How Cleaning Out my Closet Changed my Life??

Hello there,

We have to be really living on Mars if no one has heard about Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While I didn’t get around to reading it, I did get around to giving up 3/4 of my wardrobe as a result of moving into a smaller home. At first I resisted and tried to fit things into my 3 skinny doored closet, but eventually sanity prevailed when my daily dressing routine got down to picking the pile of clothing out from closet and dumping onto bed for what seemed like eternity. And believe you me a clean home with only things that you need can be such a game changer. If you’re looking for a new direction in life do check out our Detox Your Mind course.

While I was not exactly clued in on Marie Kondo’s ideology back in 2017 I gave away things that no longer brought me joy but most importantly no longer made me look my best. During this period I may have also grown out of my late 20s and into my early 30s. From being the crazy person to don the unthinkable man-repelleresque clothing I had changed to this person, who only liked minimalistic simple clothes with a slight edge. My former self can be seen here. All of a sudden everything needed to meet a need or have some purpose in my wardrobe. I’m not sure if it was a reason of growing out or a change in perspective but decluttering my wardrobe did really change my life.

Although my reasons for the cleanse were not very Marie Kondo-esque I did experience joy, mental clarity, appreciation for the new found time and ease of dressing up and also a reduced dry cleaning bill.

Today I have just one IKEA closet, a chest and a half of drawers with lots of space to spare. This has changed my life because I now only have sufficient clothes all of which I circulate from time to time and when I don’t or no longer feel like it fits me I put it out of circulation by donating to charity. I also don’t spend a lot of time deciding what to wear.

Ever since getting into this minimalistic phase I have also focused on the quality over quantity aspect giving up on fast fashion. When I gave up 3/4 of my wardrobe I realized that I had spent shit loads of money on Zara and Topshop and although it may have seemed like a smaller dose of spending every now and then in reality I had spent a lot more. There was the answer I had been looking for to the frequently asked “Where does all my money go?” question.

I must admit thought that I still haven’t read Marie Kondo rather gathered her ideas from her many praises sung online. As minimalism is kicking in just like today morning’s coffee, I’m now on a journey to collect my staples. All of my new insights coupled with the money spent I also began to get a little woke as they say and learnt about the impact of fast fashion and how fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. More on that for another time……

My Partner Cheated, Who is Guilty?

A relationship can be very complicated as it is between two people with lots of small or big differences. Dissimilarity could be in the way you both see the world, in the life values or just your backgrounds. If you ever been in a situation where your partner cheated on you, don’t blame yourself. The only person who is guilty in this situation is the one who actually did it!

It happened not because you are not good enough, not smart enough or not sexy enough. It happened only because your partner has problems with communication and lying. That’s all.

Is there a way to fix it?

Well, the answer is Yes and No.

YES – if you clearly said that you are not ok with cheating and your partner willing to change. He or she is doing everything possible and never repeating again this mistake. And who actually changed his/her values and priorities on this matter.

NO – if he or she is just a liar who doesn’t care about you, your feelings and who only thinks about him/herself. Then without collaboration from your partner’s side, you cannot influence the sick mentality and damage phycology of the person.

In conclusion, it is a very tough experience when your beloved one is not faithful. But if you are a person who cannot tolerate cheating partner and he or she is doing it again, the best way is to change a partner! It is hard but there is someone better for you out there with similar life values and the person who broke your trust 2nd time doesn’t deserve more chances. No need to waste your time on somebody like that.

Self-Love, Where to start?

I guess many of us if not all, been in a situation where people around mistreat us. I suggest once and for all take ownership of this. Yes, you read it correctly, you are the one who responsible who people around treat you. You are the root of everything that is going on. People only take place in your life which you allow them to take.

So if you don’t love yourself, no one else will.

Sounds rough but better to realize the truth to analyze your mistakes and improve the situation. Self-love starts within you and spreads around as love to those around. When you respect your time, your body, your partner, nobody will dare to disrespect. And if they will then after seeing the way you behave, they change or adjust their behavior right away. For example, if you keep telling everyone how fat you are, it is a matter of time when people around you will start to call you fat. So respect your body love it and of course do everything it takes to make it perfect. The same goes for everything else…

But the question of the day, if you hate yourself so much for whatever reason how to change it? How to actually start loving yourself? How to practice and express self-love?

Start from small baby steps:

  1. After the shower, put cream on your body with love and care. Think about what do you love about it…
  2. Buy yourself a few nice face products. Such small gestures will give a sense of self-care. Of course, throw all creams, you deserve to have the new ones.
  3. Give yourself some gifts from time to time. It is great to give things to others but never to forget about yourself.
  4. Declutter your house, live in a clean environment.
  5. Give away some old clothes and buy a few new outfits every month. Don’t wear old staff to punish yourself that you are not pretty or have a perfect body.
  6. The list can go endless but I would like you to come up with your self-love rituals. Please share them in the comments down below, it might help others to get more ideas about where to start.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I will see you in the next post :))) Waiting for your comments.

Plant-Based​ Food For Weight Loss

I read so many books, listened to lots of doctors and experts about what is the best food to eat for longevity and perfect body composition. As well as I tested most of the diets on myself, to the point of being a fruitarian for 2 months. All of these just to find optimal food which will keep me young, lean and healthy with a bonus of being social and happy. I love eating and enjoy trying different dishes without limiting myself to any group of being raw vegan, vegan, fruitarian, vegetarian and etc. I am not black and white judging people’s food preferences and I am not limiting myself but rather I run lots of tests what works and what doesn’t. After this long 10 years journey, I came to a conclusion that the optimal for all of those targets, to eat 80%-90% plant-based food. I can assure you that its works because I don’t get thick, I don’t limit my food and don’t get fat, and my skin is glowing. People who follow such a diet have similar results. Besides this practical benefits, the food is super tasty you just need to know what to order and cook. The mind can get scared at first for trying something new, but don’t be because you are the baby of nature and this is the food you meant to be eating. I promise if you run a test, you will love it more than 21st century processed food creations.

So if any of my clients come to me with a request to help to overcome thickness or obesity, my answer would be, go for a plant-based food. With an addition of intermittent fasting if a person targeting weight reduction. It works for the majority of fit people in the world because its the law of physics, our nature and this planet. So there is no chance it won’t work for you if you really follow it. I added one of my favorite videos about a plant-based diet, so if you want a beautiful body, young skin and strong health, definitely watch it.

I do not believe in the short-term diets, they just don’t work and never will for long-term sustainable results. Of course, if you force your body to consume fewer calories, you will lose weight but will it be sustainable once you finish the diet? That is the root why most people faile. They do not change eating habits and expect result right away. Only dedication and consistency will take you where you want to go.