Want to Wake Up at 6 am? Here are the ​Easiest Steps

To wake up at 6 am is easier than you think…

In fact, anyone can become an early riser with 3 rules I am about to share with you today. These rules are from my course, 7 Days to Love Waking Up at 6 am. However, if you just read it without doing it, it will not magically change your morning routine. You have to try, discipline yourself and put a tiny bit of effort.

3 Golden Rules to Wake Up at 6 am

  1. Do not use your phone or even touch it from 9 pm. This rule will help you relax your brain activities and eyes in order to get that lovely stress-free and super relaxing sleep. By playing, texting and etc. you overwhelm yourself with all the worries and problems of other people. Try to focus only on yourself at least 1 hr before bed. You can go for a short walk without your phone, organize your home, prepare an outfit for tomorrow, take a relaxing bath and do many other things. This will keep you relaxed and prepare for deep sleep.
  2. Be in bed by 10 pm. This is the line in your schedule which you have to draw and strictly follow. If you want to love and enjoy your early rises there is no other way than to sleep earlier. By constantly obeying this rule don’t even dream to be an early riser for long. Your body needs love and proper rest on a daily basis. So even if you don’t feel like sleeping, just lay in bed, relax your body, your mind & let go of all the thoughts. You can also do meditation for better sleep.
  3. Jump out of bed at 6 am. No matter what time you manage to fall asleep yesterday, you have to be on your feet at 6. This will help you to readjust your schedule and make an early rise as a habit. Once you woke up, make your bad, wash your face and follow the prepared schedule. And yes, I do advice to prepare some moring rutine or a sort of schedule the way you want to fill this presious morning time. If you can’t choose the activities which will put you in a top state for the day, check out my course, 7 Days to Kick-Start Morning Ritual. This couse are full of top empowering morning activities.

Last but not least, the willpower is not lasting for long but habits do. Once you make sleeping and waking up as a routine, you will be amazed at how effortlessly you will wake up at 6 am. Also, if you need help and more guidance to change your habits, we have online courses as well as life coaching programs.

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