Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad. Simple & Delicious

Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad with Halloumi Cheese. The Best Recipes 15 min
Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad with Fried Halloumi Cheese. Easy and Delicious Recipe

Recently, I came across a new recipe which quickly became one of my favorite. I lived in the Middle East for 10 years but funny enough, I never tried to make Arabic food. Maybe because it was wildly available in Dubai. However, after I moved, I started to miss and crave some dishes. This is how I reached the point of going out of my comfort zone and experimenting with new cuisine. Luckily, to make a Tabbouleh Salad much easier than it looks. So now you can get this fascinating experience if you are ready to go out of your comfort zone.

Pluses of this Salad,

  • Super fast and simple to make
  • Takes just 15 min. with minimal mess
  • So delicious, full of flavors and aromas
  • Extremely healthy herbs
  • Very feeling and easily digestible
  • Great for showing off your cooking skills

It is not a usual meal you find in a restaurant so your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy of flavors in this salad. Ok, let’s just get to it. Feel like I am writing longer than it took me to cook the meal.


  • Quinoa
  • Halloumi
  • Fresh mint
  • Fresh parsley
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt & Black pepper
  • Tomatoes
  • Flour

Step 1

Cook quinoa with a pinch of salt. Cut halloumi cheese, put in flour then in a frypan. Fry on medium heat with olive oil.

Step 2

Cut mint, parsley and tomatoes. Squeeze juice from half of a lemon.

Step 3

Mix quinoa with herbs and tomatoes. Add lemon juice and fresh grounded black pepper. Once ready to serve, put the cheese on top of the salad.

Tag me #yanallure or @yanallure, if you tried to make this salad and feel free to write comments below.

How to Set Your Goals for the New Year

2019 is almost over and New Year is just a perfect time to start implementing positive changes. But in order to move in the right direction, you definitely need a good plan.

Actually, I love the end of December. It is such a magical time when I think what my priorities will be during the next year, which goals need to be achieved and which dreams need to come true.

New  Year goals

Knowing what you want is already a big deal. That’s why I push everyone to listen to yourselves during this month.

Here are the most important lists which I truly believe everyone should write.

• Analyze your achievements during the past year.

Definitely, you should start by analyzing your last year. How did it go? Which goals were achieved? Are you generally happy about 2019? If not, why?

Even if you aren’t happy about this year, don’t be afraid to analyze the possible reasons. Learning from your own mistakes is very important to let an upcoming year go smoothly.

• Set your goals for the New Year

You want this to be an amazing year right? Then you need to make goals, so after achieving them you will feel proud of yourself.

Few simple rules: your goals should be realistic and achievable; they should sound very clear; there shouldn’t be too many of them; next to each goal you need to write 5 mechanisms to achieve it.

Yearly planner

Just to make it easy, define the most important areas of your life (personal; professional; social; physical, etc.) and create 1 goal for each of them.

It shouldn’t be more than 5 to 6 goals altogether.

• Write your top 50 wishes for 2020

I truly believe that my life depends on me. And I can make it beautiful or horrible. So just to add some enthusiasm and positive vibes, I love to create top 50 wishes list just to make little gifts for myself when I feel so.

Unlike setting up your goals, here you don’t need to think too much. Maybe you always wanted to start painting or taking pictures, visiting new countries, reading new books or changing your hairstyle. Write your 50 wishes, some small things which can make you happier. And each time you feel a lack energy or oppositely want to gratitude yourself for good work, open the list and make one of your wishes true.

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Is Olaplex No 3, 4, 5 & 6 Worth The Price? Full Review

olaplex 3 4 5 6 at home treatment

It is been a few months since I use Olaplex Home Treatment and today I will share with you my experience. I also have done Olaplex Salon Treatment which was wonderful. After the procedure, my hair became silkier and smoother for a couple of weeks until I colored it. So I thought with home products, I will achieve similar results …

To make the review fair, I used only Olaplex without mixing and adding other products. The video, I did after a month of using it and to be honest it was a bit soon. After two months, the result of these products was clearer. So consider this article an updated version and my final opinion about Olaplex Home Treatment.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector – good serum, no miracle but the hair looks a little silkier. However, the process of using it is very uncomfortable. You have to make the hair wet then apply this serum for 10 min. To stand in the shower for that long is strange as well as walking around the house with wet hair. But anyway, I did the effort once a week as recommended and the result honestly is ok. Ok, meaning I don’t see my hair shining so much and no one notices any difference.

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo – this one I had to use on a daily basis as my hair was greasy at the end of the day. Some days hair was even dirty right after the washing. So I increased the recommended amount of shampoo to 2-3 cm on a hand but still, my hair looks terrible the next day. I will never buy it again.

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner – Honestly, after this product, my hair doesn’t understand that this was a conditioner and it definitely does nothing to my blonde hair. Hair texture was dry before it and they look the same after.

Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother – last product that I use so my hair shines after blowout. The reality, sometimes it makes hair dirty, sometimes I forget to put it and other times I see and feel no difference.

In conclusion, I love the look and package of Olaplex products. Plus, the company has a very strong marketing strategy with lots of beautiful words and examples in the brochure. At first, I was excited by the home treatment but when emotions fade away, the reality is not that wow. It is a good treatment but good isn’t great, amazing or wonderful. On the contrary, I will continue to do Salon Olaplex after coloring, there I see a clear result. But home products are wast of money and to me was close to disappointment. The company claims that they use super technology which improves the hair when you use products on a consistent basis. I used them consistently so from my side the work is done, where is the result?

How to stop worrying about what others think and start living your life

Nowadays, we live according to many social norms. And most of us try to fit the standards set up by their surroundings.

I am sure so many of us remember those times when parents were pushing us to have excellent results in all subjects at school. Because when a child had “A”, It was considered he/she was well disciplined and smart.

From the other side, how one person could have the same accomplishments in totally different subjects, like Maths and Languages, Computer sciences and Art?

One more question. How many of those successful school graduates had great achievements in their further career and most importantly were happy about their lives?


Our family and friends definitely wish us all the best. Sometimes they have their perfect vision of our lives.

But the thing is that achieving things others want from us will not make us happy unless we want it from the bottom of our hearts.

My parents are doctors. And until the end of my school, they were sure that I will enter a Medical University. They were so convinced in it that never even asked me a question about what I wanted to do in my life. And they were shocked when I announced that I didn’t have any desire to actually work in this field.

Some of my friends did a complete career change when they were over 30. They just couldn’t do what they didn’t like anymore.

Female Firefighter

My point is that it is very important to learn how to make decisions and choices based on your own desires.

Before taking important steps in your life just ask yourself: “Which decision I would take if no one judged me?”. And the answer to this question will be the right thing to do.

The most important task for you is to learn how to listen to your true feelings, desires, and dreams, following them instead of those which others choose for you.

So here is a small daily exercise which will help you to know yourself better:

Every day complete a sentence “ If I knew nobody judged me, I would...” with three points.

And one more thing. It is never too late to implement changes:).

Will He Treat You Better, If You Lose Weight?

Will he love me more and treat me better, if i lose weight? Self-love Hey Happy Bae

If you are aiming to improve the way people are treating you, keep reading. Because just losing weight aren’t good enough.

No one will respect or love you more until you improve the way you respect, treat and love yourself. As simple as that.

The question, I got was about weight but in reality, it is not only about weight, losing or gaining. In fact, to make people treat you differently, you should do whatever it takes to make the best version of yourself. Love yourself to the extent that you wouldn’t put junk in your mouth, that you would run to the gym to look more fabulous in all outfits, be super healthy and keep working on your personality. Everything that will make you look better, feel more gorgeous and give higher confidence, you HAVE to go for it. Only with this approach the way people treated you will change. And actions speak louder than words. Especially, actions of true self-love.

I can give you a simple example, imagine that you got a guest at your home. The person who came looks messy, not fit, someone who eats junk and speaks nonsense. How would you treat him or her? Will you give this person your reserved wine and cut the best cheese or put the best snacks you got? Then imagine, that you got another guest a friend who is well dressed, super fit, who knows how to present her/himself from the best side. How would you treat such a person? I am sure you will make an extra effort to please him/her. So on which side would you like to be?

The idea, I am the way I am and will never change is just an excuse and not in trend anymore. Nowadays, there are so many techniques to improve yourself. As a Life Coach, I guided many people throw this hard self-development process.

I bet after this example you got the picture, how people perceive each other. We all say do not judge a book by its cover but unfortunately, we all do. This is why top politicians, top celebrities are trying to dress and look their best. Of course, the choice is yours but always remember, if you want anybody to treat you better, treat yourself better first and others will follow.

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Feeling Yourself Not Beautiful?

Feeling yourself not beautiful? solution from HeyHappyBae

By seeing beautiful photos in magazines and Instagram, many ladies struggle with low self-esteem. We constantly compare ourselves to celebs and perfectly photoshopped women. The result of this comparison deffinitly doesn’t add us points in terms of self-love and higher confidence. So how to deal with this problem? How to stop being obsessed with beautiful photos of others and instead start seeing yourself on the top?

As a Life & Happiness Coach, I can propose two very important solutions to this problem. Both are important and have to be fulfilled if you want to get results.

1 – Never Stop Working on Yourself

Be the best version of yourself and do everything within your abilities. Archive better results in sport and strength every month. Take care of your face and body, do massage, treat yourself. Eat the best quality food you can. Practice how to speak, make your voice softer, keep improving your communication techniques. If you are a person who only complains and never does what it takes, you will always struggle with low self-esteem and emptiness inside of you. You were given a certain body and appearance, it is in your job to take care of it and do the best you can. Take responsibility and start working on yourself!

2 – Make a Self-Love Journal

Create a self-love journal where you will note 3 points daily. They should be about your abilities, qualities, appearance, and achievements. For example, you can answer questions such as What do you love about yourself? What do you do better than people you know? What do you love about your body? What did you achieve during the year? How did you improve your personality? What are the amazing skills that you have? Here you can use your creativity and design many other questions which will add points in your self-confidence. Feel this journal religiously at least for 70 days. This exercise will completely change the way you see yourself.

Please share your results and achievements in the comments below. Let us know how the Self-Love Journal Improved your life. Also, we have Free Gifts for you and Free Help in case you are going through rough moments in life. Press here to check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to HeyHappyBae website.

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Why Taking Full Responsibility Can Change Your Life Forever

I am sure each of us was blaming circumstances for personal or professional failure at least once. Some of us keep doing it regularly.

Recently I realized that for the past to years I had been living in a blaming circumstances mode.

We had to move to the new country with my husband because of his work. One of my biggest dreams was to achieve professional growth. But I’ve got stuck in the new country and every day I tried to find at least 10 reasons why I couldn’t work or open a business there. I decided that I didn’t know language and culture good enough, the economic situation was inappropriate, that I needed to work more on my idea and so many other things.

So I basically put myself, my dreams and goals in a waiting mode for around two years, while complaining about not favorable circumstances.

But the thing is that I was the one who decided to do it, the one who went into deep thoughts instead of taking action, the one who created limits in my head.

And you know what is the most tricky thing about putting responsibility for your life on others? One day you realize that it is totally out of your control.

So did I. Nothing seemed to depend on me, so there was no point to try changing things.

In psychology this behavior called playing a victim role.

So here is the main rule. If you really want to implement changes in your life, don’t be afraid to take full responsibility for it. Your past, present, and future depends only on you.

No matter how hard you try to blame others for the events of your life, each event is the result of choices you’ve made.

Please notice, that blaming yourself for the past mistakes DOESN’T MEAN taking responsibility. Blaming yourself, same as blaming others means being a victim of circumstances.

Taking responsibility means forgiving yourself for the past mistakes, accepting your past and taking 100% of control over your present in order to achieve the things you want in the future.

In order to create a positive habit, I suggest you to go through a 7-day challenge.

The rules are very simple. For 7 days you WILL:

• Stop blaming yourself and others;

• Stop complaining;

• Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Once you pass the challenge, please share your experience in the comments below.

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How To Make Your Relationship Stronger

I truly believe that a strong relationship is based on love. However, love is not enough. In order to have a healthy relationship, both partners have to be willing to work on it.

In this article I would like to highlight the most important points based on personal experience to keep a relationship strong:

1. Share happy moments together.

They make any relationship better. Travel and spend the most important celebrations together. Try new activities like snowboarding, bungee jumping or any other one you’ve always wanted to.

Also, these real emotions will help you to understand each other better.

2. Remain positive and support your partner during difficult moments.

If your partner has difficult times, he needs support and energy from you. Even if a bad situation happened because of his mistake or somehow affects you, the last thing he needs from you is blaming or being constantly in a bad mood.

Accept any difficult situation as a challenge and try to remain enthusiastic.

3. Talk about what you like and dislike.

By saying about good things you show your appreciation and gratefulness for what your partner does and who he is. Some people forget to do it and concentrate only on negative moments, which is a mistake.

Some women actually take the following strategy, based on their feelings: they get upset because their partners did something wrong (at least they think so) ▶️they don’t talk about what happened however try to show their dissatisfaction in lots of hidden ways. Here is a trick. How their partners are supposed to understand that they did something wrong? Nobody even told them anything. What they see is a constantly angry or upset women who tries to keep distance for no reason.

Taking decisions based on emotions would be too easy. The only solution which can lead to a healthy relationship in this situation is to discuss.

And in most cases after discussion, lots of concerns and fares just go away.

4. Remember that your partners your choice.

And it should be respected. Listen to his needs and concerns, show that you hear him and try to make it better.

Avoid using sarcasm during a conflict, be patient and remain calm.

And never be afraid to say “sorry” if you know that you might insult your partner by words or actions.

5. Don’t compare your relations to anyone else’s.

First of all, something that you see around maybe just a nice picture (especially when it comes to Instagram and other social networks). Also, every relationship case is individual.

If Linda’s husband brings her flowers all the time with or without occasion, it doesn’t mean that your husband should start immediately doing the same thing.

So any time you want to compare, keep in your mind point 5. Compare to others only for the purpose of calling attention to a partner’s strengths and talents.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Ayutthaya

Three hundred years ago Ayutthaya was one of the largest cities in the world with a population of a million people. It was the capital of Siam and one of the most important trading capitals in the world.

Unfortunately, the city was invaded and destroyed by Burmese in 1767.

However, the series of temples ruins, statues and other important buildings have a huge historical significance and definitely worth to be seen.

1. Wat Phu Khao Thong

The name literally translates to “Monastery of the Golden Mount”. It’s usually the place most of the city tours start.

Take the stairs to the top, and enjoy the beautiful view of the city.

2. Wat Lokaya Sutha (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

Wat Lokaya Sutha is the restored ruin of a monastery located in northwest Ayutthaya.

The highlight of this ruin is the huge 42-meters-long smiling Buddha statue.

3. Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat is a royal temple in the central part of Ayutthaya. The construction of Wat Mahathat started in the 1370s, shortly after Ayutthaya was founded.

In 1767 it was set on fire as a result of Burmese attack.

One of the most important sights inside the complex is a large stone Buddha head overgrown by a huge tree.

Although the sizable temple was destroyed by the Burmese, a Buddha head miraculously survived. It is a famous location for taking pictures, that’s why usually there are many tourists around it.

3. Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Wat Phra Si Sanphet was built by King Boromatrailokanat in 1448 as his private chapel within the grounds of the former royal palace.

The main sight is the three huge stupas in a row, which are featured as the symbol of Ayutthaya.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet was once used for royal ceremonies and contained the ashes of royal family members.

4. Bang Pa-In Palace

Constructed in Ayutthaya in the 17th century, Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, known as the Summer Palace, is the former residence of the Thai monarchy, and is still used today as a site for royal retreats and holidays.

The palace is located 18 km from Ayutthaya Historical Park and is on the way from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

Though the temples and palaces are merely ruined now, they’re very picturesque and well maintained. Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to Ayutthaya and felt myself so much closer to Thai history after visiting it.

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How Having A Dog Changed My Life

I decided to write this article as while I was filling my Gratitude Journal, I realized that I am so grateful for having a dog in my life.

I should probably say, that many of us are never ready enough to have a dog. We are busy with work, want to travel in the future, change our houses, etc. So many of us are waiting for a perfect moment which probably will never happen.

And when my husband brought a small cute puppy, I felt like I wasn’t ready enough either.

But now, when I look back, I realize, that having a new member in our family made my life so much better. I found all the sources, like energy, time and finances because I knew that my dog loves me, so apparently, I really wanted to give it back.

So here are the reasons why my dog made me happier:

• She helps me to forget about my problems and be present.

When I play with her, I distract from worries and stress. I just relax and enjoy this process.

And even during the busy days, when she bring her toy bagging to play with her a big, I can’t say “no”.

• She makes me calm down and stay positive.

Even when I am angry or upset and thus cutie looks into my eyes, my heart is melting. I truly believe that animals fill the home with positive energy and absorb negative one.

The relation between human and dog truly means unconditional love. I know my dog loves me the way I am and I feel so much support from her even when everything goes upside down.

• I became more organized.

My dog gave me more motivation to wake up early to walk with her and to do same thing in the evening even if I feel like lying down on the sofa and watching TV. And you know what? I enjoy those walks so much. Walking with dog is so much more exciting than walking by myself.

Also I learnt how to plan my day the way I can spend some time with her.

Of course having dog is the huge responsibility. But my point is that it is absolutely worth it all!

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Healing Self-Criticism with Professional Photoshoot

Healing Self-Criticism with Professional Photoshoot

The way I saw myself fifteen or even ten years ago is very different from the way I see myself right now. Before I started my YouTube channel my self-critic was so high that I couldn’t even find strength for 2 years to watch the first video I uploaded on YouTube. So in the beginning, I was uploading literary with closed eyes. However, with time I learned some hacks which helped me to accept and love myself. Today I will share one of them with you.

Self-Criticizm Scale

So on the scale from 0 to 10, how much you criticize or hate something about yourself?

For me 10 years ago I had 2, now I would rate my self-critic at 9. I guess there is always something we want to improve in ourselves but generally, I love and accept 95% of myself. What about you? Share your results in the comments below.

Can Photography Help with Self-Criticizm?

Professional photography is one of the secrets to cure severe self-criticism. It will help you to see yourself from the other side and constructively judge what you should work on. The way we feel and the way we look may have a huge gap. Plus, often it is not even based on the real you, just on something you keep in your head what you heard from relatives, friends or other people. For me, the photoshoot was one of the most effective things not only to cure self-criticism but also to make myself prettier and more confident. On the contrary, the more you hate something about yourself and say bad words about your appearance, the uglier you become. No joke! The inner feeling with time affects our appearance. So start developing self-love, if you want with age to be more beautiful.

Why do I recommend to deal with Profesional photographers to cure self-criticism? Because they are true artists who can see the beauty in hidden parts of an object. Top photographers would see what others don’t and can show beauty even in strange and not attractive at first side things. This will help you to rethink and see you in another light.

Last but not least, if you are having real trouble to deal with self-criticism you can try out some of our courses and personal life coaching.

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5 Simple Habits That Will Make You Happier

All us know that it is needed to work out and follow healthy eating to be in good shape. But how many people really put effort to be happier?

Did you know that happiness also requires training and implementing some habits into daily life? Today we will talk about some of them:

• Gratitude Journal.

I can talk hours about the power of being thankful for the opportunities we have and moments which happen in our lives. It’s about our ability to notice all of these things. During the times when you feel depressed and lack of motivation, gratitude journal can help you so much. Just write 5 things you are thankful for daily. It shouldn’t be necessarily something big. You can be thankful for a beautiful walk after your work, a cup of coffee, meeting with the friend or just being healthy!

• Visualize your dreams.

Dreaming helps us to understand our goals better, be motivated to work harder and most importantly enjoy the process.

At the end of the day, happiness is about small things, not only big achievements!

• Feel the moment.

Most of people are always busy with either analyzing their past or worrying about their future. And what if we just relax a bit and start enjoying the moment!

• Forgive yourself and others for the past.

Blaming yourself or others is the most destructive feeling ever. While we blame, we put responsibility out of our shoulders and as a result don’t feel control of our lives.

I totally understand, sometimes there are reasons for that. And maybe your present isn’t the way you want to see it because of some past event. But you know what? We cannot change the past, so let’s put the future into our hands!

• Affirmations.

Affirmations describe a desired situation and goal. These are basically statements which help us to be positive about our lives. Once we constantly read them, we start concentrate our minds on positive things.

To make it easy for you, we already prepared beautiful affirmations for you! Just download here, put them as a cover photo for mobile devices and read 5 times a day.

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Do Not Weigh Yourself, If You Want to Lose Weight!

How to lose weight forever

After reading this article, you will learn the #1 tip on how to lose weight forever and achieve a perfect body. It sounds quite bold but this what I learn during the 30 years of losing and gaining weight. The things which work and the things which don’t. It is actually more simple than you think so let’s get straight to the point.

Why did I write to do not weigh yourself? Any ideas? Well, checking the weight on the daily and especially hourly basis leads to obsessive behavior rather than weight loss. First of all, your focus turns on the side that your body isn’t perfect, you are fat and think like this. This thought follows you during the day. Second, it leads to creating limitations for certain food so you are afraid to eat and gain more. As a result, brains so concentrated on food all the time which actually only elevates your desires for it. Probably, you can recall this experience, saying no to something and later having strong cravings for it.

So how to lose weight forever?

The only way to actually lose weight and keep it stable is….. is the self-love. Everything else such as different diets, crazy workouts will only make your weight situation worth in the long-term. Of course, in the short-term, you can see small results but the brain will back fire all your efforts.

Why does the self-love work miracles? When you love yourself you treat your body, you fuel it with healthy food, you don’t allow others to speak disrespectful about it and you never say mean stuff to yourself. You workout with self-respect rather than trying to kill yourself on the treadmill. This also leads to more consistent and enjoyable visits to the gym. You will never overeat because this would create self-hate and physiological pain. And even if you make a small mistake, you forgive yourself and avoid it in future.

How often is good to weigh yourself?

In my opinion, it is great to check your weight once a month. It is enough to get an overview and reflect on the previous month. Just to see, if you are making an improvement or the opposite. For sure we need checking points but do it from the place of self-love and self-respect. Once you will learn to love every cell of your body, the issues with the weight will be solved in a matter of half a year. You will have different food preferences and body treatment routine. Just try this approach and you will see.

This is a very big subject and we will cover it fully in our new course 7 Days to Unconditional Self-Love. Also, feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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Why Daydreaming Is Good For You

Do you remember yourself as a child? I bet you had so many wishes and dreams and by the way, you were pretty clear about what you want. We grow up, get more rational…And also extremely busy with work. Some of us are so busy with daily routine that simply forget about global aims.

Today we are going to discuss the positive effects of daydreaming:

• It makes our goals more clear

The vast majority of people don’t have any achievements in life because they’ve tried to set any goals.

If you are one of them, we have good news for you! Even a short 5 minutes dreaming every day is a great start to implement positive changes.

When we dream, our goals get clear and our brain starts thinking how to achieve it.

• It makes us more inspired and in a good mood

Imagine your morning, which you start not from worries and rush, but from dreaming about places you want to go, people, you want to meet, things you want to learn.

I am sure that even such a small exercise can set positive vibes for the day.

Plus, if we visualize the result of our hard work, the process by itself will look more exciting.

• It helps to erase boundaries

How often do you respond to someone’s suggestions with the sentences which start “I don’t think we can…”, “It’s impossible…”?

We have so many limits in our heads, that they don’t let us grow.

Good thing, that while dreaming you don’t need to think about limits anymore. You are constantly practicing to think beyond the box, and even though it is just for 5 minutes daily, the result will appear very soon.

I hope this article was houseful for you.

If you want to know more about how to live a more happy and fulfilled life, check out our Detox Your Mind Course.

And now I want to suggest you a 7 days challenge.

You need to daydream about anything you want for 5 minutes when you wake up or go to bed.

Please share your impressions in comments once you complete it.

5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep

In the present world, each of us has so many tasks, commitments, and challenges on a daily basis. Stressful life affects the quality of our sleep tremendously. In this article we will share with you 5 ways to achieve perfect sleep:

No digital devices one hour before you want to go to bed.

Checking social networks, emails, messages make our brain work and we want it to calm down at this time. Spend this hour for cleaning home, reading a book, talking to your family or doing some beauty procedures.

• Avoid eating heavy food or drinking coffee in the evening.

Caffeine is the stimulant that will keep you awake. And regarding food, if you have a heavy stomach, you will hardly be able to sleep well. Some light salad and herbal tea would be a perfect option for dinner.

• Take at least short, 20 min walk in the evening.

Fresh air is an essential part of good sleep. Apart from this, it helps to refresh the mind. I personally feel burnt out if I stay inside the whole day long. Just put sport shoes and walk a bit for 20 or 30 min. Trust me on that, you will sleep much better afterward.

• Exercise regularly.

Exercise will help you to fall asleep faster as long as it’s done in the morning or at least 3 hours before you go to sleep. It should be an essential part of life if you have stressful work as well.

• Create a perfect sleep environment.

You sleep environment drastically impacts your health. Make sure that light is switched off while you are sleeping. Get your bedroom as dark as possible. The presence of blue light can also disrupt sleep, that’s why I recommend to switch off all technical devices including WIFI or move them to another room. Make sure that the temperature in the room is comfortable for you and there is enough fresh air. Putting green plants in the room and buying air purifiers is a great decision. I personally put fried lava see flowers inside my pillow, it helps me to get more relaxed.

We talk more about this topic in our new “7 Days to Love Waking Up at 6 am”  Course.

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Want to Wake Up at 6 am? Here are the ​Easiest Steps

Wake Up at 6 am Online Course

To wake up at 6 am is easier than you think…

In fact, anyone can become an early riser with 3 rules I am about to share with you today. These rules are from my course, 7 Days to Love Waking Up at 6 am. However, if you just read it without doing it, it will not magically change your morning routine. You have to try, discipline yourself and put a tiny bit of effort.

3 Golden Rules to Wake Up at 6 am

  1. Do not use your phone or even touch it from 9 pm. This rule will help you relax your brain activities and eyes in order to get that lovely stress-free and super relaxing sleep. By playing, texting and etc. you overwhelm yourself with all the worries and problems of other people. Try to focus only on yourself at least 1 hr before bed. You can go for a short walk without your phone, organize your home, prepare an outfit for tomorrow, take a relaxing bath and do many other things. This will keep you relaxed and prepare for deep sleep.
  2. Be in bed by 10 pm. This is the line in your schedule which you have to draw and strictly follow. If you want to love and enjoy your early rises there is no other way than to sleep earlier. By constantly obeying this rule don’t even dream to be an early riser for long. Your body needs love and proper rest on a daily basis. So even if you don’t feel like sleeping, just lay in bed, relax your body, your mind & let go of all the thoughts. You can also do meditation for better sleep.
  3. Jump out of bed at 6 am. No matter what time you manage to fall asleep yesterday, you have to be on your feet at 6. This will help you to readjust your schedule and make an early rise as a habit. Once you woke up, make your bad, wash your face and follow the prepared schedule. And yes, I do advice to prepare some moring rutine or a sort of schedule the way you want to fill this presious morning time. If you can’t choose the activities which will put you in a top state for the day, check out my course, 7 Days to Kick-Start Morning Ritual. This couse are full of top empowering morning activities.

Last but not least, the willpower is not lasting for long but habits do. Once you make sleeping and waking up as a routine, you will be amazed at how effortlessly you will wake up at 6 am. Also, if you need help and more guidance to change your habits, we have online courses as well as life coaching programs.

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