How to Set Your Goals for the New Year

2019 is almost over and New Year is just a perfect time to start implementing positive changes. But in order to move in the right direction, you definitely need a good plan.

Actually, I love the end of December. It is such a magical time when I think what my priorities will be during the next year, which goals need to be achieved and which dreams need to come true.

New  Year goals

Knowing what you want is already a big deal. That’s why I push everyone to listen to yourselves during this month.

Here are the most important lists which I truly believe everyone should write.

• Analyze your achievements during the past year.

Definitely, you should start by analyzing your last year. How did it go? Which goals were achieved? Are you generally happy about 2019? If not, why?

Even if you aren’t happy about this year, don’t be afraid to analyze the possible reasons. Learning from your own mistakes is very important to let an upcoming year go smoothly.

• Set your goals for the New Year

You want this to be an amazing year right? Then you need to make goals, so after achieving them you will feel proud of yourself.

Few simple rules: your goals should be realistic and achievable; they should sound very clear; there shouldn’t be too many of them; next to each goal you need to write 5 mechanisms to achieve it.

Yearly planner

Just to make it easy, define the most important areas of your life (personal; professional; social; physical, etc.) and create 1 goal for each of them.

It shouldn’t be more than 5 to 6 goals altogether.

• Write your top 50 wishes for 2020

I truly believe that my life depends on me. And I can make it beautiful or horrible. So just to add some enthusiasm and positive vibes, I love to create top 50 wishes list just to make little gifts for myself when I feel so.

Unlike setting up your goals, here you don’t need to think too much. Maybe you always wanted to start painting or taking pictures, visiting new countries, reading new books or changing your hairstyle. Write your 50 wishes, some small things which can make you happier. And each time you feel a lack energy or oppositely want to gratitude yourself for good work, open the list and make one of your wishes true.

Success! You're on the list.

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