How to Wake Up at 6 am and Loving It

Everyone can wake up at 6 am but not everyone can do it consistently and actually enjoy it. If you are a person who always wanted to be an early bird by choice not by force, this article is for you. Today, I will share a few secrets on how to make early rises as part of your beautiful and balanced lifestyle.

Crucial Steps of Waking Up at 6 am

  1. Take a decision and set it as a non-negotiable rule to get out of the bed at 6 am no matter what! No excuses! No self-talk about today is raining, snowing, sunny, headache, tired, etc.
  2. Do it for 7 days in a row, then 30 days, then 2 months. First, make smaller targets then extend them to develop a strong habit. After 7 days, waking up at 6 am would be natural and easy, and after 2 months, it will go to your blueprint.
  3. Go to sleep not later than 22:00! To wake up happy, fresh and energetic you need a proper 8 hrs. of sleep. Don’t try to cheat your body, you will pay triple with the lack of focus, health issues, and constant tiredness.
  4. Do not use digital devices 2 hrs. before bed to get deep healthy sleep. Your brain needs full rest which is not possible with the blue light from mobiles, TVs, etc. and constant brain stimulation. Leave all of your devices outside the bedroom, you do not need extra stress from seeing late emails or messages.

These are the main steps to follow to love waking up at 6 am, to feel a lot of energy in the morning and excitement for the new day. The most difficult will only be the first week and days where you had lack of sleep, apart from these, waking up early is super fun and easy. Last but not least, the incentive to wake up at 6 am should be the self-love, desire to build a dream life and successful career. If you don’t have such empowering reasons, then just forget it, you will never have the strength to do it. But those who understand how it can improve their life will easily succeed just following our simple steps.

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