Is Olaplex No 3, 4, 5 & 6 Worth The Price? Full Review

olaplex 3 4 5 6 at home treatment

It is been a few months since I use Olaplex Home Treatment and today I will share with you my experience. I also have done Olaplex Salon Treatment which was wonderful. After the procedure, my hair became silkier and smoother for a couple of weeks until I colored it. So I thought with home products, I will achieve similar results …

To make the review fair, I used only Olaplex without mixing and adding other products. The video, I did after a month of using it and to be honest it was a bit soon. After two months, the result of these products was clearer. So consider this article an updated version and my final opinion about Olaplex Home Treatment.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector – good serum, no miracle but the hair looks a little silkier. However, the process of using it is very uncomfortable. You have to make the hair wet then apply this serum for 10 min. To stand in the shower for that long is strange as well as walking around the house with wet hair. But anyway, I did the effort once a week as recommended and the result honestly is ok. Ok, meaning I don’t see my hair shining so much and no one notices any difference.

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo – this one I had to use on a daily basis as my hair was greasy at the end of the day. Some days hair was even dirty right after the washing. So I increased the recommended amount of shampoo to 2-3 cm on a hand but still, my hair looks terrible the next day. I will never buy it again.

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner – Honestly, after this product, my hair doesn’t understand that this was a conditioner and it definitely does nothing to my blonde hair. Hair texture was dry before it and they look the same after.

Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother – last product that I use so my hair shines after blowout. The reality, sometimes it makes hair dirty, sometimes I forget to put it and other times I see and feel no difference.

In conclusion, I love the look and package of Olaplex products. Plus, the company has a very strong marketing strategy with lots of beautiful words and examples in the brochure. At first, I was excited by the home treatment but when emotions fade away, the reality is not that wow. It is a good treatment but good isn’t great, amazing or wonderful. On the contrary, I will continue to do Salon Olaplex after coloring, there I see a clear result. But home products are wast of money and to me was close to disappointment. The company claims that they use super technology which improves the hair when you use products on a consistent basis. I used them consistently so from my side the work is done, where is the result?

Will He Treat You Better, If You Lose Weight?

Will he love me more and treat me better, if i lose weight? Self-love Hey Happy Bae

If you are aiming to improve the way people are treating you, keep reading. Because just losing weight aren’t good enough.

No one will respect or love you more until you improve the way you respect, treat and love yourself. As simple as that.

The question, I got was about weight but in reality, it is not only about weight, losing or gaining. In fact, to make people treat you differently, you should do whatever it takes to make the best version of yourself. Love yourself to the extent that you wouldn’t put junk in your mouth, that you would run to the gym to look more fabulous in all outfits, be super healthy and keep working on your personality. Everything that will make you look better, feel more gorgeous and give higher confidence, you HAVE to go for it. Only with this approach the way people treated you will change. And actions speak louder than words. Especially, actions of true self-love.

I can give you a simple example, imagine that you got a guest at your home. The person who came looks messy, not fit, someone who eats junk and speaks nonsense. How would you treat him or her? Will you give this person your reserved wine and cut the best cheese or put the best snacks you got? Then imagine, that you got another guest a friend who is well dressed, super fit, who knows how to present her/himself from the best side. How would you treat such a person? I am sure you will make an extra effort to please him/her. So on which side would you like to be?

The idea, I am the way I am and will never change is just an excuse and not in trend anymore. Nowadays, there are so many techniques to improve yourself. As a Life Coach, I guided many people throw this hard self-development process.

I bet after this example you got the picture, how people perceive each other. We all say do not judge a book by its cover but unfortunately, we all do. This is why top politicians, top celebrities are trying to dress and look their best. Of course, the choice is yours but always remember, if you want anybody to treat you better, treat yourself better first and others will follow.

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Feeling Yourself Not Beautiful?

Feeling yourself not beautiful? solution from HeyHappyBae

By seeing beautiful photos in magazines and Instagram, many ladies struggle with low self-esteem. We constantly compare ourselves to celebs and perfectly photoshopped women. The result of this comparison deffinitly doesn’t add us points in terms of self-love and higher confidence. So how to deal with this problem? How to stop being obsessed with beautiful photos of others and instead start seeing yourself on the top?

As a Life & Happiness Coach, I can propose two very important solutions to this problem. Both are important and have to be fulfilled if you want to get results.

1 – Never Stop Working on Yourself

Be the best version of yourself and do everything within your abilities. Archive better results in sport and strength every month. Take care of your face and body, do massage, treat yourself. Eat the best quality food you can. Practice how to speak, make your voice softer, keep improving your communication techniques. If you are a person who only complains and never does what it takes, you will always struggle with low self-esteem and emptiness inside of you. You were given a certain body and appearance, it is in your job to take care of it and do the best you can. Take responsibility and start working on yourself!

2 – Make a Self-Love Journal

Create a self-love journal where you will note 3 points daily. They should be about your abilities, qualities, appearance, and achievements. For example, you can answer questions such as What do you love about yourself? What do you do better than people you know? What do you love about your body? What did you achieve during the year? How did you improve your personality? What are the amazing skills that you have? Here you can use your creativity and design many other questions which will add points in your self-confidence. Feel this journal religiously at least for 70 days. This exercise will completely change the way you see yourself.

Please share your results and achievements in the comments below. Let us know how the Self-Love Journal Improved your life. Also, we have Free Gifts for you and Free Help in case you are going through rough moments in life. Press here to check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to HeyHappyBae website.

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Healing Self-Criticism with Professional Photoshoot

Healing Self-Criticism with Professional Photoshoot

The way I saw myself fifteen or even ten years ago is very different from the way I see myself right now. Before I started my YouTube channel my self-critic was so high that I couldn’t even find strength for 2 years to watch the first video I uploaded on YouTube. So in the beginning, I was uploading literary with closed eyes. However, with time I learned some hacks which helped me to accept and love myself. Today I will share one of them with you.

Self-Criticizm Scale

So on the scale from 0 to 10, how much you criticize or hate something about yourself?

For me 10 years ago I had 2, now I would rate my self-critic at 9. I guess there is always something we want to improve in ourselves but generally, I love and accept 95% of myself. What about you? Share your results in the comments below.

Can Photography Help with Self-Criticizm?

Professional photography is one of the secrets to cure severe self-criticism. It will help you to see yourself from the other side and constructively judge what you should work on. The way we feel and the way we look may have a huge gap. Plus, often it is not even based on the real you, just on something you keep in your head what you heard from relatives, friends or other people. For me, the photoshoot was one of the most effective things not only to cure self-criticism but also to make myself prettier and more confident. On the contrary, the more you hate something about yourself and say bad words about your appearance, the uglier you become. No joke! The inner feeling with time affects our appearance. So start developing self-love, if you want with age to be more beautiful.

Why do I recommend to deal with Profesional photographers to cure self-criticism? Because they are true artists who can see the beauty in hidden parts of an object. Top photographers would see what others don’t and can show beauty even in strange and not attractive at first side things. This will help you to rethink and see you in another light.

Last but not least, if you are having real trouble to deal with self-criticism you can try out some of our courses and personal life coaching.

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Do Not Weigh Yourself, If You Want to Lose Weight!

How to lose weight forever

After reading this article, you will learn the #1 tip on how to lose weight forever and achieve a perfect body. It sounds quite bold but this what I learn during the 30 years of losing and gaining weight. The things which work and the things which don’t. It is actually more simple than you think so let’s get straight to the point.

Why did I write to do not weigh yourself? Any ideas? Well, checking the weight on the daily and especially hourly basis leads to obsessive behavior rather than weight loss. First of all, your focus turns on the side that your body isn’t perfect, you are fat and think like this. This thought follows you during the day. Second, it leads to creating limitations for certain food so you are afraid to eat and gain more. As a result, brains so concentrated on food all the time which actually only elevates your desires for it. Probably, you can recall this experience, saying no to something and later having strong cravings for it.

So how to lose weight forever?

The only way to actually lose weight and keep it stable is….. is the self-love. Everything else such as different diets, crazy workouts will only make your weight situation worth in the long-term. Of course, in the short-term, you can see small results but the brain will back fire all your efforts.

Why does the self-love work miracles? When you love yourself you treat your body, you fuel it with healthy food, you don’t allow others to speak disrespectful about it and you never say mean stuff to yourself. You workout with self-respect rather than trying to kill yourself on the treadmill. This also leads to more consistent and enjoyable visits to the gym. You will never overeat because this would create self-hate and physiological pain. And even if you make a small mistake, you forgive yourself and avoid it in future.

How often is good to weigh yourself?

In my opinion, it is great to check your weight once a month. It is enough to get an overview and reflect on the previous month. Just to see, if you are making an improvement or the opposite. For sure we need checking points but do it from the place of self-love and self-respect. Once you will learn to love every cell of your body, the issues with the weight will be solved in a matter of half a year. You will have different food preferences and body treatment routine. Just try this approach and you will see.

This is a very big subject and we will cover it fully in our new course 7 Days to Unconditional Self-Love. Also, feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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How Self-Love Leads to Positive Changes in Your Body

I decided to write an article on this topic because only recently I realized how this rule works. And it was an amazing discovery.
So many women think that if they criticize themselves and their bodies, it will grow their motivation to lose weight, start doing sport, attend beautician regularly, etc.

But isn’t it a bit discouraging either? Last year, I considerably gained weight. And each time after checking it, I used to blame myself for eating too much, not doing sport regularly, letting my weight to increase that much and so many other things. As a result, I felt so upset and negative about myself that I didn’t have any energy to change my lifestyle and do something about this extra pounds, which I definitely didn’t feel comfortable about.

I am sure each of you had a similar situation at least once.
But if you completely change the overall approach? If you will start implementing these changes because you love, not hate yourself?

Do you want to harm people which you love or make them feel bad? So why would you want to harm your body by eating bad food, having lack of sleep, stress, saving money on your skincare, etc?

Each time you aren’t sure about making the right choice, ask yourself: “Do I respect my body by doing this?”.
Apart from these good relations with others start from healthy relations with yourself. The person who cares about the body feels more confident and others respect it.

So here are few rules for you if you feel something has to be changed:

• Don’t blame yourself, it will only take a lot of your energy and make you more negative about the things.

• Implement the changes because you love, not hate yourself.

• Create rituals for your body which you can accomplish constantly (for example, workout three times a week, visiting beautician or spa once a month, etc.)

• Look at yourself in the mirror at least once a day and for few minutes think what things you like in yourself.

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7 Days of Almond Milk Challenge

7 Days Challenge Almond Milk Beauty Secret

Recently I was watching an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker about her beauty secrets, one of which is almond milk. She is super passionate about it and adores the flavor. So I thought why don’t I try to understand this passion better and subside my beloved low fat cow milk with almond one. At first, I thought the challenge will be hard because I tried almond milk before and I didn’t particularly like the taste. That is why pushing myself to do the challenge was the only way for me to get used to it. Surprisingly, it went much better than I imagined… watch the video below to see the challenge.

However in this article, let’s talk about pluses and minuses of this exotic drink.

Pluses of Almond Milk

  • Low in calories, unsweetened is just 30 cal. per 100 ml but sweetened is double of course.
  • You can lose weight much faster by substituting it with the regular full-fat milk. It is not so nutrient-dense. 
  • Almond milk falls into the category of plan-based food. It will help you to stay healthier and overcome lots of diseases. Check out alkaline diet if you have any problems with health.
  • When you add a little of it to some food, you will never notice the difference.
  • No lactose, so almond milk is perfect for lactose-intolerant people.
  • Vegan & raw-vegan friendly.

Minuses of Almond Milk

  • Only 1 g of protein which is not so good if you want to build muscles.
  • The calcium is added, not naturally there as in cow milk.
  • Very high price as far as I saw in the shops around me. Maybe you find a better deal but mine I got for $15 per bottle.
  • Very hard or next to impossible to make hot cappuccino with beautiful foam as it easily gets flat.
  • Taste in drinks might not be so pleasant at first, something to get used to.

For who almond milk would be suitable? Lactose-intolerant people, those who love plant-based food, want to lose weight & don’t want to build many muscles. And for the rest of us, we just go for nutrient-dense cow milk. It also isn’t so bad as many vegans might say. Only depends with what you compare it.

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7 Days of Matcha Latte and No Coffee

Last week, I challenged myself to make a little Coffee Detox and substitute it with Matcha Latte. Lately, I noticed that I drink way more coffee than I should. I am not against coffee but I am certainly against having a coffee addiction. Everything is good in life but without exaggeration and within a limit. So happy and ready for the next challenge, I started but didn’t realize that it would be so hard.

For those who never tried matcha and don’t know much about it, here are some of the interesting facts

  1. It tastes a bit strange, like an excessive amount of a high-quality green tea in your cup which makes total sense as matcha is a well-grounded green tea leafs. So if it is done properly and not too intense, it is quite drinkable. 
  2. A cup of matcha would have 137 times more antioxidants than a cup of green tea. Not sure why scientists are so precise about 137x, not 131 or 95. But anyway the point is there are much more antioxidants than you could drink green teas in a day.
  3. Matcha has almost the same amount of caffeine as the shot of espresso. And at the same time is more stable and healthy for the body.
  4. Also, this drink would make you calm and relax due to L-theanine amino acid.
  5. Next fact is awesome for those who always want to lose weight. Matcha helps to burn more calories through the day as it will boost your metabolism.
  6. and many many other facts….

The difficult part of this challenge was my addiction to the coffee apart from this, it went quite smooth. For 4 days I was having a headache, not sure why. Maybe it was an effect of quitting coffee or just stressful days and weather. Also, for 3 days straight I was circling around the coffee machine, having strange thoughts of making a cup of coffee while no one sees (I guess this is why people call it addiction). Nevertheless, on the last day of the challenge, I wasn’t so into drinking coffee. It was this nice feeling that you can do something but you actually don’t.

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Breathing Yoga – Breath is Life

Prana / breath is the life giving force that is responsible for how you exist on the planet today. Focusing on it can truly change your life as it alters your thought process & ultimately your life for the better. If you’re a yoga practitioner, you will likely have experienced a class ending or beginning with a focus on breath and setting an intention for the class. To those who don’t believe in the undulating power of breath & this step in a practice it may not mean much, but to do those who believe, breathing is the ultimate beauty & mental health elixir. When you take 20 minutes out of your sacred time and dedicate it to breathing regularly you will see a remarkable difference in how you do you. Try it once at least to agree or to disagree.

Breathing yoga – Pranayama increases your immunity, calms your mind and is associated with mental wellness too. It also helps clear out Chakra imbalances by releasing energy blockages in the body. It also helped me with my digestive system & has given me great skin in the process too as it corrects any imbalances in your body from an Ayurvedic perspective. You will get rid of stress and anxiety and will feel all round calm no matter what the external situation is. I kid you not you feel positive about life & if combined with asana practice you get a sense of stillness that is incomparable to most workouts for me.

Breathe In & Let go

The practices may be strange if you are new to yoga, however, with a little practice you will get used to it. Remember to sit in a comfy seated posture for this. Perhaps a chair if cross-legged doesn’t work for you. Here’s a list of my favourite asanas and how I incorporate them into my life:

  1. Kapalbhati Breathing – Kapalbhati is an asana that was reignited in India by a famous Yogi Baba Ramadeva. No matter how hairy he looks he reminded us of how great Yoga is and what it can do yet as I have travelled outside India I find non-Indian practitioners do better than us. Perhaps we simply don’t appreciate what we were born into or may be it’s just a case of preferring a different workout, each to their own I guess. This type of breathing involves short & forceful exhalations. Take a deep breath and follow it with forceful and quick exhalations, as many as you can do without getting dizzy. For detailed flow watch Yoga By Adrienne on Youtube. Tip: I usually start my morning with this on empty stomach and time it for 5 minutes.
  2. Anulom Vilom / Alternate Nostril Breathing – Fold three fingers on your right hand or left and use your pinkie & thumb to do the work. a) Place thumb on right nostril breath in through left b) Block left nostril with ring finger, simultaneously release thumb, & exhale c) Inhale through right & release through left d) Switch fingers and continue alternative nostril breathing Complicated when I say it so check out this video by Yoga by Adrienne. Tip: I follow it up with Kapalbhati and continue for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Bhramari / Bee BreathBee Breath is so cool and mind-blowing for me. Sit in your comfy posture and place your four fingers on your forehead / eyes ensuring eyes are covered. Place your thumb in your ears and take a deep breath in & exhaling making an Mish sound. It’s like saying the last part of Om = mmmmmmmmm. Repeat three times and done. When you do this you sound like a bee & once I come back to normal I will super relaxed for some reason that I don’t know of yet. Tip: This is step 3 of my morning practice. Usually will not take longer than 2-3 minutes.
  4. Deep focused breaths & meditation – Just do some slow & steady breaths before floating in to a good spot of meditation. I leave the remaining time for a quick meditation from the app Insight Timer.

Have you tried breathing yoga? Want to give me some tips & tricks? Comment below or email or think of me and I’ll know..wink wink..Until next post. xo

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Run, Forrest, Run. Or how running can reduce stress

I personally like to walk. I can walk hours and never get tired of it. However running was always challenge for me. I felt out of breathe so fast, there was pain in my knees and most importantly I couldn’t understand the main idea of jogging.

However this summer was different to me. My mind was full of different thoughts, I wasn’t sure about decisions I needed to make. And I was just randomly searching for yoga or pilates classes somewhere near my home.
And I saw the info about runners community. They used to meet three times a week and run together in different park. Doing sport and breathing fresh air seemed like a good idea to me. So I pressed a button “Going” and there was no way back.

So in this article I will tell you why I actually liked this experience:

No music rule. I brought headphones in my first training. So they told me at once to put it back to my pocket. All of members of the club were really friendly and they prefer to talk to each other during their trainings as this is how they control their speed. They told me that I need to be running and talking at the same time without getting out of breathe, so when I adjust it, it will be my perfect speed.

Training in a group of people is actually more entertaining than training by myself.
The time flies faster, plus I was a kind of pushing myself to run better and faster. I would never do it by myself.
So running from this point of view is teaching to see your hidden potential.

Most of the people started to run to fight with the stress.
This was just a very interesting discovery for me. During the training sessions I was talking to more and more people. And almost all of them were saying that running helps them to reduce stress and a kind of distract from problems at work or home.

Some people say that in order to reduce stress you need to run in the morning. I think that running any time of the day can help to reduce stress.
I felt much more calm and peaceful after training sessions. I felt like I wasn’t concentrated on my problems non-stop. I actually started to be more present.

During running I felt a better myself.
Of course running needs physical efforts. But while I was pushing myself to run faster or run more, I actually felt like I can do the same thing about my life!

Overall being a part of Running Club was a great experience! I highly recommend to find it in the city your live and give it a try!

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Overcome Destructive Self-Criticism

With the social media boom, people became delusional about how they have to look and how quick they have to achieve their standards. All of these led to the loss of self-love and self-respect. To have a goal is great but to fail planning within a reasonable time-frame is a huge problem, which becomes the reason for hating and beating yourself up for unaccomplished tasks. So as a little challenge, I created a day of self-love, which will get you out of this vicious cycle of hating on yourself.

First, a little bit about why it is so important to love yourself. I believe living in alignment and balance leads to the accomplishment of your desires. A person cannot or will not lose weight if he/she hates everything about his/her body. The same with your job you will not likely get promoted if you are not in love with what you do and excited to over-deliver and learn more. Same goes for your relationships, if you are not in alignment with yourself, you will always be insecure and unhappy with the person next to you. So any area of your life takes its roots from self-love.

Second, practicing self-love is trully an art. It is quite challenging at first but the more you do, the better you get at it.

Easy Steps for Unconditional Self-Love

  1. Start eliminating words from your vocabulary which don’t show you in the best light.
  2. While standing next to the mirror, say 5 compliments what do you love about your body, appearance, and character.
  3. Make a reminder on your phone so every hour you consciously practice self-love.

Last but not least, after accomplishing full day of self-love, try to do it for the whole week. One day is just a small step to start the process. Let me know about your progress in the comments below. Would love to hear your wonderful stories.

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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

All of us want to be in a good shape, but sometimes things go out of control and we gain extra weight. I personally don’t like the word “diet” because it makes me stressed. It makes my mind feel that I need to limit myself with eating most of the things.  Apart from this big limitation it also causes a yo-yo effect afterwards. You will likely return to your old eating pattern and along with it the weight will resurface.

That’s why in this article I will not advice you to start following a diet. I will actually suggest you how to make light changes in your lifestyle in order to get a healthier body and loose extra weight:

  1. Don’t eat sugar and fruits in the evening

I remember, once I realized that within the past 6 months I had added 7 kilos, I immediately cancelled fast food and went to the gym. And after 3 weeks of trial my weight just didn’t move anywhere. So I called my friend who is a nutritionist, explained to her the situation and she gave me a simple advice not to eat any kind of sugar, even the one which is in fruits in the evening. This advice worked for me really well! I just put a rule for myself, that I can eat something sweet in the morning, fruits in daytime and none of these in the evening.

2. Learn how to respect your body and stop putting “garbage” food in it on a daily basis

Here I mean the food and drinks, which are obviously harmful for your body: french fries, chips, Coca-Cola etc.
Apart from this you can always substitute them with healthier choices such as you can buy a sandwich with whole grain bread instead of a burger in McDonalds or fresh juice instead of Pepsi. It is rather an opportunity to eat healthier food, not a limitation.

3. Drink a lot of water but not with food

Try to drink at least a glass of water every day when you wake up and try to consume at least 2 liters every day. By the way many people forget to drink water during work and it causes a huge stress for body. Remember to drink water as it hydrates the whole body and improves digestion. And if you feel like you keep forgetting, you can download application, which will remind you to do it.

Just a little note: Try not to drink water during your meal. Do it 30 minutes before or after.

4. Don’t weigh yourself every day

Just relax. Your weight definitely will not change within a day, but checking it every day may cause disappointment and desire to find positive emotions by eating comfort foods that are usually high in calorie.

5. Try to follow intuitive eating

I noticed many times that sometimes I keep eating food even if I am not hungry. Or sometimes I am eating something absolutely not delicious just to fill my stomach with food.
That’s why I would advise you to ask yourself questions before eating food:
“Am I really hungry?”
“Which food would I like to eat?”
“How much food would be enough for me?”

6. Even if you don’t have time for sport, try walking every day

Doing sport is essential part of being fit, but if sometimes after your work you feel too tired or not in a mood, you can always choose walking as an option. Walking for extra 30 minutes or one hour actually helps to refresh mind, feel more calm and peaceful after a stressful day.

Bulletproof Coffee

Trends have a pulling power making you feel like that’s the next best thing to upgrade your life. But always verify as this may not always be true. While bulletproof coffee is all the rage now it is not entirely a new thing. Having indian roots it was very common for our great grand dads and the like to add some ghee into their coffee / tea. I’m told it is for energy giving purposes and also to ensure you’re loaded with good fats. Apparently adding Ghee into your coffee / tea it has its roots in Ayurveda.

I normally make mine at home using Davidoff coffee, adding a teaspoon of Ghee into an already small cup. I use it as an addition to my breakfast as it gives me energy to keep me going through the day. Without coffee in general I feel like a zombie, I’m sure a lot of you can relate. As per the internet there is a practice of replacing your breakfast with a super-sized one loaded with Ghee and coconut oil as this suppresses your hunger and results in weight loss. I stick to a smaller portion as I don’t really follow any diet and want to get in the other nutrients that my body needs as well.

Do a lot of research before you get into this type of coffee as a daily habit as you need to ensure that it completely suits you and doesn’t harm your body in any way. For instance, if your fat / oil intake is already too high in your overall diet, when you add bullet coffee this may lead to weight gain.

People benefit from the point of weight loss, increased focus and energy levels. I can definitely say that on days I would consume this at 6 am my 1.5 hour drive to work would feel much better. I was more focused and energised during a long drive to work in Abu Dhabi. I’m not a scientist or a doctor this is just my personal experience.

Bulletproof Coffee at Wild & the Moon

If you’re skeptical or unsure just try it at a local coffee shop. Wild and The Moon in Dubai does some really great bulletproof coffee. It’s made with coconut oil, grass-fed ghee and good old coffee. It’s a large portion though so you may have to substitute a 3 egg omelette or something equivalently filling with a small savoury muffin or fruits along with it.

My version of bulletproof coffee

Have you tried this? What was your experience? Do you have a different technique? I would love to know more…Until next post..

How To Make your Hair Hydrated and Healthy?

Around 5 years ago I cut my hair really short, coloured it and 2 weeks after I realized that my previous hairstyle fit me better. But it was my decision and I couldn’t move back in time to change anything. And there my long journey to healthy and long hair started.

At this moment I can confidently say that I am pretty happy about the way my hair looks.

So I want to share with you some secrets, following which will definitely make your hair look better.

1.Use Tangle Teezer for brushing your hair

I don’t like to mention or recommend any specific brands as for all of us we have individual preferences about the products. But once I brushed my hair with this brush once, I said goodbye to other ones.
The key plus point is that Tangle Teezer brushes your hair gently, without damaging it. It is also a perfect option for detangling hair, after buying it I could finally fix my hair without breaking them. All my friends also love this product, so I highly recommend to get one if you still don’t have it and use it daily.

2. Each time after using shampoo apply mask or conditioner, avoiding the roots.

This is a simple rule. Unfortunately many women underestimate the importance of this procedure. But your hair will be grateful if you decide to follow it.

I personally like to cover my hair with shower cap after putting mask or conditioning and wash it out after 5-15 minutes (depending on my free time).

3.If you didn’t really have time to follow the previous rule, it’s ok. You can still use leave-in oil or serum for hair after washing it.

Believe me, it isn’t a waste of money, you definitely need to have at least 1 product like this. It is easy to apply and also helps to nourish damaged hair making it more soft and shiny.

4.Secret hair therapy with Vitamin E

Once in 2 weeks I try to make a 30 minute therapy for my hair. You just need to have Vitamin E Oil in a bottle and any hair mask and a hair mask bowl to mix the ingredients.

  • Take a bowl. Put 2 spoons of mask and 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. Mix them together.
  • Make your hair wet. Don’t apply shampoo. Apply the hair mask mix with Vitamin E. Don’t massage it into roots. Cover it with shower cap and towel, leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo twice to rinse the mask mix off. Apply mask or conditioner and wash your hair again after few minutes.
  • Dry your hair.

This simple procedure helps me to keep my hair shiny and nourished.

Hope my advice will be useful for you and good luck on the way to beautiful hair! Leave me some hair tips of your own in comments below.

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler CC, REVIEW

This is an update about the CC Cream from Eucerin. After trying it for a couple of months, I want to share its plusses and minuses. I already did a review on YouTube but it was more of the first impression and today we will go more in depth how it stood the test of time.


  1. Very nice hydrating texture, skin looks glowing and happy with it.
  2. It has SPF 15 so it will protect the face from damaging sun effect. Great for the beach and daily use.
  3. Good to go on its own. It works great without additional face cream.
  4. Great quality and reliable skincare brand.


  1. Medium color too dark for my skin. Next time I will need to choose a lighter shade.
  2. If you apply cream before, it might be too many products for your skin and it will not lay very nice. Product looks darker in some areas and not easy to blend for a flawless look.
  3. This is a very light coverage so do not expect that it will transform your skin if you have many skin problems. Change your diet first to get good balance skin texture.

Last but not least, Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler CC Cream is a great product. Just make sure, you are choosing the right color and do not apply so many skincare products with it. This CC cream will protect and hydrate your face and will give you a healthy glowing look on the long term. Please leave the comments below if you already tried it and if you have a favorite Eucerin product.

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Filorga, Flash Nude Fluid Foundation​ with SPF 30

Flash Nude Fluid Foundation is a new bee on the market so of course, I was curious to try it out. I am personally a big fan of this brand and I like 95% of the products they produce. I haven’t tried everything that is why I keep a 5% gap, just in case. Nevertheless to me, it is reliable skin care which maintains beautiful and young skin texture.

This new foundation I have been testing for a week and here is what I really think about it. Flash Nude Fluid

  1. Has a little bit oily and full texture which will give life to your skin and make a natural glowy look.
  2. Hydrates skin quite well so your face will feel perfect even if you skip the face cream in your morning routine. To me it is enough with an eye cream and serum, followed by Filorga fluid.
  3. Protects from the harsh sun and fast aging. Foundation has SPF 30, UVA and UVB  filters.
  4. Does not have full coverage. It only improves the skin tone but not covers scars or acne.

I haven’t read and research any information about this product so it is 100% from my own feeling and experience. Let me know if tried it out and what is your favorite day foundation?

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