Will He Treat You Better, If You Lose Weight?

If you are aiming to improve the way people are treating you, keep reading. Because just losing weight aren’t good enough.

No one will respect or love you more until you improve the way you respect, treat and love yourself. As simple as that.

The question, I got was about weight but in reality, it is not only about weight, losing or gaining. In fact, to make people treat you differently, you should do whatever it takes to make the best version of yourself. Love yourself to the extent that you wouldn’t put junk in your mouth, that you would run to the gym to look more fabulous in all outfits, be super healthy and keep working on your personality. Everything that will make you look better, feel more gorgeous and give higher confidence, you HAVE to go for it. Only with this approach the way people treated you will change. And actions speak louder than words. Especially, actions of true self-love.

I can give you a simple example, imagine that you got a guest at your home. The person who came looks messy, not fit, someone who eats junk and speaks nonsense. How would you treat him or her? Will you give this person your reserved wine and cut the best cheese or put the best snacks you got? Then imagine, that you got another guest a friend who is well dressed, super fit, who knows how to present her/himself from the best side. How would you treat such a person? I am sure you will make an extra effort to please him/her. So on which side would you like to be?

The idea, I am the way I am and will never change is just an excuse and not in trend anymore. Nowadays, there are so many techniques to improve yourself. As a Life Coach, I guided many people throw this hard self-development process.

I bet after this example you got the picture, how people perceive each other. We all say do not judge a book by its cover but unfortunately, we all do. This is why top politicians, top celebrities are trying to dress and look their best. Of course, the choice is yours but always remember, if you want anybody to treat you better, treat yourself better first and others will follow.

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