Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Kyiv

Kyiv is my home city and it gives me so much inspiration when I visit it! I can talk about it for hours and never get tired.

The reasons for it are written below.

1. Beautiful architecture and great combination of historical buildings with modern ones.

When I walk in the central part, everything breathes history but at the same time doesn’t look too old. I can visit Opera Theater and after it go to a modern shopping mall in 15 min walk. Isn’t it amazing? By the way the tickets in Opera Theater are just a bargain compared to Europe, you definitely need to visit it!

2. Kyiv is an action city.

It is always full of different cultural, educational or recreation events. Actually this city has so much to suggest to young generation. They can attend seminars, lectures, conferences almost for free and grow their skills. There are many events in English language too, you can find them in Facebook.

3. People are much into health and sport.

For me it’s a huge plus, as somehow this lifestyle in society motivates me to do same.

During my last trip I joined KM Running Club and it was amazing to see people of all ages running together.

4. If you have any food preferences, Kyiv will suggest you plenty of choices.

During my last trip to Bangkok it was really hard to find good restaurants with international quisine. Kyiv isn’t like this. Here there is so much choice for reasonable amount of money.

And I guess it’s great to try something new!One day you eat Italian Pizza, the other day – Japanese Sushi, and after one week – Georgian Khinkali.

Apart of this the atmosphere in local restaurants is so good!

5. Kyiv is one of the greenest cities I have ever seen in my life.

It has a great nature with lots of forests and parks.

There you can rent bicycle, make a picnic and enjoy the rest of other outdoor activities!

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