Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler CC, REVIEW

This is an update about the CC Cream from Eucerin. After trying it for a couple of months, I want to share its plusses and minuses. I already did a review on YouTube but it was more of the first impression and today we will go more in depth how it stood the test of time.


  1. Very nice hydrating texture, skin looks glowing and happy with it.
  2. It has SPF 15 so it will protect the face from damaging sun effect. Great for the beach and daily use.
  3. Good to go on its own. It works great without additional face cream.
  4. Great quality and reliable skincare brand.


  1. Medium color too dark for my skin. Next time I will need to choose a lighter shade.
  2. If you apply cream before, it might be too many products for your skin and it will not lay very nice. Product looks darker in some areas and not easy to blend for a flawless look.
  3. This is a very light coverage so do not expect that it will transform your skin if you have many skin problems. Change your diet first to get good balance skin texture.

Last but not least, Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler CC Cream is a great product. Just make sure, you are choosing the right color and do not apply so many skincare products with it. This CC cream will protect and hydrate your face and will give you a healthy glowing look on the long term. Please leave the comments below if you already tried it and if you have a favorite Eucerin product.

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Filorga, Flash Nude Fluid Foundation​ with SPF 30

Flash Nude Fluid Foundation is a new bee on the market so of course, I was curious to try it out. I am personally a big fan of this brand and I like 95% of the products they produce. I haven’t tried everything that is why I keep a 5% gap, just in case. Nevertheless to me, it is reliable skin care which maintains beautiful and young skin texture.

This new foundation I have been testing for a week and here is what I really think about it. Flash Nude Fluid

  1. Has a little bit oily and full texture which will give life to your skin and make a natural glowy look.
  2. Hydrates skin quite well so your face will feel perfect even if you skip the face cream in your morning routine. To me it is enough with an eye cream and serum, followed by Filorga fluid.
  3. Protects from the harsh sun and fast aging. Foundation has SPF 30, UVA and UVB  filters.
  4. Does not have full coverage. It only improves the skin tone but not covers scars or acne.

I haven’t read and research any information about this product so it is 100% from my own feeling and experience. Let me know if tried it out and what is your favorite day foundation?

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Dubai Flea Market. My Crazy Wild Experience​

This weekend I had an unbelievable experience which I wanted to share. For the first time, I went to the flea market to sell my old stuff which I don’t use much. I had no idea what to expect if I will sell anything at all and if it would be worth paying a participation fee. So I took all possible items from the house to try my chances. For example, I brought new makeup, uncomfortable shoes, used cloth, home decor, pillows, chargers, even old magazines :)))

Once me and my friend have arrived, we chose the best possible stand and we had an hour of an absolute disaster. People were running to us and destroying things. We tried to tell, plz come back after 30 min so we fix the stand but they were really wild. Never saw anything like this… So basically we couldn’t even put everything nicely on the table as well as to track who is holding what, so some of our items were stolen in the crowd. After everyone calmed down, we put the rest on the table. Actually, we sold almost everything we brought and left the market around 4 pm. Coming there with a full car and leaving just with my camera, magazines and a few small expensive items. I notice that people buy things in a range of 1-50 AED and more expensive things better to resale on Dubizzle/eBay.

It was a bit wild day but very productive. Getting extra cash for things which just laying around the house and taking space, to me it is a triple win. You get more storage, money and other people enjoy staff which you don’t even need. So I will definitely participate in the flea market again and will keep it as a habit to go there at least once a year.


  1. Arrive at the opening time to get a good table. Choose someplace in the middle, this is where all people will be circling most of the time.
  2. Once you arrive, put on the table cheap things and not so many because, in the beginning, people behave like… how to say correctly… a little bit wild destroying things, plus some stilling. They don’t give you time to arrange the stand first hour so keep an eye.
  3. Also, a great idea will be to share a stand with a friend so you get a better profit and have a fun company.

About the Market

  • Place: Al Barsha Pond Park, Flea Market
  • Time: Friday, 10:00-17:00
  • Price: 300 AED, you have to book in advance

Self-Love, Where to start?

I guess many of us if not all, been in a situation where people around mistreat us. I suggest once and for all take ownership of this. Yes, you read it correctly, you are the one who responsible who people around treat you. You are the root of everything that is going on. People only take place in your life which you allow them to take.

So if you don’t love yourself, no one else will.

Sounds rough but better to realize the truth to analyze your mistakes and improve the situation. Self-love starts within you and spreads around as love to those around. When you respect your time, your body, your partner, nobody will dare to disrespect. And if they will then after seeing the way you behave, they change or adjust their behavior right away. For example, if you keep telling everyone how fat you are, it is a matter of time when people around you will start to call you fat. So respect your body love it and of course do everything it takes to make it perfect. The same goes for everything else…

But the question of the day, if you hate yourself so much for whatever reason how to change it? How to actually start loving yourself? How to practice and express self-love?

Start from small baby steps:

  1. After the shower, put cream on your body with love and care. Think about what do you love about it…
  2. Buy yourself a few nice face products. Such small gestures will give a sense of self-care. Of course, throw all creams, you deserve to have the new ones.
  3. Give yourself some gifts from time to time. It is great to give things to others but never to forget about yourself.
  4. Declutter your house, live in a clean environment.
  5. Give away some old clothes and buy a few new outfits every month. Don’t wear old staff to punish yourself that you are not pretty or have a perfect body.
  6. The list can go endless but I would like you to come up with your self-love rituals. Please share them in the comments down below, it might help others to get more ideas about where to start.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I will see you in the next post :))) Waiting for your comments.

Soap and Glory Haul. Testing New Hair Products and Face Mask

Today, I will review 4 Soap & Glory products which I got in my GlamBox package. I came accross this brand 5 years ago and I like many of their body products. However, I never tried hair products or face masks before so let see how it will work.

1. Curls Allowed Shampoo – I don’t have a curly hair but still I am amaized by the shampoo. The texture is like nothing I experienced before. It is so consentrated and give lots and lots of foam. Absolutly in love with it and can’t wait to try their shampoo for fine hair. Wonder if it will work even better for my hair type.

2. Curls Allowed Conditioner – This product is from the same line as shampoo. The texture is very light weight, more into the range of hair serum. Smell is very present and super soft comparing with the majority of Soap & Glory range. It just keep my hair detangle and light weight.

3. Split Happens Conditioning Styling Oil – This one is my favorite from all the products I was trying today. It smells heavenly and it gives hair perfect shine without weighing them down. Plus, it have heat protection which just perfect if you are reagular user of hair styling tools. I guess this bottle will last for me a couple of years but I would deffinitly consider to get another one. By far it is one of the best hair oil on the market.

4. The Fab Pore, Pore-Refining Face Mask – The mask is my least favorite of all the products. It made me feel so cold like it is -30* at home. Can’t say that it did something to my pores but I deffinitly felt for super hot shower after it. This one I deffinitly not going to buy.

Let me now what is your favorite products of Soap & Glory in the comments below. Also, if you tried some of the products I reviewd, I would love to know your oppinion.

Ladies Club DXB

The cycle of people moving to Dubai and leaving it is endless.  Therefore most of the people here are lonely, they don’t have their old friends and families around. Plus to find new friends in a foreign country sometimes can be really hard. So me and my friends, we build a little community which helps ladies to build a friendship and do girls’ fun stuff together. In fact, this is how I met many girls who became my best friends in Dubai.

The main theme of our group is beautiful photos for social media, the discovery of stylish coffee shops, Dubai art events and of course, attending fashion shows. If these activities allies with your interests, then you should deffinitly join us. It doesn’t matter if you are not great at photography, style or fashion, we will get better at it together. The most important is your passion for fashion, photography, and beauty.

List of Upcoming Events & Workshops

WORKSHOP: iPhone Photography & Editing Secrets

If you want to get lots of stunning photos for the week, you should definitely join us for a fun and productive Friday morning photoshoot. Dubai based blogger @Yanallure sharing her secrets on how to take photos on your iPhone and edit them right away with the free apps.

  • 9:00 – photoshoot around the set location
  • 10:30 – chatting in a coffee shop and editing taken photos
  • 11:30 – posing new photos on social media


  1. Choose and wear your desired outfit for a photoshoot
  2. Download free apps Lightroom CC and Facetune 2
  3. Take your fully charged iPhone with you or camera if you have

“Most of the photos you see on my social media, I take with the iPhone. The eye for the place, light and editing style, these what really make a big difference.”


Time: Every Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

We choose a different location every week which will be shared with you prior to the event. Mostly photoshoots are in Downtown, Design District, Jumeirah, JBR or The Palm Jumeirah. This is a great way to start your day, learn new skills and get new friends. We will share all the secrets you need to know for the professional looking photos without any expensive equipment. To contact us, email at or send what’s app to +971 5575 55870.

Perfect Breakfast​ at Brambles Cafe, Dubai

Would you like to eat something super delicious and special but healthy at the same time? Then there is the place just for you, The Brambles Cafe on Barsha Heights, Dubai. I think it is the coolest cafe in the area. I know the area is not so fancy but the cafe is really really worth trying.

Being in Dubai for quite a while, I am more and more careful with the food. In fact, from thousands of places here, only 10% is really good and my aim to find them and share it with you. When I came across Brambles, I was so amazed by the quality of the food, prices, and place, that the same day I started to wave about it to all my friends. It is really really good. For this kind of money, you will not find better food in Dubai. If you find let me know but I doubt. The dishes I would recommend you to try is Spicy Egg, Acai Bawl with berries and special spicy coffee with chocolate taste (can’t remember the name). Of course, everything I had was absolutely excellent but those just grabbed my attention.

The interior is also very cute, done in the pink tones with big windows, and flowers. A simple, stylish and cozy place to meet with friends. Last but not least, the metro station is right outside, if you don’t drive a car and if you drive, there are lots of free parking around the building. Really convenient for all kinds of people with different lifestyle yet the same goal to feel great after the meal. Once you try it let me know what do you think about this place and what was your favorite dish?

  • Place – Brambles Cafe, Metrocentre Hotel, Al Barsha Hights
  • Food – Northern California style
  • Quality  – excellent, healthy and delicious 
  • Prices- $$
  • Parking – free parking right next to the cafe


PRESTIGE Matte Lip Tints Review

I got 4 beautiful lipsticks from Prestige, which I will be reviewing today.  It is my first time coming across this brand so if you already know some of their products do let me know so I try it out. The lip tints that I got has a great long lasting texture which will stay on your lips throughout the day. So it is almost like a tattoo lipstick with which you can eat, drink and possibly kiss. Nowadays, most of the brands have similar products in their cosmetic line. I guess the only point from which Prestige Cosmetics would stand out, is the price range. In a few words, I would describe them as “Good Product and Good Price”.

All four colors that I got are perfect and suit me so well for different occasions.

  1. Racy – beautiful lip tint for daily wear, it has very light pink almost nude color. Such color has been around for many years and usually, it is favorite among blonde, barbie girls type.
  2. Superb – great for autumn season and evening wear, has more defined dark pink color to it. This shade is very trendy right now, especially in the Middle East.
  3. Mystery – this is a very special color for a very special dress. I would mostly wear it in the evening.
  4. Dazzle – beautiful classic red shade. This one is all times lipstick, super classic and super elegant. For those who love red lips, it is a perfect choice.

So there are lots of great options from this lovely brand. The only minus I felt while using those lip tints is lips doesn’t feel very silky. As the texture is bit grainy, but apart from this, it does the job perfectly.


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GOLD COLLAGEN Review. Younger Skin in 30 Days

As many of you already know from my Instagram, I started using collagen supplements from awesome brand Gold Collagen. The brand sent me a 30-days program and at first, I didn’t even care much about it until I actually tried it.

So the package came with 3 heavy boxes of collagen mini bottles, the weight was more than 3 kg. Each box contains 10 bottles, so you can create your own collagen program for 10, 20, 30 days or even longer. Besides, I received amazing collagen masks for every week of the program. So beauty transformation within 30 days, guaranteed from the inside as well as outside. Also, this collagen infused with lots of other vitamins which contributes to your beauty and healthy spirit. While recording the video, I learned that Gold Collagen have programs for women 25+ Pure which I do, 40+ Forte and a special line for men. All products are made in U.K. and passed lots of labs tests for maximum effect.

I found very handy to take this little bottle every morning before my breakfast and so easy to drink on the go. No need to think about taking water or having a hard time swallowing it. So from my personal experience, it is the best collagen I have ever used. Once I finish my 30-Days program I will record another before and after review so subscribe to receive a notification and follow me on Instagram @yanallure. Last but not least, if you also tired Gold Collagen please share your experience, would love to know the results you got. Or about some other awesome products that you love.


Flair No 5 Ritz-Carlton DIFC, Dubai

The new hot lounge in Dubai, Flair No 5 which located in Ritz-Carlton DIFC. A super cool place to spend time with your friends, especially with their new concept of the Wonderland Party every Monday. Here you can relax after your work with delicious food, easy-going ambience and great DJ sets. The place works till 2 am so hope you are the lucky one who doesn’t need to work on Tuesday. In both cases, Flair No 5 is a great spot to catch up with friends and have a fun time. Plus you can come any other day as well.

The food is excellent, everything super high-quality and delicious of course. In the menu, you will surely find something you will like with lots of sharing options. The decor of Flair No 5 done in a New York style, very spacious and with lots of nice sofa lounges. In the middle, there is also a bar for those who just came for drinks or waiting to get sited. The only drawback you may have is the weather. The whole restaurant is located outdoor and there is no ACs nor heaters. So make sure you chose a good day to visit. For me, I wasn’t that lucky as the weather was a bit hot but I bet within a couple of weeks would be awesome during November and till March.

  • Location – Flair No 5, Ritz-Carlton DIFC
  • Cuisine – modern europian 
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – great
  • Service – very good
  • Ambiance – relaxing
  • Parking – easy valet parking at the hotel, so just stamp your ticket before leaving
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – 9/10, the one is missing because of the weather

SUKIN Australian​ Skincare Review

Recently I came across new skincare brand SUKIN. I was invited to their event at Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai and got a chance to learn about their products. It is an Australian brand which makes skincare in a sustainable way that will not harm your skin as well as nature. All products are suitable for vegans, has no artificial fragrances, free of petrochemicals and other harmful stuff. After the event, SUKIN team gave me 4 products to test it out and share my opinion about them. I have been using products for 2 weeks and here what I think about it.


  1. Energising Body Scrab (Coffee&Coconut) – very nice scrab and to me it is a great substitute to shower gels. It keeps my skin hydrated with perfect wake-up coffee scent for the morning.
  2. Detoxifying Facial Scrab (Super Greens) – great texture for the face scrub but sad it doesn’t extra clean the skin, just remove some dead cells, I guess. Would love if it would really get the detox effect but I haven’t felt that. However, the great thing that it balances out the skin, doesn’t make it oily or overdry it.
  3. Anti-Pollution Facial Masque (Oil Balancing) – very nice face masque which helps to survive in the polluted cities. It has a very soft nice texture which lives skin radiant and full of life.
  4. Paw Paw Ointment – great product for those who have a problem with chapped lips but I personally use it for elbows. It makes over dry skin extra soft within seconds.

So I did like the idea behind the brand and the quality of the products. I am not sure if I would purchase the same products from these lines but I would be definitely interested in trying more of SUKIN products. If you have favorites please recommend me so I check it out next time.

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LEVEE Café on La Mer Beach, Dubai

IMG_9764Dubai never stops improving and developing so last year the new area popped up, La Mer. The place is close to downtown and holds lots of restaurants, cafes, entertainments and beautiful long beach.  Super nice and fashionable, in fact, a great spot to take photos. I haven’t tried many restaurants there but I am absolutely in love with Levee Cafe. Wanted to try it for a very long time and once I did, keep coming back every week. The  style of their food is contemporary French. Sound like I am talking about an art… but their food it is done in a very stylish manner. Also, it tastes great without some crazy things, just simple dishes in a fashionable manner. For me, Levee Cafe is one of the best spots for a breakfast. There is a quiet ambiance, beautiful decor, stunning view, and delicious food.  So if you are living close to downtown, definitely go for a nice relaxing breakfast on the beach. Plus after you are done, you can get some tan, swim and chill with your friends.

  • Location – Downtown Dubai, La Mer, Levee Café
  • Cuisine – French
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – beautiful
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – relaxing
  • Parking – very easy and free
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – very very nice, will be coming back to this place


My Trip to Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Louvre is one of the most popular and well know gallery around the world. Now it is located not only in Paris but Abu Dhabi as well. It was on my list for quite some time and finally, I got the chance to visit it. Honestly, it was impressive to see it, such a stunning architecture and location. Great spot for some fashion photography since its designed in ultra-modern style. Plus the whole gallery surrounded by water which makes it even more incredible. Of course, the one in Paris holds more artworks but the art selection in the Abu Dhabi branch is great as well. I think to see everything inside you will need at least 4 hours. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and consider this place as a must-see for tourists.




GlamBox Event at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

This September GlamBox hosted a wonderful event at Atlantis The Palm, Nobu Restaurant. The organization, beauty brands, and the venue was beyond my expectation. In fact, I always feel very honorable to be invited to GlamBox as I stand by their brand and products selection. During the event, I had a chance to speak directly with representatives of fabulous brands from the September issue. Below you can see the products which I got and soon will be trying and reviewing.


For those who never came across GlamBox, in brief, it is a company which sends on monthly basis selection of beauty products. So every month is a surprise but always in the most wonderful way. Every time I get in the box something I love using and excited to recommend. So by just apply for a membership, you can be the lucky one who receives beauty surprises every month.

Here is what came in the September 2018 box,

My Sugar Hangover Experience​

Sugar hangover is real. Before I used to think that hangover happens only from the excessive amount of alcohol but after not having any for more than half year, I experienced another type of hangover, sugar one. It sounds strange and maybe not so many people can relate but this is what happened to me.

Yesterday, I ate so much of mass-market chocolate, 4 bars to be exact. I don’t know what happened and why I did it. Nevertheless, today not only mentally I felt bad but physically as well. It was harder to wake up, my eyes were so slippy and mind very blurry. I felt like having a real hangover. I probably wouldn’t pay much attention to this situation but I was noticing for many months that every time I eat lots of sugar, the eyes feel tired and thinking processes not as sharp, everything feels foggy and unclear.

That is why today I decided to do my little research if such thing as Sugar Hangover even exist and I bumped to so many articles. In fact, I realized that lots of people experience similar thing after eating lots of sweets. Here are is the most common outcomes people experience,

  • Foggy mind and blurred thinking
  • Fatigue during the day
  • Gas and bloating
  • A headache
  • Joint pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin problems
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Mood swings

So if you have some of these things after eating sweets or on the next day, now you know why. Sugar is truly dangerous when a person consumes more than 30 g a day. A little bit can be beneficial to the brain but lots of it is absolutely harmful. Moreover, sugar is more addictive than the majority of heavy drugs. So quitting it is almost impossible and controlling it is hard as well. It’s like if a person tries to control drug addiction, same happens with sugar. If you have been in this situation and need help or support, I encourage you to become a member of our Facebook group. Also, feel free to write about your sugar hangover experience in the comments below.

Yves Rocher Shower Gels, Review of 5 Scents

Recently I got 5 different shower gels from Yves Rocher and decided to review it. The reason I go so many is that they were on discount and my mom love this company. Not sure why because to me they like any other mass-market companies but anyway it’s nice to try new products. So from 5 of these scents, 3 is more on the hydrating side and 2 more like a regular shower gel type. All have very nice and pleasant smell, the texture is liquidish and easy to pure it from the boutle. Comparing with other creamy texture shower gels, these are really liqid. Nevertheless, they really do the work, have nice foam and easy to apply. After a shower, their scents stay for 10 min or so. At least I do not notice it after 10 min. So here is the review of every scent,

  • Grains de Café du Brésil – this one is perfect for the morning since it has a very pleasant coffee smell. It is more on the worm sweet coffee side, great for coffee lovers.
  • Feve de Cacao d’Afrique – very nice sent for chocolate lovers and evening showers. Personally, I love sweets so I enjoy getting into the cloud of chocolate and warm sweetness. Why to eat chocolate when you can put it all over your body :)))
  • Noix de Macadamia du Guatemala – this is my most favorite one for the evening. I just love macadamia smell and would purchase it in any hair care or skin care products. It gives me the feeling of coziness and warmth with a tropical twist.
  • Orange de Floride – very refreshing and sweet flavored orange. This is a great one for the morning. I love using it after my workout since it gives the splash of jucy cintrus scent. The texture is very liquid, east to apply, foams really well.
  • Pastèque d’Astrakhan – this smell is perfect for girls. I totally see it as my baby sister favorite one. I think teenage girls will have fun with this scent. It is a very nice sweet watermelon smell, perfect for morning jucy splash.

After a week of using all 5 scents by me, mom, dad & sis, I did an observation which ones are the most popular in our family. So the Macadamia smell is 1st, orange -2nd, 3rd – cocoa, coffee on the 4th place and watermelon got the 5th place. I hope this review was helpful, please feel free to share your experiences of Yves Rocher products and I would love to know which is your favorite one? Maybe you can also recommend me what to try next time.