Perfect Breakfast​ at Brambles Cafe, Dubai

Would you like to eat something super delicious and special but healthy at the same time? Then there is the place just for you, The Brambles Cafe on Barsha Heights, Dubai. I think it is the coolest cafe in the area. I know the area is not so fancy but the cafe is really really worth trying.

Being in Dubai for quite a while, I am more and more careful with the food. In fact, from thousands of places here, only 10% is really good and my aim to find them and share it with you. When I came across Brambles, I was so amazed by the quality of the food, prices, and place, that the same day I started to wave about it to all my friends. It is really really good. For this kind of money, you will not find better food in Dubai. If you find let me know but I doubt. The dishes I would recommend you to try is Spicy Egg, Acai Bawl with berries and special spicy coffee with chocolate taste (can’t remember the name). Of course, everything I had was absolutely excellent but those just grabbed my attention.

The interior is also very cute, done in the pink tones with big windows, and flowers. A simple, stylish and cozy place to meet with friends. Last but not least, the metro station is right outside, if you don’t drive a car and if you drive, there are lots of free parking around the building. Really convenient for all kinds of people with different lifestyle yet the same goal to feel great after the meal. Once you try it let me know what do you think about this place and what was your favorite dish?

  • Place – Brambles Cafe, Metrocentre Hotel, Al Barsha Hights
  • Food – Northern California style
  • Quality  – excellent, healthy and delicious 
  • Prices- $$
  • Parking – free parking right next to the cafe