Do Not Weigh Yourself, If You Want to Lose Weight!

After reading this article, you will learn the #1 tip on how to lose weight forever and achieve a perfect body. It sounds quite bold but this what I learn during the 30 years of losing and gaining weight. The things which work and the things which don’t. It is actually more simple than you think so let’s get straight to the point.

Why did I write to do not weigh yourself? Any ideas? Well, checking the weight on the daily and especially hourly basis leads to obsessive behavior rather than weight loss. First of all, your focus turns on the side that your body isn’t perfect, you are fat and think like this. This thought follows you during the day. Second, it leads to creating limitations for certain food so you are afraid to eat and gain more. As a result, brains so concentrated on food all the time which actually only elevates your desires for it. Probably, you can recall this experience, saying no to something and later having strong cravings for it.

So how to lose weight forever?

The only way to actually lose weight and keep it stable is….. is the self-love. Everything else such as different diets, crazy workouts will only make your weight situation worth in the long-term. Of course, in the short-term, you can see small results but the brain will back fire all your efforts.

Why does the self-love work miracles? When you love yourself you treat your body, you fuel it with healthy food, you don’t allow others to speak disrespectful about it and you never say mean stuff to yourself. You workout with self-respect rather than trying to kill yourself on the treadmill. This also leads to more consistent and enjoyable visits to the gym. You will never overeat because this would create self-hate and physiological pain. And even if you make a small mistake, you forgive yourself and avoid it in future.

How often is good to weigh yourself?

In my opinion, it is great to check your weight once a month. It is enough to get an overview and reflect on the previous month. Just to see, if you are making an improvement or the opposite. For sure we need checking points but do it from the place of self-love and self-respect. Once you will learn to love every cell of your body, the issues with the weight will be solved in a matter of half a year. You will have different food preferences and body treatment routine. Just try this approach and you will see.

This is a very big subject and we will cover it fully in our new course 7 Days to Unconditional Self-Love. Also, feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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