fact, I had two amazing balconies, one with a sea view from master bedroom and other with mountain view in the tween bedroom. Downstairs I had a big living room with full-size kitchen and beautiful terrace. I loved to sit on this terrace during my meals or having a cup of tea. Also, West Cost is the best place to see the sunset every evening. The place will suit for those who like to lay on the beach as well as for the active travelers. Staying at Aparthotel de Tamarin, you will be close to many famous activities in Mauritius,

  1. Swimming with the dolphins (10 min drive)
  2. Seven colors earth (30 min drive)
  3. Tea plantation (30 min drive)
  4. Volcano crater (30 min drive)
  5. Casela Zoo (10 min drive)
  6. Many beautiful parks and a couple baobab trees on the way
  7. Two big supermarkets with shops (10-20 min drive)
  8. Salt harvesting (5 min drive)
  9. Many others.

So it is a very convenient area if you are visiting Mauritius and planning to do lots of local activities and visit popular tourist attractions. Besides, if you are renting a car, there are very convenient parking right next to the building. Plus the area if very secured and monitored 24/7. Last but not least, you can check it out my video where I show the apartment and the area around.

  • Hotel – Aparthotel de Tamarin
  • Location – West Coast, Tamarin Area
  • Experience – excellent and spacious properties, perfect for families
  • Time from the airport – 50 min.
  • Wi-fi – yes, I had a connection all the time
  • Parking – yes, very comfortable right next to the each apartment
  • Price – approximately $175 per night, it may vary depending on season or other factors
  • Rating (0-5) – 5/5, this aparthotel honestly exceeded my expectations


As-Siyaaha Tour Operator, Mauritius

As-Siyaaha Tour Operator is one of the best tour company in Mauritius. I came across this company while I was doing a plan for my trip. I found them through Google search. After checking out their website, I decided to contact them and I am so happy that I did. Of course, at first, without knowing the company I was a little bit skeptical if I did the right choice. But after my first tour, I couldn’t be happier that I found them. Therefore, love to share my wonderful experience and help those who are also planning to travel to Mauritius. As-Siyaaha Tour Operator offers very competitive prices and lots of different services. All employees that I have met were super friendly, professional and knowledgeable about Mauritius. On their website, you will find services such as,

  1. Airport Transfer
  2. Rent a Car
  3. Lots of Activities
  4. Any type of Side Seeing Tours
  5. And much more.

I was going with them everyday during my trip. They were the one, who picked me up from the airport as well as dropped me at the end of my trip. Also, with As-Siyaaha I did a couple of full day side seeing tours with stops at a tea plantationboat crafting factoryseven colors earth and etc. Plus, I did few boat activities such as swimming with the dolphins and catamaran tour on the east side. Thanks to As-Siyaaha Tours my trip to Mauritius was absolulty great, I got lots of beautiful photos and priceless memories. Last but not least, they tailor services for different types of costumers like families, vip cliens and just single travelers.


Casela Zoo & Safari, Mauritius

Casela is a nature park in Mauritius which offers many fun activities such as safari, walking with lions, playing with domestic animals and etc. The park presents many animal species. It was located 10 min ride from the place I stayed, West Coast Tamarin Area. Once taxi dropped me I went to buy a ticket. The lady in the cashier explain me different packages, she was so helpful and clear on every option. Everywhere in Mauritius people speak very well English and French. So if you know any of these two languages, you will feel very comfortable communicating with everyone. Many activities were closed on Sunday so if you planning to visit choose any other day of the week, not to miss anything. Also, with the ticket she gave me a map of the whole park.


Once I entered the park, I saw lots of cages with birds, some of them are a walk throw concept. Also, there are many peacocks around the park. Then after, there is a beautiful restaurant with a stunning view. It is located on top the heel so the rest of the zoo and safari are dawn. On the way to the domestic animals, you will pass monkeys cage. After that, you will reach pet zone with deers (like from Bambi cartoon), rabbits, donkey, goats, pigs and others. Most of them you can touch they are super friendly and enjoyed to socialize with kids and adults. After the pet station, I reached tortoises farm. They are so big like a chair but sitting on them nor riding is not allowed.


At the end of the park, the safari starts. First, you can see beautiful and rare white lions. There is an observation point for every cage. If you paid for an additional experience “walking with lions”, it will be happening over there. Next, walking down the park you will reach giraffes area. You can even feed them for extra rs 100. Then the safari bus will take you in the wild part of the park where are living such animals as rhino, emu, zebra and others. The ride is quite short just like 15 min but fun to do. Instead of the bus you can also rent a quadricycle and ride it by yourself in the park. In conclusion, it was a great experience so if you like the animals it would be a great place to observe and admire them.

  • Tour – Casela Park
  • Location – West Coast, Mauritius
  • Tour Operator –  As-Siyaaha Tour Operator can provide you a car or a ride to this park
  • Experience – really fun time, especially if u have kids. But it is not the biggest zoo I have been.
  • Duration – 3-4 hrs.
  • Price – Different packages. I paid rs 750 for entrance, plus taxi rs 800.
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5


Tea Plantation Tour, Mauritius

Mauritius is a wonderful country which offers many fun activities. During my first trip, I tried to visit as much as possible and one of the tours I took, was to the Tea Plantation. I went with As-Siyaaha Tour Operator and combine the visit with a couple of others side seeing activities. With this company, you can get a driver for the whole day and tailor the tour according to your own interests. In fact, they will recommend the best places to see. The landscape is beautiful in Mauritius, on the way to the plantation, I passed lake with the sweet water, temple and many beautiful parks. It is located on top of the mountain which touches the clouds; therefore, it rains quite often.

The plantation is surrounded by forest/jungle with beautiful and rare trees. To visit the place, there were different ticket packages. For example, the official rates were rs 500 for  factory tour+museum+tea tasting, rs 250 for a museum+tea tasting, and to just have a tea tasting rs 170. I took the second option which includes museum and tea tasting. To be honest, the museum was very small and boring. The funny thing, there were a group and one employee approached me and asked which language do I speak? I said, English. So he took me with a group to the factory by mistake, thinking I paid for the full package. So I glanced at this factory but can’t say it would be worth to pay money for it. It just machines everywhere, processing tea step by step which you can see even from outside.


Then my driver took me up on the heel where the tea tasting was actually happening. It was like 5 min drive from the factory. There were 11 different kinds of Bois-Cheri tea. I also ordered a waffle with honey and vanilla ice cream. It was so relaxing and enjoyable tour. In fact, I am a big fan of fine teas so for me it was an experience. Also, the rain made me feel so cozy with this big selection of nice Mauritian teas. Last but not least, there is a great seafood restaurant in the same building. I didn’t try it but it looked amazing and it is definitely on my list for the next trip to Mauritius.

  • Tour – Tea Plantation Visit with Tea Tasting
  • Location – South
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – wonderful time and relaxation
  • Duration – 1-2 hrs.
  • Price – rs 500 the full package with As-Siyaaha Tour, and rs 170 just tea tasting dropping by or combining with other side seeing tours
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5 for tea tasting only


Hotel Café Royal, London

During my last trip to London, I stayed at Hotel Café Royal which is located in the Regent St. in the heart of London. I have been in many 5 stars hotels but this one surprised me a lot  by expensive and advanced technology inside the room. I was in IT paradise. To start, they had my dream TV, Bang&Olufsen. I think it is one of the most (or maybe the most) expensive TV. I would love to have it at home one day. Every time, I was switching it on, the screen turns to me, such a crazy feature. Also, you can control on the remote where you want the screen to be. For example, if you are sitting at the desk and working, you can press the button and TV will turn to you.  Also, the walls had a noise barrier, so you don’t hear your neighbors and they don’t hear you. Having so many details in mind, I forgot to mention how stylish the room was and of course, service was super excellent. Design, as you can see on photos, is modern and cozy at the same time.

I was traveling alone that time and one evening I had a movie night. I ordered pizza and watched Home Alone. It was the best evening ever, having a hot shower, then pizza with a great movie. Coming back to IT, in the morning it was very convenient that I could open curtains with the push of the button. Of course, room service can do this for you but it was so easy and fun. I love to see maximum daylight in the morning and in the evening to have my privacy. Moreover, there was a TV in the bathroom, I loved to put there some music clips or watch the news while getting ready. I guess because ladies spend a big amount of time in the bathroom, they really need a TV there.

The breakfast was wonderful as well. Every morning I had fried eggs, veggies, croissant basket and lots of other things I liked. Since I don’t eat meat, I was requesting extra  avocado, mushrooms, and smoked salmon on the side. Waiters were very helpful, sweet and every morning welcoming me with a smile. Besides in the room, I had lots of Hildon water free of charge. I always try to drink 2 liters a day so for me it is very important to have complementary water during my stay.

Also, in Hotel Café Royal there is a famous cabaret called, The Black Cat. I booked two tickets for me and my friend (she lives in London) to go have some fun. It was such a great experience with lots of entertainment. During the show, we laughed a lot listening funny retro songs, watching dancers and being a part of little magic tricks. Our tickets included dinner as well which I didn’t like. So if you planning to visit The Black Cat, I would recommend to get tickets for the show only.

Moreover, there were amazing spa facilities. It is very rare to find in the center of London such a great pool, with a sauna, steam, and nice gym. Perfect place to travel during cold days, so when you coming back to your room all freezing, you can just go dawn and have hot sauna. Last but not least, the hotel located in the walking distance from Piccadilly street. So I could go to my favorite tea shop, Fortnum & Mason in 5-10 minutes walk. Plus there are lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops in walking distance. One evening I went also to Coya and it look me just 15 min on high heels.

  • Hotel – Hotel Café Royal
  • Room design – modern and hi-tech
  • Cleanness – super clean
  • Service – excellent
  • Breackfast – continental breakfast, wasn’t included in my room
  • Facilities – spa, pool, gym, sauna, steam, ballroom, café, restaurants and etc.
  • Location – near to so many things in London, restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, museums, shopping; the best location to be
  • Price per night – £500 ($640)

So the question, will I want to come back to Hotel Café Royal? Definitely yes, it is an expensive stay but to me totally worth it. I do recomend it to check it out.


The Artisan Restaurant DIFC

The Artisan restaurant was recently opened in Dubai, in the popular area for fine dining DIFC. The place was done as a casual concept of famous 3 Micheline star restaurant in Florence, Enoteca Pinchiorri. As a big fan of Italian cuisine, I went there the week I read about it in the magazine. Once I entered I saw gorgeous interior with unique authentic paintings. Not only its beautiful inside, is very cozy and comfortable as well.


The menu has great choices for meat, seafood, and vegetarian eaters. Also, the cocktail selection is quite incredible. I went there with two friends so we ordered 3 mocktails, 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts. All of them were different because we were curious to try everything. When we got our order, I was impressed by food presentation as well as the taste of it. I loved everything we tried, my personal favorites were ice cube lemonade, grilled octopus, seafood pasta, and tiramisu. These are the dishes I will be ordering again and again. But as I said, everything was excellent and delicious.


After a couple of visits, The Artisan became one of my favorite Italian restaurant in Dubai and I am happy to recommend it to all my friends. I think it is a great place to have lunch with friends or to have a dinner during the date night. Try it and share your food experience, would love to know what is your favorite dish at The Artisan Dubai.

  • Location – Burj Daman Building, Level P5, DIFC, Dubai, UAE
  • Parking – free valet for restaurant’s guests
  • Price – $$$$ +10%munisipality fees