How Self-Love Leads to Positive Changes in Your Body

I decided to write an article on this topic because only recently I realized how this rule works. And it was an amazing discovery.
So many women think that if they criticize themselves and their bodies, it will grow their motivation to lose weight, start doing sport, attend beautician regularly, etc.

But isn’t it a bit discouraging either? Last year, I considerably gained weight. And each time after checking it, I used to blame myself for eating too much, not doing sport regularly, letting my weight to increase that much and so many other things. As a result, I felt so upset and negative about myself that I didn’t have any energy to change my lifestyle and do something about this extra pounds, which I definitely didn’t feel comfortable about.

I am sure each of you had a similar situation at least once.
But if you completely change the overall approach? If you will start implementing these changes because you love, not hate yourself?

Do you want to harm people which you love or make them feel bad? So why would you want to harm your body by eating bad food, having lack of sleep, stress, saving money on your skincare, etc?

Each time you aren’t sure about making the right choice, ask yourself: “Do I respect my body by doing this?”.
Apart from these good relations with others start from healthy relations with yourself. The person who cares about the body feels more confident and others respect it.

So here are few rules for you if you feel something has to be changed:

• Don’t blame yourself, it will only take a lot of your energy and make you more negative about the things.

• Implement the changes because you love, not hate yourself.

• Create rituals for your body which you can accomplish constantly (for example, workout three times a week, visiting beautician or spa once a month, etc.)

• Look at yourself in the mirror at least once a day and for few minutes think what things you like in yourself.

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