SUKIN Australian​ Skincare Review

Recently I came across new skincare brand SUKIN. I was invited to their event at Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai and got a chance to learn about their products. It is an Australian brand which makes skincare in a sustainable way that will not harm your skin as well as nature. All products are suitable for vegans, has no artificial fragrances, free of petrochemicals and other harmful stuff. After the event, SUKIN team gave me 4 products to test it out and share my opinion about them. I have been using products for 2 weeks and here what I think about it.


  1. Energising Body Scrab (Coffee&Coconut) – very nice scrab and to me it is a great substitute to shower gels. It keeps my skin hydrated with perfect wake-up coffee scent for the morning.
  2. Detoxifying Facial Scrab (Super Greens) – great texture for the face scrub but sad it doesn’t extra clean the skin, just remove some dead cells, I guess. Would love if it would really get the detox effect but I haven’t felt that. However, the great thing that it balances out the skin, doesn’t make it oily or overdry it.
  3. Anti-Pollution Facial Masque (Oil Balancing) – very nice face masque which helps to survive in the polluted cities. It has a very soft nice texture which lives skin radiant and full of life.
  4. Paw Paw Ointment – great product for those who have a problem with chapped lips but I personally use it for elbows. It makes over dry skin extra soft within seconds.

So I did like the idea behind the brand and the quality of the products. I am not sure if I would purchase the same products from these lines but I would be definitely interested in trying more of SUKIN products. If you have favorites please recommend me so I check it out next time.

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Royal Bruch at Thiptara in The Palace Downtown, Dubai

If you want to try finest Thai cuisine in Dubai, then Thiptara is the best place to go.  This restaurant is winning all possible awards since its opening and there are strong reasons for such a sustainable success. In Thiptara, the food is a piece of art, and the delicious taste – its soul. The splash of colors, vibrant taste and the coziness of the restaurant makes it so special and unique. Definitely, a Must Visit if you live or visiting Dubai. This time, I wanted to experience Friday brunch at Thiptara with my family.

Place & Specialty

Thiptara is located in Downtown Dubai in a 5-star hotel, Palace Downtown. Once you enter you will see a beautiful lobby and a gorgeous privet garden. The restaurant is done in a modern style with some Thai details. The whole experience getting even better once you realize that you are in the middle of the world-famous dancing fountain, plus you get the best view on Burj Khalifa and calming fire around. Super romantic during the evening and great for family lunch during the day.


Thiptara brunch is based on a sharing concept with the set menu where you can reorder as many dishes as you like. So no need to fight if you like something so much. However, there are two options for the set menu, with or without alcohol. If you got with alcohol, you can enjoy unlimited wine, beer, and cocktails. For a nonalcohol set, there are wonderful Thai ice-teas and delicious mocktails. The food experience was unbelievably good, the best Asian delicacies that you can find in Dubai. My parents tried Thai cuisine for the first time and they absolutely loved it. No doubts they would love to come back to Thiptara again during their next travel.

I absolutely recommend trying brunch at Thiptara with your family to get unforgettable and beautiful experience. Or it is also a wonderful place for a special occasion with your beloved one. Let me know about your experience at Thiptara, would love to know what was your favorite dish there. Please, feel free to leave comments below.

  • Location – The Palace Downtown, Dubai
  • Cuisine – Thai
  • Food quality – extraordinary
  • Food Presentation – amazing
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – relaxing with a beautiful view at the fountain
  • Parking – free valet at the hotel
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – great and very special

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Monochrome always…


Good Afternoon lovelies!!

One can never say to monochrome anything because it is simply the epitome of classic style since everyone learnt to differentiate their Chanel Kelly from from the flap bag. Lol now I sound like Mark Francis. Pardon my fashion arrogance. This look is fairly simple but elevated with the choice of flared garments. The off shoulder top by Concrete Unicorn is soft on your skin and makes you looks simple yet elevated. Now that I think about it I’ll just wear this today. Lol. Oh and the pants are from trusty Zara. I love this look because it’s simple and classic and sort of a departure from my usual habit to be quirky. Scroll down for look details and have a blessed Wednesday. Until next kritical post. xoxo.





#OOTD Deets: Off shoulder Top – Concrete Unicorn

Flared pants – Zara

Black shoes with white oversized ball –…

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Asado at The Palace Downtown​, Dubai


Asado is Argentinian restaurant located in the heart of Dubai and specializes in top quality meat. In fact, it is one of the best places to get a great steak. I have been there three times and always my experiences were wonderful. I tried there almost everything grilled seafood platter, grilled meat platter, and different starters. Asado has a great variety of dishes on the menu, so you will definitely find your favorite one. However, if you are planning to visit this place, I would personally recommend ordering grilled meat platter to share. It is my favorite there which comes with a mix of the best meat such as rib eye, goat, chicken, and many others. Extremely delicious, plus they put it on top of the hot coals so it stays warm for a long time. Last time, me and my friend got so full and honestly, couldn’t finish it all. Besides amazing food, they do excellent cocktails at Asado. I tried a couple of them, it was just perfect with the food and lovely Dubai weather. Last but not least, when you sit on the terrace you can see a beautiful fountain and Burj Khalifa right in front of you. Spectacular experience to have it.

  • Location – Asado, The Palace Downtown, Dubai
  • Cuisine – Argentinian
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – great
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – very cozy inside and beautiful terrace
  • Parking – free valet parking at Palace hotel
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★



New Collection #KENZOxH&M


The collaboration between Kenzo and H&M is the top exciting events for this season. After the huge success with Balmain last year, H&M decided to do it with the other luxury brand, Kenzo. For my readers, I am revealing the collection secrets, before it even arrived to the stores. In this line, you will see splash colors with lots of animal prints. I felt like each piece in KENZOxH&M line is the statement. I would also highlight the double sides jackets. I love the idea that by buying one jacket you can flip it and get another color. Such a cool and quick transformation. Besides, there are lots of amazing accessories as well with Kenzo logo. So if you always wanted to own luxury pieces in your wardrobe, it is a great chance to get it at an affordable price.

KENZOxH&M collection will be launched on 3rd November in selected stores. In Dubai, it will be availible in official H&M stores at The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Center and in Abu Dhabi at Yas Mall. Hurry up because it will be sold out super quick.



Arab Fashion Week Spring/Summer’17


One of the biggest fashion events in Dubai is Arab Fashion Week which is dedicated to designers from all over the world. The event is semiannual and happens twice a year, usually in October and March. During Spring/Summer’17 runway, I saw designers from different countries such as Italy, USA, Saudi Arabia, France, Sweden and others.  All shows were hosted at The Meydan Hotel, the top popular place for horse racing and big concerts. However, each season, the location of AFW is always different. I recorded a little video about the event, so you can see the ambience and shows which I attended this time.

The first day was mainly men’s collection and other days were women fashion shows. Each runway was very standard for 10-15 minutes with a break between different designers. Outside were mini clothing and accessory shops so during half an hour break, I went around and talk to some of the designers. Also, at the end of each day there was an afterparty and on the last day was a big red carpet event. I went for one afterparty at VII restaurant which was absolutely awesome, the other ones, unfortunately, I had no time to attend.

If you would like to participate or just attend next AFW, check it out the official website for more details. Personally, I registered as a blogger but it is possible to come and see fashion shows even if you are not related to the industry. So if you have a passion for fashion, you should totally attend the next one. Last but not least, I feel like each season Arab Fashion Week getting better and better, bigger designers participating in it and the whole organization moving to a larger scale.

Claudie Pierlot Fall/Winter’16 Collection

Super fashionable  brand Claudie Pierlot had a launch of Fall/Winter’16 collection. The event took place at The Dubai Mall in their store which is located on the ground floor next to Sephora. The new collection is absolutely gorgeous so elegant and simple at the same time.  During the event, I learned something interesting about this brand.  Claudie Pierlot, Maje and Sandro are under the same group, SMCP.  Good to know because these three brands are my favorite in the affordable luxury category. I love trendy yet practical styles that they create, I find it perfect for day wear.


Also, for the new collection, Claudie Pierlot did a collaboration with a famous model, Marjan Jonkman.  She helped to design lots of gorgeous pieces. Besides, she is the face of the brands for Fall/Winter’16. However, I feel like with or without collaborations this brand does a great job, keeping up with latest trends. Personally, I liked many things in the store.


Last but not least, I could also get my hair braided during the event so of course, I did. My  cute hairstyle was done by one of the hairdressers from Firth Avenue Salon. She was very quick, I believe it took around 5-10 minutes. So the event totally exceeded my expectations. I had really lots of fun, great collection, delicious snacks, beautiful photos and lovely hairstyle.

Desert Safari Dubai, Review

One of the most popular activities in Dubai is Desert Safari. I went there at least 10 times and always had lots of fun. I honestly recommend it to all tourist and friends coming here.  Tour usually starts between 15:00-16:00, the driver will pick you up from a hotel or place you stay. Usually, in the car, there are up to 6 people so you might pick up some other tourists on the way. To reach desert from Dubai downtown takes 40-60 minutes but don’t worry you will get there on time. Also, you will stop on petrol station right before your safari, so driver removes air from the wheels. It is very important for the safety reason to drive inside of the desert with soft wheels.

The trip is quite extreme, you will think all the time that car will roll or fall to some dune. Most of the tourist are screaming and laughing during the ride. It is really scary to come to the edge of a sand heel. However, it is very safe because the speed is actually 20 km/h and all safari cars has metal corsets inside. I saw some people come there even with infants so don’t worry it will be safe extreme. Last time, I took Safari in the Red Desert, the color of the sand there is so beautiful, you can see my photos below. I took this trip with my family and since I love animals so much, we got the one which included stopping at the camel farm. It was such a great experience fidding cute camels. They were absolutely adorable.

After you safari, driver will drop you at the camp  where you will have a barbique and see a show with belly dancers. Besides, you can ride a camel for 5 minutes, smoke shisha, do henna on your hands and buy some souvinirs.  All of these are included to your tour, expect the souvenirs of course. In addition, you can rent quadricycle and ride it in the desert for 30 minutes. I tried it a couple of times and absolutely loved it. So if you got extra cash, it might be a great way to spend it.

  • Tour – Desert Safari Dubai
  • Food  – meat barbecue with Arabic starters, food court type of meal
  • Activities – safari, camel ride, belly dancers, Turkish dance, shisha, henna tattoo (some companies do fire show and photos with falcon as well)
  • Price – 150-600 AED per person (depends on the season and company)
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


Skin Detox, Clarins BB Cream Review


A couple of weeks back I purchased this wonderful product Clarins Skin Detox BB Fluid. It became a great substitute to my foundation and even more. This product is 3-in-1, it acts like a cream, covers skin like a foundation and protects it like a sunscreen. Great for ladies who like to quickly put makeup and go. The texture of it is very nice, it absorbs into the skin much better that regular foundation. To illustrate, if with a foundation I need 1 pump, with this BB cream I need 2. The SPF 25 in Clarins BB cream is also perfect for daily use. Besides, there are a key ingredient, aloe vera which heals the skin and helps deal with acnes. So could be a great option for ladies who has combination to oily skin.

I decided to go for BB cream because my skin doesn’t demand much. If I apply serum,  cream and foundation, my skin gets very oily and it doesn’t feel comfortable. So I listen to my skin needs and buy what it suits me best, not what beauty advisors tells us. I do recommend you also to try different routine and see what really works for you.


On the left 00 Fair and on the right 02 Medium.

 Clarins Detox BB Fluid has 4 shades for different skin complexion 00 Fair, 01 Light, 02 Medium, and 03 Dark. I have this BB cream in two shades. First, I got in 02 Medium as a sample, when I was buying some products from Clarins, they gave me a little gift set. Second, I bought the standard size in shade 00 Fair to see if it will work for me. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend it to all my friends and followers. Besides, you can always ask in Clarins shop for a sample to see if it will work for you.

  • Quality – excellent
  • Package – very nice and comfortable to use
  • Effect – makes skin tone even without clogging pores , non-greesy
  • Smell – very light, bearly noticeable herbal sense
  • Ingredients – aloe vera and other herbal extracts
  • Skin reaction – skin feels very comfortable, non-comedogenic, no reactions
  • Price – 150 AED (in UAE) or around $42 (internationally)
  • Total – ★★★★★

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Farzi Café, Fun Experience​ of Indian Cuisine

Farzi Café is one of the must visit places in Dubai. It is located in the new area City Walk 2 which is part of the Downtown Dubai. The restaurant specializes in the Contemporary Indian Cuisine so great spot for those who like spicy food. I have to say, I am not a fan of Indian cuisine and spicy food but I heard so much about the place from my friends so when I got an invitation to Farzi Café, I accepted it without a doubt.

I went to the restaurant with two of my other friends and we had one of the nicest food experience in our life. When we entered, we were welcomed by very friendly employees who showed us around and gave us a very nice table. Then our waiter explained the set menu which was prepared for all guests that night. Also, he asked about allergies, food preferences and the level of spiciness we can tolerate. When the food started to arrive we were amazed how cool everything looked. Every dish there had a different presentation with lots of fun things. Below you an see our starters, some veggie tacos, molecular mango  and popcorn drink.

Each course and beverage were an experience. The presentation was so beautiful and creative. We tried 6 mocktails, all of them tasted great and looked great. Our food was amazing as well, a bit spicy but delicious. So whatever you order, you will be pleasantly surprised. Besides, in the menu, there are lots of vegetarian, seafood and meat options. Therefore each person will find something to his/her taste. Especially coming the first time, you will have a blast.

Last but not least, our dessert was just unbelievably good. It called Dirt Pile and looked like a soil. When the waiter came with a trowel, we couldn’t stop laughing. Then when I asked, How to Eat It; our waiter said, Just Dig. It was crazy fun digging for delicious dirt desert. In fact, it was chocolate cake crashed into small pieces with an ice cream on the side. Yummy!!!

  • Location – City Walk 2 near Reel Cinema, Dubai
  • Cuisine – Modern Indian
  • Food quality – excellent, everything is fresh and delicious
  • Food Presentation – amazing and very artistic
  • Welcome – 1st visit ☆☆☆☆☆ (very bad) and 2nd visit ★★★★★ (very good)
  • Service – excellent waiters very friendly and caring
  • Ambience – beautiful modern decor, high ceiling so not much noise
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★

P.S. A little tip, if you are planning to visit Farzi Café, book your table in advance. Because once I tried to drop by with my friends, hosts (or two guys in the door who supposed to welcome people) were very rude to us and literary kicked us out. So I didn’t have a chance to try anything that night. It is also the way I like to check places before I write about them. Just to drop by to see how people really interact with the customers as well as I ask all my friends about their experience.



Kérastase Densifique, Serum Jeunesse Review

I have been using Kérastase Densifique Serum Jeunesse  for more than 4 months and I would like to share my experience with you. I did a video review about it which you can watch at the beginning of the article. Here in the written version, I would like to get into the technical parts of the product. Serum Jeunesse claims to give density, volume, shine and better manageability. After using it, I can confirm that it really gives the effect Kérastase promised on its package. There are two main active ingredients in the formula such as,

  • Stemoxydine – which is inspired by stem cell science. Helps maintain hair density and improves hair density of sinning hair.
  • Anti-Ox Cellular – an anti-oxidant complex formulated to help protect the scalp from oxidative stress.

The whole line of Kérastase Densifique is targeting hair density and I guess most products in it contains similar ingredients. The line has shampoo, mask, conditioner, capsules treatment and others. I had also samples of masks which were given to me after I purchased my serum, it was quite excellent as well. In fact, I like most of the Kerastase masks but back to the serum. So I used similar serums from other companies and I was thinking they would win the bet because of the lower price. However, the effect I got with Serum Jeunesse cannot be comperared with anythink else. It really gave my hair beutiful texture eventhought naturally my hair is very thin and have no volume at all. So even with the pricey side of Kerastase Jeunesse, it is totally worth the money. In addition, I tried other Kérastase Serum called Initialiste and I can’t recommend it to anyone. Initialiste didn’t give to my hair anything except the nice smell. So if you confused between those two, don’t buy Initialiste just get Serum Jeunesse. This is just my opinion.

Quality – excellent product with the highest quality
Package – beautiful and super luxurious
Effect – hair becomes fuller and gets better texture
Smell – floral very pleasant light sense
Ingredients – nontoxic chemicals based on scientific research
Skin reaction – none, scalp feels great
Price – around $125 (in UAE) and $90 (in USA)Total – ★★★★★☆
Total – ★★★★★
P.S. If you also tried this product feel free to share your opinion about it in the comments below or if you have additional questions will be happy to answer it.


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Healthy Lifestyle with Fuit4Life

Most of you probably heard about tremendous benefits that fruits and vegetables have, especially organic. Any nutritionist, doctor or trainer will tell you that eating enough of them is the best way to get a glowing skin, fitted body, and strong immune system. However, knowing all of that people still don’t manage to eat enough fruits and vegetables. Some because of the busy schedule and lack of time to buy it, others because, it is too heavy to carry them from the supermarket or difficult to chose the right ones. Therefore, Fruit4Life came up with the fabulous idea and convenient solution for people in the UAE who cares about their health. Now all these items can be selects by the professionals for you and delivered at your doorstep. You will always get fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis, as easy as a newspaper delivered to you. It all starts just with a simple online subscription.


These are photos of the fruit box I got this week which contained green apples, gala apples, oranges, grapefruits, pears, mangosteen, passion fruits and bananas. In fact, every week fruit selection is always a surprise. So no more stress and worries what to snack on and what to select at the groceries. I would even say, the easiest approach to healthy lifestyle, ultimate beauty, and perfect body. Moreover, on Fruit4Life website you can select the best suitable box for you. They have four choices Fruit Box, Veggie Box, Tropical Fruit Box and Mixed Box.

Fruit4Life did a really great job to make hustle free life. Below I highlighted top points about the company and subscription in general.

  • always getting the best quality organic fruits and veggies
  • no need to carry home heavy boxes with them
  • no frustration to select the right ones in different seasons
  • online payment and easy subscription
  • no commitment if you don’t feel to be a customer anymore
  • delivery at selected time frame

So if you live in the United Arab Emirates, it is a great company to consider. There are so many plusses in Fruit4Life approach and so far I didn’t see any minuses. If you already tried this company or have any questions please leave it in the comments below, would love to know your opinion.

Bottega Veneta Timeless Style

Yesterday, I went to Bottega Veneta for a privet discovery of Fall/Winter’16 collection. I spent a couple of hours in the store during which learned so much about this wonderful brand. So I am very excited to share it with you. The main concept of Bottega Veneta based on 4 pillars

  • outstanding craftsmanship
  • timeless yet innovative design
  • contemporary functionality
  • the highest quality materials

This is the reason, why the brand is so sustainable regardless trends and seasons. Also, Bottega Veneta doesn’t have a brand logo. Before it used to be a butterfly but it was removed in 2001 when the new creative director, Tomas Mayer joined the company.  This was done to highlight unique craftsmanship of the brand as well as to do not interfere with the  client personality.


As you can see, the recent trend of metallic colors is implemented to Bottega Veneta classic craftsmanship. Also, the colors chosen for Fall/Winter’16 collection are quite special. In The Dubai Mall, Bottega Veneta carries few bags made with a rare leather. However, the brand never encourages a killing of animals rather uses materials from animals which were already killed for food or other environmental purposes. Below photos of a few autumn bags made with crocodile leather. It is polished in a special way to add shine to the bag without losing its flexibility. Also, they are quite light compared to many other luxury brands.


In the new collection, there are also famous Knot Clutches which you probably saw on various Red Carpet events. For instance, I feel like every lady in Hollywood has one. However each season, Bottega Veneta does a couple of unique designs as the one below with butterflies.

I also got a chance to see an extraordinary and one of a kind piece. Knot clutch made of 24K Gold and highest quality diamonds, done in the same techniques as most bags in Bottega Veneta. This purse is not for public display but I took a couple of photos for my readers.   Moreover, the brand produces this clutch very rarely once in a while but apparently we were lucky this year. In fact, this piece was done exclusively for  Bottega Veneta store in The Dubai Mall. The cost of it is around $100K.


My ambitions are much smaller than the gold clutch. After seeing all the shoes, bags and accessories, I got other things on my “to buy” list, such as

  • Veneta Bag in medium size, espresso color (the one I am trying below)
  • Wallet in a new long shape, same espresso color to match my bag
  • Olimpia bag in small or medium size
  • Stretch Knot Clutch
  • Classic high-hills
  • Silver or gold espadrillies

This is my minimum plan but ideally, I would love to have the whole store. So if anybody would like to surprise me… Just kidding, although my birthday is on December 5th, in case :)))

Last but not least, Bottega Venetta has one the best perfumes in the world. All scenes are super unique. They would perfectly match different occasions and personalities. After my visit, I received a gift from  Bottega Veneta in which was an amazing perfume called, Knot. Love the smell of it, definitely will be my winter favorite.

P.S. If you want to share your Bottega Veneta experience, feel free to write it below. Would love to know what you already purchased, if you like it or not, or just some suggestions regarding my blog.





Amato Fashion Show F/W’16

Amato is one of my favorite Dubai-based brands which specializes in Haute-Couture clothes. It is been on the market for quite a long time and became popular among many celebrities. Moreover, in the Middle East, it is one of the few brands which really makes a show during the runway. I went to many Amato Fashion Shows and every single one of them is an exciting experience. The latest show was for Fall/Winter’16 collection and the theme was destructive sides of nature such as dark night, fire, snow and the whole unpredictable universe.


I went to this F/W’16 show twice, first on the Fashion Forward and second on Velvet Magazine event. Therefore, backgrounds on my photos are diffeent. In fact, I was more lucky to get clearer shots in the second one beacouse I was sitting in the first raw and the light was much better. Anyway, love this collection which is so gorgeous and inspiring. Wouldn’t mind to get a couple of outfits from it. Although, I can even decide on the favorites, feel like each has its own beauty.

P.S. So which outfit is your favorite? Feel free to leave comments below.

Kate Spade F/W’16 Collection Preview

Kate Spade shop is always full of surprises, every season designer creates so many unusual  accessories in funny shapes and beautiful statement pieces for New York fashionistas. In the beginning of September, I went to the launch of Kate Spade Fall/Winter’16 collection to see what fashion will bring us in a new season. The event took place in Mall of the Emirates at its own store and it was packed. So many ladies came to celebrate and shop the new collection. The signature of F/W were floral dresses with lots of matching accessories.

As usually, Kate Spade did many funky bags in different shapes, such as cake, perfume, violin, boat, car plate number and many others. Love that the brand pays lots of attention to details. Like if you look closer even zippers and lockers have some nice element. For example, on top of the Car Plate clutch “Bride2Be”, there is a little locker in a shape of the car.

Also, during the Kate Spade event, I won a lottery and got the first prize. Such an awesome feeling to win something, although inside was just a glass bottle for water.

Last but not least, Kate Spade positioning her brand as a middle luxury. So if you afraid to enter because you think it is too pricy, don’t be. They have there so many fun things even notebooks, envelopes, wallets and etc.. In fact, you can find things from $30 which makes it the best place to get gifts for your friends birthdays.

GlamBox Korean Beauty Set Review

GlamBox is a fun way of discovering new beauty products and a great kit to start your own blog. I discovered this company during their event which was about an upcoming box for September and the theme was Korean Beauty. Venue took place in luxury restaurant, Ossiano Atlantis The Palm. During the event, there were beauty stands with lots of Korean products where I got a couple of nice samples to try it at home. Then the afternoon tea started. All guests were served with the finest snacks, desserts, and teas. It was one of the best  afternoon tea I had, plus was so much fun to learned about GlamBox . So for the event, I give A+ to GlamBox, really liked everything about it.


September Box full of Korean beauty products.

For those who didn’t hear about GlamBox yet, here is a little info. The main concept of this company is to send you a box with 4-5 beauty products every month but you will never know what is coming in the next box so it is always a surprise. I guess it is a very popular concept in many countries, but had no idea it existed in the UAE. After the event, I received one of such dream boxes. In September, it was filled with Korean beauty products. The best part, that I never tried them before or any Korean products for that matter so I was thrilled to test it. Below is my review what I like and didn’t like about them.

This modeling gel lip patch is a very fun thing to use. Unique concept although it doesn’t stick nor help with anything, felt like putting a cherry pudding on my lips. Also, lipstick is a nice beauty toy, it has pop-up pink color and very soft hydrating texture.

This product is exactly what I needed. It has a creamy texture with soap touch, perfect for gentle face cleansing. Removes makeup and leaves skin crystal clean.

Love this gel sponge for face wash, very unique and perfect for my daily skin care routine. Can be used for 2-3 months, it has gel texture which doesn’t change after usage.

Eyebrow coloring mascara, perfect for people who color their eyebrows. Nice eyeliner in brown color, texture of a pencil. Nice products will definitely use them from time to time.

If you live in the Middle East, you can easily get your beauty boxes from GlamBox. To get started you will need to subscribe on their website in the Middle East, They have an option there to subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months for 71-80 AED per month. Really great deal for beauty addicts. Wonder what they will put in their next box, maybe Russian beauty products…