How to Set Your Goals for the New Year

2019 is almost over and New Year is just a perfect time to start implementing positive changes. But in order to move in the right direction, you definitely need a good plan.

Actually, I love the end of December. It is such a magical time when I think what my priorities will be during the next year, which goals need to be achieved and which dreams need to come true.

New  Year goals

Knowing what you want is already a big deal. That’s why I push everyone to listen to yourselves during this month.

Here are the most important lists which I truly believe everyone should write.

• Analyze your achievements during the past year.

Definitely, you should start by analyzing your last year. How did it go? Which goals were achieved? Are you generally happy about 2019? If not, why?

Even if you aren’t happy about this year, don’t be afraid to analyze the possible reasons. Learning from your own mistakes is very important to let an upcoming year go smoothly.

• Set your goals for the New Year

You want this to be an amazing year right? Then you need to make goals, so after achieving them you will feel proud of yourself.

Few simple rules: your goals should be realistic and achievable; they should sound very clear; there shouldn’t be too many of them; next to each goal you need to write 5 mechanisms to achieve it.

Yearly planner

Just to make it easy, define the most important areas of your life (personal; professional; social; physical, etc.) and create 1 goal for each of them.

It shouldn’t be more than 5 to 6 goals altogether.

• Write your top 50 wishes for 2020

I truly believe that my life depends on me. And I can make it beautiful or horrible. So just to add some enthusiasm and positive vibes, I love to create top 50 wishes list just to make little gifts for myself when I feel so.

Unlike setting up your goals, here you don’t need to think too much. Maybe you always wanted to start painting or taking pictures, visiting new countries, reading new books or changing your hairstyle. Write your 50 wishes, some small things which can make you happier. And each time you feel a lack energy or oppositely want to gratitude yourself for good work, open the list and make one of your wishes true.

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How to stop worrying about what others think and start living your life

Nowadays, we live according to many social norms. And most of us try to fit the standards set up by their surroundings.

I am sure so many of us remember those times when parents were pushing us to have excellent results in all subjects at school. Because when a child had “A”, It was considered he/she was well disciplined and smart.

From the other side, how one person could have the same accomplishments in totally different subjects, like Maths and Languages, Computer sciences and Art?

One more question. How many of those successful school graduates had great achievements in their further career and most importantly were happy about their lives?


Our family and friends definitely wish us all the best. Sometimes they have their perfect vision of our lives.

But the thing is that achieving things others want from us will not make us happy unless we want it from the bottom of our hearts.

My parents are doctors. And until the end of my school, they were sure that I will enter a Medical University. They were so convinced in it that never even asked me a question about what I wanted to do in my life. And they were shocked when I announced that I didn’t have any desire to actually work in this field.

Some of my friends did a complete career change when they were over 30. They just couldn’t do what they didn’t like anymore.

Female Firefighter

My point is that it is very important to learn how to make decisions and choices based on your own desires.

Before taking important steps in your life just ask yourself: “Which decision I would take if no one judged me?”. And the answer to this question will be the right thing to do.

The most important task for you is to learn how to listen to your true feelings, desires, and dreams, following them instead of those which others choose for you.

So here is a small daily exercise which will help you to know yourself better:

Every day complete a sentence “ If I knew nobody judged me, I would...” with three points.

And one more thing. It is never too late to implement changes:).

Feeling Yourself Not Beautiful?

Feeling yourself not beautiful? solution from HeyHappyBae

By seeing beautiful photos in magazines and Instagram, many ladies struggle with low self-esteem. We constantly compare ourselves to celebs and perfectly photoshopped women. The result of this comparison deffinitly doesn’t add us points in terms of self-love and higher confidence. So how to deal with this problem? How to stop being obsessed with beautiful photos of others and instead start seeing yourself on the top?

As a Life & Happiness Coach, I can propose two very important solutions to this problem. Both are important and have to be fulfilled if you want to get results.

1 – Never Stop Working on Yourself

Be the best version of yourself and do everything within your abilities. Archive better results in sport and strength every month. Take care of your face and body, do massage, treat yourself. Eat the best quality food you can. Practice how to speak, make your voice softer, keep improving your communication techniques. If you are a person who only complains and never does what it takes, you will always struggle with low self-esteem and emptiness inside of you. You were given a certain body and appearance, it is in your job to take care of it and do the best you can. Take responsibility and start working on yourself!

2 – Make a Self-Love Journal

Create a self-love journal where you will note 3 points daily. They should be about your abilities, qualities, appearance, and achievements. For example, you can answer questions such as What do you love about yourself? What do you do better than people you know? What do you love about your body? What did you achieve during the year? How did you improve your personality? What are the amazing skills that you have? Here you can use your creativity and design many other questions which will add points in your self-confidence. Feel this journal religiously at least for 70 days. This exercise will completely change the way you see yourself.

Please share your results and achievements in the comments below. Let us know how the Self-Love Journal Improved your life. Also, we have Free Gifts for you and Free Help in case you are going through rough moments in life. Press here to check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to HeyHappyBae website.

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5 Simple Habits That Will Make You Happier

All us know that it is needed to work out and follow healthy eating to be in good shape. But how many people really put effort to be happier?

Did you know that happiness also requires training and implementing some habits into daily life? Today we will talk about some of them:

• Gratitude Journal.

I can talk hours about the power of being thankful for the opportunities we have and moments which happen in our lives. It’s about our ability to notice all of these things. During the times when you feel depressed and lack of motivation, gratitude journal can help you so much. Just write 5 things you are thankful for daily. It shouldn’t be necessarily something big. You can be thankful for a beautiful walk after your work, a cup of coffee, meeting with the friend or just being healthy!

• Visualize your dreams.

Dreaming helps us to understand our goals better, be motivated to work harder and most importantly enjoy the process.

At the end of the day, happiness is about small things, not only big achievements!

• Feel the moment.

Most of people are always busy with either analyzing their past or worrying about their future. And what if we just relax a bit and start enjoying the moment!

• Forgive yourself and others for the past.

Blaming yourself or others is the most destructive feeling ever. While we blame, we put responsibility out of our shoulders and as a result don’t feel control of our lives.

I totally understand, sometimes there are reasons for that. And maybe your present isn’t the way you want to see it because of some past event. But you know what? We cannot change the past, so let’s put the future into our hands!

• Affirmations.

Affirmations describe a desired situation and goal. These are basically statements which help us to be positive about our lives. Once we constantly read them, we start concentrate our minds on positive things.

To make it easy for you, we already prepared beautiful affirmations for you! Just download here, put them as a cover photo for mobile devices and read 5 times a day.

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Want to Wake Up at 6 am? Here are the ​Easiest Steps

Wake Up at 6 am Online Course

To wake up at 6 am is easier than you think…

In fact, anyone can become an early riser with 3 rules I am about to share with you today. These rules are from my course, 7 Days to Love Waking Up at 6 am. However, if you just read it without doing it, it will not magically change your morning routine. You have to try, discipline yourself and put a tiny bit of effort.

3 Golden Rules to Wake Up at 6 am

  1. Do not use your phone or even touch it from 9 pm. This rule will help you relax your brain activities and eyes in order to get that lovely stress-free and super relaxing sleep. By playing, texting and etc. you overwhelm yourself with all the worries and problems of other people. Try to focus only on yourself at least 1 hr before bed. You can go for a short walk without your phone, organize your home, prepare an outfit for tomorrow, take a relaxing bath and do many other things. This will keep you relaxed and prepare for deep sleep.
  2. Be in bed by 10 pm. This is the line in your schedule which you have to draw and strictly follow. If you want to love and enjoy your early rises there is no other way than to sleep earlier. By constantly obeying this rule don’t even dream to be an early riser for long. Your body needs love and proper rest on a daily basis. So even if you don’t feel like sleeping, just lay in bed, relax your body, your mind & let go of all the thoughts. You can also do meditation for better sleep.
  3. Jump out of bed at 6 am. No matter what time you manage to fall asleep yesterday, you have to be on your feet at 6. This will help you to readjust your schedule and make an early rise as a habit. Once you woke up, make your bad, wash your face and follow the prepared schedule. And yes, I do advice to prepare some moring rutine or a sort of schedule the way you want to fill this presious morning time. If you can’t choose the activities which will put you in a top state for the day, check out my course, 7 Days to Kick-Start Morning Ritual. This couse are full of top empowering morning activities.

Last but not least, the willpower is not lasting for long but habits do. Once you make sleeping and waking up as a routine, you will be amazed at how effortlessly you will wake up at 6 am. Also, if you need help and more guidance to change your habits, we have online courses as well as life coaching programs.

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How Self-Love Leads to Positive Changes in Your Body

I decided to write an article on this topic because only recently I realized how this rule works. And it was an amazing discovery.
So many women think that if they criticize themselves and their bodies, it will grow their motivation to lose weight, start doing sport, attend beautician regularly, etc.

But isn’t it a bit discouraging either? Last year, I considerably gained weight. And each time after checking it, I used to blame myself for eating too much, not doing sport regularly, letting my weight to increase that much and so many other things. As a result, I felt so upset and negative about myself that I didn’t have any energy to change my lifestyle and do something about this extra pounds, which I definitely didn’t feel comfortable about.

I am sure each of you had a similar situation at least once.
But if you completely change the overall approach? If you will start implementing these changes because you love, not hate yourself?

Do you want to harm people which you love or make them feel bad? So why would you want to harm your body by eating bad food, having lack of sleep, stress, saving money on your skincare, etc?

Each time you aren’t sure about making the right choice, ask yourself: “Do I respect my body by doing this?”.
Apart from these good relations with others start from healthy relations with yourself. The person who cares about the body feels more confident and others respect it.

So here are few rules for you if you feel something has to be changed:

• Don’t blame yourself, it will only take a lot of your energy and make you more negative about the things.

• Implement the changes because you love, not hate yourself.

• Create rituals for your body which you can accomplish constantly (for example, workout three times a week, visiting beautician or spa once a month, etc.)

• Look at yourself in the mirror at least once a day and for few minutes think what things you like in yourself.

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How To Bring More Positive Energy in Your Home

Hey everyone! Have you ever felt like you have a lack of energy or that you don’t have a high quality rest when you stay at home? One of the reasons can be a lack of positive energy inside it!

Before reading about Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, I actually didn’t think that I should put efforts and time to keep the energy of home positive.

But once I read it, it started to make sense to me. Home is the place where most of the people spend at least 12 hours a day. We usually come to our homes tired after work, so we want to recover ourselves until the next day.

To get the energy, not loose, you need to follow some rules.

1. No arguments at home.

It really makes sense to me. Any argument causes negative energy, which gets absorbed in the walls, furniture and objects around you.

2. Don’t be afraid to say “bye” to the things you have bad memories with.

Even if the thing is really expensive, fits you or your apartment well, you need to find way to get rid of it. Throw out or sell all the gifts from people which you don’t like also.

3. Keep clutter to the minimum.

A lot of clutter reduces or stops the energy flow and excessive things keep you stuck. It is always hard to find time to get rid of it, however doing it in regular basics will help you to keep your mind more clear and refreshed. At the end of the day you need to do it because need to respect yourself and your right to live in a clean apartment.

4. Get a salt lamp, crystals, aroma oils or candles for your home.

I personally believe that using them is useful to bring harmony in your home and make the atmosphere more cozy inside.

And remember, your home needs some rituals same as you:).

Try to keep your windows open few times a day to let the negative energy come out.

5. Use houseplants to keep the energy clear.

Indoor plants can boost the positive vibes and increase the energy flow into space. So don’t hesitate to buy few to create a peaceful interior in your home!

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Breathing Yoga – Breath is Life

Prana / breath is the life giving force that is responsible for how you exist on the planet today. Focusing on it can truly change your life as it alters your thought process & ultimately your life for the better. If you’re a yoga practitioner, you will likely have experienced a class ending or beginning with a focus on breath and setting an intention for the class. To those who don’t believe in the undulating power of breath & this step in a practice it may not mean much, but to do those who believe, breathing is the ultimate beauty & mental health elixir. When you take 20 minutes out of your sacred time and dedicate it to breathing regularly you will see a remarkable difference in how you do you. Try it once at least to agree or to disagree.

Breathing yoga – Pranayama increases your immunity, calms your mind and is associated with mental wellness too. It also helps clear out Chakra imbalances by releasing energy blockages in the body. It also helped me with my digestive system & has given me great skin in the process too as it corrects any imbalances in your body from an Ayurvedic perspective. You will get rid of stress and anxiety and will feel all round calm no matter what the external situation is. I kid you not you feel positive about life & if combined with asana practice you get a sense of stillness that is incomparable to most workouts for me.

Breathe In & Let go

The practices may be strange if you are new to yoga, however, with a little practice you will get used to it. Remember to sit in a comfy seated posture for this. Perhaps a chair if cross-legged doesn’t work for you. Here’s a list of my favourite asanas and how I incorporate them into my life:

  1. Kapalbhati Breathing – Kapalbhati is an asana that was reignited in India by a famous Yogi Baba Ramadeva. No matter how hairy he looks he reminded us of how great Yoga is and what it can do yet as I have travelled outside India I find non-Indian practitioners do better than us. Perhaps we simply don’t appreciate what we were born into or may be it’s just a case of preferring a different workout, each to their own I guess. This type of breathing involves short & forceful exhalations. Take a deep breath and follow it with forceful and quick exhalations, as many as you can do without getting dizzy. For detailed flow watch Yoga By Adrienne on Youtube. Tip: I usually start my morning with this on empty stomach and time it for 5 minutes.
  2. Anulom Vilom / Alternate Nostril Breathing – Fold three fingers on your right hand or left and use your pinkie & thumb to do the work. a) Place thumb on right nostril breath in through left b) Block left nostril with ring finger, simultaneously release thumb, & exhale c) Inhale through right & release through left d) Switch fingers and continue alternative nostril breathing Complicated when I say it so check out this video by Yoga by Adrienne. Tip: I follow it up with Kapalbhati and continue for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Bhramari / Bee BreathBee Breath is so cool and mind-blowing for me. Sit in your comfy posture and place your four fingers on your forehead / eyes ensuring eyes are covered. Place your thumb in your ears and take a deep breath in & exhaling making an Mish sound. It’s like saying the last part of Om = mmmmmmmmm. Repeat three times and done. When you do this you sound like a bee & once I come back to normal I will super relaxed for some reason that I don’t know of yet. Tip: This is step 3 of my morning practice. Usually will not take longer than 2-3 minutes.
  4. Deep focused breaths & meditation – Just do some slow & steady breaths before floating in to a good spot of meditation. I leave the remaining time for a quick meditation from the app Insight Timer.

Have you tried breathing yoga? Want to give me some tips & tricks? Comment below or email or think of me and I’ll know..wink wink..Until next post. xo

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Run, Forrest, Run. Or how running can reduce stress

I personally like to walk. I can walk hours and never get tired of it. However running was always challenge for me. I felt out of breathe so fast, there was pain in my knees and most importantly I couldn’t understand the main idea of jogging.

However this summer was different to me. My mind was full of different thoughts, I wasn’t sure about decisions I needed to make. And I was just randomly searching for yoga or pilates classes somewhere near my home.
And I saw the info about runners community. They used to meet three times a week and run together in different park. Doing sport and breathing fresh air seemed like a good idea to me. So I pressed a button “Going” and there was no way back.

So in this article I will tell you why I actually liked this experience:

No music rule. I brought headphones in my first training. So they told me at once to put it back to my pocket. All of members of the club were really friendly and they prefer to talk to each other during their trainings as this is how they control their speed. They told me that I need to be running and talking at the same time without getting out of breathe, so when I adjust it, it will be my perfect speed.

Training in a group of people is actually more entertaining than training by myself.
The time flies faster, plus I was a kind of pushing myself to run better and faster. I would never do it by myself.
So running from this point of view is teaching to see your hidden potential.

Most of the people started to run to fight with the stress.
This was just a very interesting discovery for me. During the training sessions I was talking to more and more people. And almost all of them were saying that running helps them to reduce stress and a kind of distract from problems at work or home.

Some people say that in order to reduce stress you need to run in the morning. I think that running any time of the day can help to reduce stress.
I felt much more calm and peaceful after training sessions. I felt like I wasn’t concentrated on my problems non-stop. I actually started to be more present.

During running I felt a better myself.
Of course running needs physical efforts. But while I was pushing myself to run faster or run more, I actually felt like I can do the same thing about my life!

Overall being a part of Running Club was a great experience! I highly recommend to find it in the city your live and give it a try!

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Overcome Destructive Self-Criticism

With the social media boom, people became delusional about how they have to look and how quick they have to achieve their standards. All of these led to the loss of self-love and self-respect. To have a goal is great but to fail planning within a reasonable time-frame is a huge problem, which becomes the reason for hating and beating yourself up for unaccomplished tasks. So as a little challenge, I created a day of self-love, which will get you out of this vicious cycle of hating on yourself.

First, a little bit about why it is so important to love yourself. I believe living in alignment and balance leads to the accomplishment of your desires. A person cannot or will not lose weight if he/she hates everything about his/her body. The same with your job you will not likely get promoted if you are not in love with what you do and excited to over-deliver and learn more. Same goes for your relationships, if you are not in alignment with yourself, you will always be insecure and unhappy with the person next to you. So any area of your life takes its roots from self-love.

Second, practicing self-love is trully an art. It is quite challenging at first but the more you do, the better you get at it.

Easy Steps for Unconditional Self-Love

  1. Start eliminating words from your vocabulary which don’t show you in the best light.
  2. While standing next to the mirror, say 5 compliments what do you love about your body, appearance, and character.
  3. Make a reminder on your phone so every hour you consciously practice self-love.

Last but not least, after accomplishing full day of self-love, try to do it for the whole week. One day is just a small step to start the process. Let me know about your progress in the comments below. Would love to hear your wonderful stories.

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10 Tips to Avoid a Burn Out

Burn out practically happens when you lose motivation as a goal or a job or relationship fails to give you the desired results despite you putting in all the effort. You may feel it’s unfair and that the world is scheming against you. For instance, you expected to be rewarded for going over and beyond your role in the last year, even stepping in when your Boss resigned, however, you don’t get recognised for your time and hard work. Over time you will believe that there is no point to contribute as you busted your ass last year, probably spent less time with family & friends, only to be walked all over. You will also feel that organisations don’t value you and you’re just a number in the system. Unless you really talk to someone about how you’re feeling, say from your boss to a therapist, you’re kinda out the door.

Burn outs are very commonplace in corporate culture. Unfortunately not many people talk about it openly for fear of you being labelled as someone who’s not capable of performing. From CEOs to young graduates everyone has faced it in some way or form. I’m going to give you some steps to avoid one.

1.Morning Ritual

If you haven’t already browsed our Morning Ritual challenge, perhaps you should. I say this because there is a massive improvement in the quality of your life when you have time to reflect on what’s happening and also you don’t feel like you’re rushing to catch up with the world. You feel rather like you’re on top of everything and do things as they come to you. Check out our Hour of Power challenge as it shines light on possible options for a good ritual. Give it a go and see what works for you. I specifically like the part about planning your weekly agenda / goals.

2.Meditation / Prayer

Photo by Prasanth Inturi on

Everyone talks about mindfulness and meditation these days but I can’t stress the power of just taking a little time for yourself. I remember I had a very stressful time at work many years ago, I coped with it by doing daily 1 hour breathing yoga at 6 am. May be it was psychological that I was taking some steps or channeling my stress / frustration in a better way or it was the de-stressing power of focusing on your breath it really worked for me. I was focused, effective and unaffected by anything that came my way. I cruised through life like a monk and it was a feeling I crave to get back to now. There are various apps that you can try as well for this. From Calm to Insight Timer to Headspace. Find one that suits you. This could also be a part of your morning ritual.

Remember in times of stress you need to check-in with your feelings more so even though you feel you have no time just taking some time out to meditate will actually make you feel better. If you find things or your job or a relationship is not working, have the courage to make changes because you only live once make sure you give it your best shot. As it can be challenging go through a change always find some support in family, friends and / or a therapist.

Equally powerful is the power of prayer. When you believe in a higher power greater than yourself and devote yourself in prayer it brings immense satisfaction and peace. A good prayer can almost put you in a trance state.

3.Eating well and on time

People at work often priortise meetings, some idiots even keep back-to-back meetings around lunch time. In the corporate world, it is hard to say no if the big-wigs have all accepted a meeting too. While I get all of that you can perhaps plan your food better. If you know you have back-to-back meetings all day long on the previous day you can prep food / order food / enroll into a monthly meal plan and pop some food in between meetings.

Possible heatlhy and easy snacks:

a) Keep some almonds / dates / any other dry fruits around you to snack on.

b) A smoothie in between to keep you energetic and healthy.

c) I also quite enjoy a bit of granola during such times when I need energy but don’t have time.

d) I will also add Kefir as a summer favourite of mine.

Also, perhaps learn to say no to stupid meetings that actually lead to no results.

Tip: Get a nutri bullet and keep it in office, keep the fruits and veg in your fridge and whip something up when you can. Or just keep yoghurt, pop some fruit and nuts into it and you’re done.

4. Digital Restrictions

Photo by Cristian Dina on

Keep track of your screen time. If you have an iPhone then you have easy phone usage monitoring stats. Pick apps that you spend a lot of time such as Instagram and put a daily time limit. On the iPhone you can also turn on downtime so it’ll disable everything except phone calls between 10 pm and 7 am. I would also recommend to not access your phone two hours before going to bed and two hours after waking up. The idea is that you control your device and not the other way round.

I also recommend limiting the time you spend taking in news from non-credible sources. Focus on your life and let external things be external. Don’t let them overwhelm you. We’ll be launching a challenge by our Life Coach – Yana tomorrow so watch out for the video on Youtube or join the webinar at 11:00 GMT + 4.

5. Exercise

Exercise is so needed given the demands on our time at work, with family / friends and life itself. Definitely include a power warm-up in your morning ritual but also try to commit to an evening work out like pilates, yoga or dancing or even zumba so that you have an outlet for all the frustration, stress, anger, sadness or any other feeling. When you end your day with a work out it is the most amazing feeling. I love yoga and for me days when I could do yoga post work 6 days a week were my calmest weeks. You even sleep better, your digestive system gets better too and your skin glows.

6. Beauty Sleep

It is so important I can’t stress it enough. If you have difficulty sleeping because of stress then exercising may help you. It could be that stress has really gotten to you and keeps you up at night then I would definitely suggest getting some professional help.

7. Talking it out

Photo by Elle Hughes on

If you’re fortunate enough in today’s isolated world to have friends / family, with whom you can share your problems without judgement then you should count yourself as super lucky. If not find a good therapist and / or a Life Coach to talk you through your woes and to perhaps make some life changes. Not expressing yourself also leads to depression, anxiety and other health woes so don’t ignore your feelings.

8. Water

This is so important. Try to drink up to 3 litres in a day and try consuming it in smaller regulated sips throughout the day so you avoid the excessive washroom trips. If it happens anyway don’t care because you’re hydrating yourself and your body will thank you for it. So go pee as many times without any shame. Don’t pay attention to societal norms.

9. Nature

Try to be closer to nature. Get some plants, go spend time at parks, on the beach, anything that makes you feel at peace and closer to Mother Earth. There is a strong healing power for your senses when you spend time with nature away from technology and concrete jungles. May be even try a retreat away from your usual surroundings.

10. Art

The healing power of art is unbeatable. It could be in the way you dress up, in cooking up great food, or painting your feelings out, may be enrolling into a pottery lesson. The list of possibilities is unlimited. For me cooking is turning out to be really therapeutic with all the spices, colours of vegetables and the constant mixing of the ingredients during cooking. All the colours give me eyes immense happiness. It also ties in with the theory that humans were made to move so we will only achieve happiness by doing rather than being on our couch and watching tv.

Let me know if my tips helped you in any way or form. We’ve have also designed the Detox Your Mind course, which might help you.

Until next post.xx

How to Wake Up at 6 am and Loving It

Everyone can wake up at 6 am but not everyone can do it consistently and actually enjoy it. If you are a person who always wanted to be an early bird by choice not by force, this article is for you. Today, I will share a few secrets on how to make early rises as part of your beautiful and balanced lifestyle.

Crucial Steps of Waking Up at 6 am

  1. Take a decision and set it as a non-negotiable rule to get out of the bed at 6 am no matter what! No excuses! No self-talk about today is raining, snowing, sunny, headache, tired, etc.
  2. Do it for 7 days in a row, then 30 days, then 2 months. First, make smaller targets then extend them to develop a strong habit. After 7 days, waking up at 6 am would be natural and easy, and after 2 months, it will go to your blueprint.
  3. Go to sleep not later than 22:00! To wake up happy, fresh and energetic you need a proper 8 hrs. of sleep. Don’t try to cheat your body, you will pay triple with the lack of focus, health issues, and constant tiredness.
  4. Do not use digital devices 2 hrs. before bed to get deep healthy sleep. Your brain needs full rest which is not possible with the blue light from mobiles, TVs, etc. and constant brain stimulation. Leave all of your devices outside the bedroom, you do not need extra stress from seeing late emails or messages.

These are the main steps to follow to love waking up at 6 am, to feel a lot of energy in the morning and excitement for the new day. The most difficult will only be the first week and days where you had lack of sleep, apart from these, waking up early is super fun and easy. Last but not least, the incentive to wake up at 6 am should be the self-love, desire to build a dream life and successful career. If you don’t have such empowering reasons, then just forget it, you will never have the strength to do it. But those who understand how it can improve their life will easily succeed just following our simple steps.

HeyHappyBae is also hosting FREE Webinars every Thursday about morning rituals, healthy lifestyle, happy living, etc. Feel free to join us for the next one, invite below.

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Bulletproof Coffee

Trends have a pulling power making you feel like that’s the next best thing to upgrade your life. But always verify as this may not always be true. While bulletproof coffee is all the rage now it is not entirely a new thing. Having indian roots it was very common for our great grand dads and the like to add some ghee into their coffee / tea. I’m told it is for energy giving purposes and also to ensure you’re loaded with good fats. Apparently adding Ghee into your coffee / tea it has its roots in Ayurveda.

I normally make mine at home using Davidoff coffee, adding a teaspoon of Ghee into an already small cup. I use it as an addition to my breakfast as it gives me energy to keep me going through the day. Without coffee in general I feel like a zombie, I’m sure a lot of you can relate. As per the internet there is a practice of replacing your breakfast with a super-sized one loaded with Ghee and coconut oil as this suppresses your hunger and results in weight loss. I stick to a smaller portion as I don’t really follow any diet and want to get in the other nutrients that my body needs as well.

Do a lot of research before you get into this type of coffee as a daily habit as you need to ensure that it completely suits you and doesn’t harm your body in any way. For instance, if your fat / oil intake is already too high in your overall diet, when you add bullet coffee this may lead to weight gain.

People benefit from the point of weight loss, increased focus and energy levels. I can definitely say that on days I would consume this at 6 am my 1.5 hour drive to work would feel much better. I was more focused and energised during a long drive to work in Abu Dhabi. I’m not a scientist or a doctor this is just my personal experience.

Bulletproof Coffee at Wild & the Moon

If you’re skeptical or unsure just try it at a local coffee shop. Wild and The Moon in Dubai does some really great bulletproof coffee. It’s made with coconut oil, grass-fed ghee and good old coffee. It’s a large portion though so you may have to substitute a 3 egg omelette or something equivalently filling with a small savoury muffin or fruits along with it.

My version of bulletproof coffee

Have you tried this? What was your experience? Do you have a different technique? I would love to know more…Until next post..

How to Stop Worrying All the Time?

Have you ever seen people, who are into their thoughts all the time, walking like robots and not paying attention to anything? The thing is that they cannot live in the moment, as they are probably concerned about the future or the past. One day I realized I was one of them.

Every day I worried about a dozen different things. In the morning I used to wake up and worry about one thing and later on in the day the topics were changing non-stop. My body and mind were constantly distressed, but I didn’t even notice it as it was my habit, like a part of my daily routine.

And one more problem is that when person worries about something, they let the feeling of anxiety grow, it slowly turns into a feeling of panic and tortures him/her inside and out. This person will not be able to take control of anything and is distracted all the time.

So when I noticed that there was a problem, I actually started to search how to solve it. And I would like to give you some advice, which works for me:

1. Read the book “How To Stop Worrying And Start Livingby Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was actually one of the first psychologists, who actually discovered this massive problem in society and created his own mechanism of how to sort it out. The book is easy to read, has great examples and many techniques to let go of worries and become more productive. 

2. Create a specific hour for worrying in your daily agenda

This is actually an amazing exercise. You should choose one specific hour every day (for instance, from 1 pm until 2 pm). During this hour you can worry about anything you like. So if you start worrying before or after this time, remind yourself that you have specific time for this. As a result, instead of worrying 24 hours per day you will learn how to worry only one hour.

3. Don’t go over past events in your head

Even if something was wrong, you cannot change it. I will give you an example. Let’s imagine a business meeting or any other important meeting for you. What was your behaviour after it? Did you keep thinking about all the things you’ve said some time after it, all the mistakes you’ve made?

If yes, then you should know that doing this takes a lot of your energy and exhausts your mind. Just try to stop thinking what other person might have thought about you or which mistakes you might have made. Because it doesn’t matter anymore. It happened. Whatever the result is, you just did your best.

4. As soon as you start worrying, just try to distract the mind

About 80% of our worries aren’t important, we tend to forget them. So if you feel you’ve started to worry, just switch attention to something else. Keep yourself busy either with work or with any other activity. You can also tell yourself that this was just a thought and it is not your reality. By doing so you distance yourself from the thought.

5. Worrying about small things leads to worrying about big things

This statement is the result of my personal observation. Do you know why this process happens? Because while you worry about less important things, you pay less attention to more important ones and are more likely to make a mistake, which you will worry about later on. So if you don’t want to spend the rest of your day in a chain of different stressful thoughts, just try not to start it. Cut it from the beginning by remaining calm and focusing your mind on pleasant activities.

I hope my article was useful for you!



Secrets of Magic Morning Rituals

Having a particular morning ritual is one of the most important habits you have to develop if your target is a balanced, happy and productive life of course. On the contrary, if you want to leave a messy and purposeless life, you can just forget about it and continue to oversleep and have no structure in your day.

A morning ritual is so so so important. I meant it! This small habit can dramatically transform your life and will lift your happiness and productivity by 1,000%. Plus, the amazing news is that the ritual should be a selection of tasks that you love and which makes you feel your best.

The most important rule of Morning Ritual, to do only the things you absolutely love that are beneficial for you and your future.

So how to make your perfect ritual? Let me tell you about mine and you can take something from it and decorate your way. I start my day at 5:55 and you can, of course, choose a time which works for you the best. For my ritual I keep strictly 2 hours from 6:30-8:30, this is why I wake up very early to have enough time to set the tone of the day in a stress-free way.

My Morning Ritual Timetable

  • 5:55 Wake up call, smile and wash my face
  • 6:00 Make a delicious breakfast for my love (yes, it makes me happy but it is not the time for myself so I will add 30 min at the end)
  • 6:30 Gym time, have a 10 min cardio, 10 min. power, 10 min to get there
  • 7:00 Plan my amazing week & month
  • 7:10 Dream about some things I want, some financial goals or planning
  • 7:20 Read a book or listen to short educational video
  • 7:30 Write about my achievements & say what I am grateful about
  • 7:40 Mindful meditation, try to be present and look within me
  • 7:50 Stress-free net in case I spent more time on some tasks
  • 8:00 Shower, beauty rituals & get ready
  • 8:30 I am ready for the day and my yummy breakfast

This is how my morning looks like; however, feel free to add the tasks which work for you the best. As an idea, you can add affirmations, listen to music, dance, do yoga or whatever makes you a happy woman. Also, you can modify your Morning Ritual, in fact, I personally update it every month. Besides, you can make it just 1 hr or wake up earlier and do 2 hrs. Just try it out for a month, and see the magic how your mood and your day will transform. Or if you already have your morning ritual let us know what are your favorite morning tasks.

Last but not least, I also tried Morning Ritual or Hour of Power of Tony Robbins. So if you would like to know how he really does his morning, watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to be part of my next Celebrity Challenge. Plus, for more morning ritual insides and happiness secrets, check out our Detox Your Mind Course.

Thank you, next!

Thank you, next went viral when Ariana Grande crooned in her slightly sexy yet sweet yet heavy voice. While for her it was a reference to moving on from lovers and becoming friends with herself this phrase may have wider resonance in modern day life. Ever feel like you have reached your goal and say thank you, next, without feeling any excitement for what once seemed an unsurmountable task or conquest that if achieved is the missing piece to the happiness puzzle. Because where you’re at without a goal is normal and unexciting and unhappy. While jumping from goal to the next we lose sight of what is really important, it’s the journey to the goal and of course giving thanks to yourself and any other circumstances / people that led you to your goal. If you ever want to feel genuine happiness it is important to take a moment and reflect on all that you have accomplished.

Gratitude not only makes you appreciate your life a bit more but also boosts your confidence as you take stock of all that you have been able to achieve. To give you an example, we at Team My Happy Bae give thanks for the opportunity to be able to create this amazing happiness program to share our happiness to be able to live a balanced and healthy life. The three founders Yana, Slava and Kritika (myself) also give thanks for the opportunity to use our friendship to build an amazing business that helps explore our creativity and talents.

Team Hey Happy Bae

I personally am thankful for so much from the bad to the good as it’s all a lesson. But today I’m thankful for:

  • I am thankful for fashion and how it influences people and culture.
  • I thank God for the opportunity to be able to live in Dubai and learn and grow over the last 7 years. From changing careers to meeting new friends this has been a rollercoaster one that I don’t regret jumping on.
  • I’m also thankful for My Happy Bae to happen to me at a time when I really needed to change my career path slightly to doing something that lights up my eyes when I think about it. Seven years of doing a desk job have somewhat taken a toll on my health and body. I needed to take a step back and what better way than to create a product of love with people you love so so much.
  • I’m totally thankful for a body that heals and loves back, sound mind, loving family and friends and also for the abundant opportunities that exist in the world that could be my accomplishments someday.

What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude in comments below…