Louis Vuitton Perfume Preview

Everyone knows that a perfume is an essential part to complete any outfit. In fact, the top luxury brands have their iconic fragrances since the beginning of 20th century. Only one brand didn’t hurry to enter a beauty industry. Louis Vuitton launched their first perfumes just now in September 2016 for the first time. I couldn’t miss this historical moment and went among the first to this exciting presentation. To start, an architecture of LV stand was very original and made from millions of glass bottles with the pearl looking perfume stand in the middle.


In the entrance, I was welcomed by Louis Vuitton employee who gave me a tour around and shared insides about this perfume collection. There are 7 unique fragrances made for both men and women. However, personally, I think they are more feminine. Below you can see all of them. My favorites are Rese Des Vents and Matiére Noire, both definitely on my shopping list. Although, idely I would love to have all 7 fragrances because each and every has a unique luxurious smell. The price of a bottle is around $240 (100 ml.) and $290 for the miniature set (7 pieces by 10 ml.). It is a great gift idea for your loved one.

During presentation, in the room was also beautiful Louis Vuittong luggage with all the ingridients which were used to create these iconic fragrances. In the little boutlles on the left are oils, and in the jars is actual herbs from which oils were extracted. The intresting fact about them, it took 4 years to compose these ingredients in the right proportions to get final perfume products which we see today on the shelves. Besides, good news for brand collectors, this gorgeous luggage you can buy for home decor at 300,000 AED. There are only seven of them in the world so hurry up, a couple has been purchased already. Last but not lease, after a big success in the perfume world, the next logical question will Louis Vuitton launch their make-up line?

Tommy Hilfiger Welcome Aboard F/W’16

Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter’16 Collection went to a whole new fashion level. It was inspired by the old days in New York when people travel Atlantic on huge ships. The time when family and friend where standing and waving on the shore to say bye to their loved ones. So the collection is all about boats, sailing, knots and sea. As well as it has a retro touch but done in modern cuts, fabrics, and with beautiful details. The presentation of F/W’16 collection took place at Yacht Bay in Dubai Marina, perfect location to get a feel of  the sea and boats.

Here are outfits from the Tommy Hilfiger runway. You can see many sailing details and interesting materials beeing used. They are so beautiful, cant wait when local stores will start to sell them. In Dubai, the new collection should be available from September 10, 2016.

Also, to be even closer to fashionistas’ market, Tommy Hilfiger designed part of the collection with the top model Gigi Hadid. Fabulous idea and fabulous cloth. So next time you visit Tommy store you will see lots of trendy outfits. It is perfect daily wear for people who follow fashion or work in the industry.

Last but not least, men and kids will be also pumpered in the store. For men there are amazing suits which don’t get wrinkled and have very comfortable fit.  The fabric is very light which makes it a great option for hot countries and business travel. And for the kids, there are some mini sailors denim outfits.



SaM Jewelry with Edgy Lines

SaM is a unique jewelry brand founded by Sabrina Mittler. All pieced in her collection are made in contemporary geometrical forms. Her first collection was inspired by Dubai lifestyle and each line has a name of an area in Dubai, such as Greens, Marina, Jumeirah, Palm, Deira and etc. Truly unique idea for a jewelry brand.

I received a package with a gorgeous ring and a bracelet with one scope (a charm). The coolest thing about it, you can collect, change and add these charms. The concept almost like a Pandora but for real adults. Designs of Sam jewelry are for modern and fashionable ladies.  Plus, it can complete any outfit from day wear till evening cocktail dress.



So the bracelet I got, is in a silver color and made of finest leather. Somehow it is so easy to combine with everything I wear. If it is a street style or work outfit, it goes so well with anything. I am not a jewelry person but because SaM designs so simple I feel very comfortable to wear it. Therefore, it quickly became my favorite piece. Plus I can redesign it by putting or adding on bracelet different charms.



The ring I got is in gold color and hexagon shape from Jumeirah line. Done in a minimalistic style which perfectly suit my personality. Love it so much, and  would like to get other shapes as well. Personally, I associate design of SaM jewelry with a sophisticated and edgy woman.



Last but not least, really love the packaging of this brand. Colors and boxes are just gorgeous. I can feel that the designer has a strong sense of fashion and great taste. For prices and more information you can check it out Sam website sambysabrina.com. Also, feel free to share your tips, ideas, and suggestions in comments below.



Dune London with the Middle Eastern​ Touch

Dune London had a wonderful event last week due to upcoming Autumn/Winter’16 collection. So I was one of the first to preview it, and I must say it is really impressing. All items so fashionable and would feet lots of styles and outfits. Besides, the quality of shoes and bags is outstanding. I found lots of beautiful things that I would love to have. Below, photos of my favorite items for this season.

Also, Dune took an extra mile to create items, especially for the Middle East. And as a Dubai resident, I believe they succeeded. For example, these red flip-flops with beautiful stones on top are amaizing . Plus they have this one is two more colors. Moreover,  I noticed that Dune is up to date with the latest trends. Mini bags are a big hit right now and I found lots of them in a new collection. Especially,  I liked the red one with snake print, so cute and tiny.

In Dune A/W’16 collection each person can find something perfect for his/her lifestyle and taste. Forgot to mention, they got a great men’s collection as well, where guys can find high-quality shoes for work and daily use. This makes it a great shopping store for men and women. So go and check it out, you will definitely find something you like. Fabulous design with luxury touch at a very reasonable price.

Michael Cinco F/W’16 Runway

Micheal Cinco is a celebrity fashion designer based in Dubai. He established his company here in 2003 and since then had big success in Fashion Industry. Half of Hollywood’s superstars wore his outfits, not to mention he won so many awards. Therefore, Micheal Cinco’s shows are the must to visit, if you are in this industry. So I did. In fact, for me, it was the second season to attend. The previous summer collection, I saw during Fashion Forward event. But the preview of fall/winter one was even more glamorous. The runway was organized by Velvet magazine and was taking a place at Versace Palazzo Hotel. What to say chic place, chic designers. Besides, I was happy to be in the first row where I could take better photos to share with my followers.

The signature of F/W’16 collection was embroidery on black jackets. Loved so much the idea especially nowadays even in denim designs it’s a big trend. While I was watching a show, I only could imagine how many looks I could pull it off with this beautiful piece. Then designer showed gorgeous Haute Couture dresses with beautiful texture and fabric with a touch of sparkle. I guess, instead of a little black dress, Micheal Cinco proposes big black gown, all of which were stunning.

Last but not least, runway closing outfit was a black gown with an endlessly embroidered train. It was absolutely beautiful work. Plus a great end for such a wonderful collection.


Tory Burch Tribe

Tory Burch brand was established in 2004 and quickly became a hit in the fashion industry with rapid growth worldwide. I was invited to the opening of one of its stores in City Walk, Dubai. The story behind this brand fascinates me, how a lady established such a successful concept and in a matter of years became a billionaire. In fact, the concept is brilliant, to create fashionable, high quality, yet affordable clothes. Personally, I loved collection I saw and luxury finish to it. I guess it is a big trend right now to be in the middle luxury sector since millions of ladies want to look fabulous without breaking the bank. That is why people love Tory Burch, which filled that gap between overpriced and cheap low-quality clothing.

The style of Tory Burch outfits is absolutely fabulous, they sell sophisticated pieces which you can take from day to night. Their cuts are comfortable and quite simple. Great quality fabrics with a touch of embroidery or other details which will make you stand out. Also, accessories in the store are brilliant, so modern, fashionable yet appropriate for various occasions. Love their bags, shoes, scarves and other details which could wonderfully complete many outfits. Besides you can even find cool phone accessories, as the one I hold with the ice cream look. Really the store filled with cute things.

Moreover, Tory Burch is always following latest trends in fashion. Like the tribal trend, we have right now. Love the sandals and key chains which would make an outfit more special. So many statement pieces can be found each season at Tory Burch store and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Have no doubt it would be something fun, artistic and creative.

Roger Vivier Shoe Paradise

Roger Vivier is famous french shoe brand which specializes in luxury footwear and was established  in the middle of 20th century. The name of the store came from the designer himself Roger Vivier, whose shoes were often called “Faberge of Footwear”. He was designing shoes for Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent at the pick of their careers. In fact, Roger was working for Dior since 1947 for more than 10 years. He was one of the most innovative designers in a shoe industry, creating stiletto, pump hill, and many other famous shoe models. Also, Roger Vivier was designing shoes for Queen Elizabeth II for her coronation in 1953.

I got introduced to this brand during RV launch of Summer’16 Collection which took place at Vouge Cafe, The Dubai Mall. Being into classic designs I was a little bit shocked why I didn’t know before about this fabulous brand. Therefore, I decided to start my post today from the story behind the brand in case some of you hadn’t come across Roger Vivier yet.

The collection they had in the shop was absolutely fabulous. I noticed so many beautiful heels, flats, and sneakers. You can find there footwear for any occasion, as well as casual   shoes for everyday use. Also, I got a chance to take a photo with Roger Vivier brand ambassador, adorable Ines de la Fressange (she is in the middle wearing the white jacket).

After checking Roger Vivier summer collection, I tried cute wedges and clutch with happy flower print. Super cute pieces if you can afford to buy RV for each season. However, next time I go for luxury shoe shopping, I definitely would love to get something from the classic collection. Just can’t decide what exactly because they have so many gorgeous staff.

Rani Zakhem Spring/Summer ’16

Rani Zakhem is a famous fashion designer who specializes in Haute Couture, Red Carpet, and Bridal dresses. I came across this brand on Arab Fashion Week which was hosted in St. Regis Hotel, Dubai. I heard already from my friends that he is an amazing designer and many celebrities wearing his gowns. So I went to check it out. I must say that the place in itself was beautiful but the dresses were breathtaking. They are so simple yet sophisticated.

One of my favorite dress from Spring/Summer ’16 collection was this adorable pale pink one. Love the way it flows, the soft color and very fashionable texture. The one next to it was also quite amazing because of its golden beige color and gorgeous flower on the shoulder.

Then I saw this blue dress and said that’s the one, true Cinderella dress. Really stunning gowns which are perfect for big events. Also, love the off shoulder looks which make any lady feel gorgeous without being overexposed.

I feel like each gown gives effortlessly chic appearance. As well as makes body perfect. I didn’t try any of those dresses but to me, they look quite comfortable. Even if you put on a little bit of weight, they will still highlight your waist and give perfect silhouette.


Last but not least, here is some of the bridal gowns which I spotted during Fashion Show. The one below surprised me with its modern yet classic look. Love the little embroidery on top and skirt, making this piece truly special. For more looks feel free to check official website of Rani Zakhem.

Shoe Mart, Affordable Fashion

Shoe Mart is a shop which specializes in shoes, bags, and other small accessories. All products are placed at the affordable price range and coming from multiple trendy brands. Shoe Mart holds a strong position with 29 stores all over the United Arab Emirates and carries items for women, men, and kids. Personally, I like to shop in their branch at The Dubai Mall but they have stores in many other malls. Shoe Mart has great spacious design and amazing product choice. I also like very friendly ambiance there when each sale person is happy to help.

The variety is so great that each person can find something that will suit him/her. Shoe Mart targets different segments and usage purposes but all within reasonable prices. For example, me as a blogger, I can find statement pieces for various events and photoshoots, as well as a person with a different lifestyle, can find something comfy for daily use or work.

When I came there a few days ago, I found lots of beautiful items and bought a couple of them. I got trendy heels in blue color, bag, and scarf. This semi-boots are from ELLE line that is presented in the store and their online shop. Besides a fancy look, it is incredibly comfortable and the price was just 169 AED.

The other item I got from there is silk scarf with incredibly beautiful print. I love that is so light, easy to put in a bag and no wrinkles after. The price was for around 59 AED. Many ladies dream to have some fashionable accessories but don’t have a big budget to shop. As fashion and lifestyle bigger, I can assure you that you will find something you like in Shoe Mart without breaking the bank.


Last but not least, I got this lovely summer bag which is great for many different occasions such as travel, photoshoot, event, work, shopping, and even grocery. It also comes with the little wallet or smaller bag which can be unattached  anytime. Really useful and love that it has such a pop-up color. Besides orange, I saw this bag in blue, black and violet. This beauty was just at 149 AED.

So if you are looking for shoes, bags, or accessories you know where to go. There is no better shop with lots of choices than Shoe Mart.

Lu by Lolita Dubai

Lu by Lolita is famous clothing brand from South America which was established in 1960 and it has already 70 stores worldwide. A year ago one of their stores was opened in UAE, The Dubai Mall.

Personally, I was introduced to this brand four months ago and since then absolutely adore their clothes. All the outfits are so comfortable and easy to wear. The cut makes me feel very relaxed and the fabric is super breathable without being transparent. I got many dresses from them which can be worn from day to night, to the beach and later to a classy restaurant. In fact, I pulled lots of outfits from pieces I had and it was perfect for many events and photo shoots. Sometimes not event joking, I wore their clothes to the beach and after straight to event.

Besides beautiful dresses and jackets that I own from Lu by Lolita, I got a couple of accessories such as Tote bag, leather clutch, gorgeous heels (the one on photo), scarf and necklace. And I can confidently say that I love everything, it is really worth the money. Plus I love that it has a South American touch to it, without trying to copy runway outfits of famous designers. So each and every piece you get there is authentic and different from most of the brands on the market.

Also, I was lucky enough as a blogger to host store anniversary of Lu by Lolita Dubai. I invited other bloggers to explore their beautiful shop with delicious catering service and Latin America inspired mocktails. In addition, we had a competition during the event for the best outfit with the great prize, black leather tote bag. After, all guests got lovely goody bags with a nice cashmere scarf and heavenly smelling bouquet.

It was lots of fun and great memories. P.S. Most of the girls on photos are wearing outfits from Lu by Lolita. Personally, I think it is great clothes stylish, comfy and affordable. So if you are going to Dubai Mall don’t forget to visit Lu by Lolita on the 2nd floor next to Ice Rink, to try South American style for yourself.


The Coffee Club, Australian Coffee in Dubai

One of the finest Australian coffee shops is now proudly open in Dubai. The Coffee Club is a legendary café which serves the finest coffee since 1989. The concept includes as well excellent meals from breakfast till dinner at very affordable prices. So I and my friends decided to come and check this place out.

To start, The Coffee Club is located in a very convenient place near Downtown Dubai on Al Wasl Rd. next to City Walk. Also, it is in a new beautiful area which has many other shops so there are easy access and lots of free parking. When we entered we saw the modern design and welcoming staff.

The menu was quite surprising, because of a huge variety of great dishes that not even every restaurant can afford to have. The breakfast served all day long which is amazing for people who wake up late. Also, lots of choices for those who like to eat healthy.

We got really lost seeing lots of appealing photos on the menu but finally made our choice. So we ordered

  • Pomegranate and date salad
  • Pizza with feta
  • Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon
  • Pancake stack
  • Granny’s apple crumble
  • Iftar special dessert
  • Sparkling frappés passionate
  • Raspberry iced tea
  • Mango iced tea
  • Three cups of coffee

When the food arrived we were amazed how delicious everything looked, I would say even better than on pictures. So we started our meal and every dish made me extremely satisfied. Everything was tasty, smell great and super fresh. Pizza was very crispy and tasty. The salad had beautiful dressing and great touch. All desserts were just outstanding. Plus drinks were absolutely amazing. They really exceeded my expectation because most of the cafés specialize only on coffee but not the food. Where is here excellence at every level.

Besides great food, it is the perfect place to meet with friends or come with a laptop to work. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the place is very cozy. In conclusion, the absolutely amazing coffee shop which I recommend all my friends and readers.