About Us

Comany & Our Team

HeyHappyBae’s mission is to help women all over the world to increase happiness and fulfillment in life. We truly believe that taking care of yourself and becoming your bae first is the most important work you should be doing.

During our journey of challenging living conditions, unsuccessful relationships, and different career trials, we learned and discovered so much. This is why we are determined to help ladies with similar issues through HeyHappyBae project. Honestly speaking our team members weren’t born with a silver spoon in the mouth, and none of us won the birth lottery. Everything was achieved with the right mindset and powerful self-development techniques. These allowed us to have so many awesome life experiences and the lifestyle, which aligns with our mind, heart, and soul.

Founders of HeyHappyBae

HeyHappyBae was established on the base of a solid friendship between Yana and Miroslava. “We met on Fashion Event in Atlantis and both loved blogging industry at that time”, Yana. “I remenber that we even created amaizing photography club for women in Dubai”, Slava. Our photo club was a success ang grew so fast until we decided to move from Dubai. They got to know each other in 2014 during t blogging Both founders over 7 years, which started due to our interest in fashion. On the weekly basis we were gathring with girls which opened up the eyes that there are something deeper than only taking photos of each other. There was emotial support and help that they needed. I’d say it’s real sweet as not so many marriages last that long (wink wink). We are a fab team of strong and cool women, who complement each other with varied skill set. Plus, we are so passionate about helping other women the best way we can.

Yana Andreeva

CEO & Happiness Coach

For more than 10 years, I have been researching the secrets of life and constantly working on myself. I learned quite a lot about different aspects of happiness, how to attract great opportunities, create a balanced lifestyle, be healthy and live like my true self. My life mission now is to share this knowledge and help women around me. Anyone can get an amazing life, it is just a matter of dedication and knowledge about how to get there. To know more about me and my life feel free to follow me on Instagram @yanallure .

Slava Spaska

PR & Marketing Director

For more than 5 years I worked in fashion and retail industry. Lived in three different countries throughout my life and learnt how to find personal harmony living to the best of my potential. A happy wife for five years and counting. Love traveling and photography. If you want to know more about me, please check my personal blog on Instagram @stylewithslava

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