10 Tips to Avoid a Burn Out

Burn out practically happens when you lose motivation as a goal or a job or relationship fails to give you the desired results despite you putting in all the effort. You may feel it’s unfair and that the world is scheming against you. For instance, you expected to be rewarded for going over and beyond your role in the last year, even stepping in when your Boss resigned, however, you don’t get recognised for your time and hard work. Over time you will believe that there is no point to contribute as you busted your ass last year, probably spent less time with family & friends, only to be walked all over. You will also feel that organisations don’t value you and you’re just a number in the system. Unless you really talk to someone about how you’re feeling, say from your boss to a therapist, you’re kinda out the door.

Burn outs are very commonplace in corporate culture. Unfortunately not many people talk about it openly for fear of you being labelled as someone who’s not capable of performing. From CEOs to young graduates everyone has faced it in some way or form. I’m going to give you some steps to avoid one.

1.Morning Ritual

If you haven’t already browsed our Morning Ritual challenge, perhaps you should. I say this because there is a massive improvement in the quality of your life when you have time to reflect on what’s happening and also you don’t feel like you’re rushing to catch up with the world. You feel rather like you’re on top of everything and do things as they come to you. Check out our Hour of Power challenge as it shines light on possible options for a good ritual. Give it a go and see what works for you. I specifically like the part about planning your weekly agenda / goals.

2.Meditation / Prayer

Photo by Prasanth Inturi on Pexels.com

Everyone talks about mindfulness and meditation these days but I can’t stress the power of just taking a little time for yourself. I remember I had a very stressful time at work many years ago, I coped with it by doing daily 1 hour breathing yoga at 6 am. May be it was psychological that I was taking some steps or channeling my stress / frustration in a better way or it was the de-stressing power of focusing on your breath it really worked for me. I was focused, effective and unaffected by anything that came my way. I cruised through life like a monk and it was a feeling I crave to get back to now. There are various apps that you can try as well for this. From Calm to Insight Timer to Headspace. Find one that suits you. This could also be a part of your morning ritual.

Remember in times of stress you need to check-in with your feelings more so even though you feel you have no time just taking some time out to meditate will actually make you feel better. If you find things or your job or a relationship is not working, have the courage to make changes because you only live once make sure you give it your best shot. As it can be challenging go through a change always find some support in family, friends and / or a therapist.

Equally powerful is the power of prayer. When you believe in a higher power greater than yourself and devote yourself in prayer it brings immense satisfaction and peace. A good prayer can almost put you in a trance state.

3.Eating well and on time

People at work often priortise meetings, some idiots even keep back-to-back meetings around lunch time. In the corporate world, it is hard to say no if the big-wigs have all accepted a meeting too. While I get all of that you can perhaps plan your food better. If you know you have back-to-back meetings all day long on the previous day you can prep food / order food / enroll into a monthly meal plan and pop some food in between meetings.

Possible heatlhy and easy snacks:

a) Keep some almonds / dates / any other dry fruits around you to snack on.

b) A smoothie in between to keep you energetic and healthy.

c) I also quite enjoy a bit of granola during such times when I need energy but don’t have time.

d) I will also add Kefir as a summer favourite of mine.

Also, perhaps learn to say no to stupid meetings that actually lead to no results.

Tip: Get a nutri bullet and keep it in office, keep the fruits and veg in your fridge and whip something up when you can. Or just keep yoghurt, pop some fruit and nuts into it and you’re done.

4. Digital Restrictions

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

Keep track of your screen time. If you have an iPhone then you have easy phone usage monitoring stats. Pick apps that you spend a lot of time such as Instagram and put a daily time limit. On the iPhone you can also turn on downtime so it’ll disable everything except phone calls between 10 pm and 7 am. I would also recommend to not access your phone two hours before going to bed and two hours after waking up. The idea is that you control your device and not the other way round.

I also recommend limiting the time you spend taking in news from non-credible sources. Focus on your life and let external things be external. Don’t let them overwhelm you. We’ll be launching a challenge by our Life Coach – Yana tomorrow so watch out for the video on Youtube or join the webinar at 11:00 GMT + 4.

5. Exercise

Exercise is so needed given the demands on our time at work, with family / friends and life itself. Definitely include a power warm-up in your morning ritual but also try to commit to an evening work out like pilates, yoga or dancing or even zumba so that you have an outlet for all the frustration, stress, anger, sadness or any other feeling. When you end your day with a work out it is the most amazing feeling. I love yoga and for me days when I could do yoga post work 6 days a week were my calmest weeks. You even sleep better, your digestive system gets better too and your skin glows.

6. Beauty Sleep

It is so important I can’t stress it enough. If you have difficulty sleeping because of stress then exercising may help you. It could be that stress has really gotten to you and keeps you up at night then I would definitely suggest getting some professional help.

7. Talking it out

Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

If you’re fortunate enough in today’s isolated world to have friends / family, with whom you can share your problems without judgement then you should count yourself as super lucky. If not find a good therapist and / or a Life Coach to talk you through your woes and to perhaps make some life changes. Not expressing yourself also leads to depression, anxiety and other health woes so don’t ignore your feelings.

8. Water

This is so important. Try to drink up to 3 litres in a day and try consuming it in smaller regulated sips throughout the day so you avoid the excessive washroom trips. If it happens anyway don’t care because you’re hydrating yourself and your body will thank you for it. So go pee as many times without any shame. Don’t pay attention to societal norms.

9. Nature

Try to be closer to nature. Get some plants, go spend time at parks, on the beach, anything that makes you feel at peace and closer to Mother Earth. There is a strong healing power for your senses when you spend time with nature away from technology and concrete jungles. May be even try a retreat away from your usual surroundings.

10. Art

The healing power of art is unbeatable. It could be in the way you dress up, in cooking up great food, or painting your feelings out, may be enrolling into a pottery lesson. The list of possibilities is unlimited. For me cooking is turning out to be really therapeutic with all the spices, colours of vegetables and the constant mixing of the ingredients during cooking. All the colours give me eyes immense happiness. It also ties in with the theory that humans were made to move so we will only achieve happiness by doing rather than being on our couch and watching tv.

Let me know if my tips helped you in any way or form. We’ve have also designed the Detox Your Mind course, which might help you.

Until next post.xx

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