How Having A Dog Changed My Life

I decided to write this article as while I was filling my Gratitude Journal, I realized that I am so grateful for having a dog in my life.

I should probably say, that many of us are never ready enough to have a dog. We are busy with work, want to travel in the future, change our houses, etc. So many of us are waiting for a perfect moment which probably will never happen.

And when my husband brought a small cute puppy, I felt like I wasn’t ready enough either.

But now, when I look back, I realize, that having a new member in our family made my life so much better. I found all the sources, like energy, time and finances because I knew that my dog loves me, so apparently, I really wanted to give it back.

So here are the reasons why my dog made me happier:

• She helps me to forget about my problems and be present.

When I play with her, I distract from worries and stress. I just relax and enjoy this process.

And even during the busy days, when she bring her toy bagging to play with her a big, I can’t say “no”.

• She makes me calm down and stay positive.

Even when I am angry or upset and thus cutie looks into my eyes, my heart is melting. I truly believe that animals fill the home with positive energy and absorb negative one.

The relation between human and dog truly means unconditional love. I know my dog loves me the way I am and I feel so much support from her even when everything goes upside down.

• I became more organized.

My dog gave me more motivation to wake up early to walk with her and to do same thing in the evening even if I feel like lying down on the sofa and watching TV. And you know what? I enjoy those walks so much. Walking with dog is so much more exciting than walking by myself.

Also I learnt how to plan my day the way I can spend some time with her.

Of course having dog is the huge responsibility. But my point is that it is absolutely worth it all!

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