How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

All of us want to be in a good shape, but sometimes things go out of control and we gain extra weight. I personally don’t like the word “diet” because it makes me stressed. It makes my mind feel that I need to limit myself with eating most of the things.  Apart from this big limitation it also causes a yo-yo effect afterwards. You will likely return to your old eating pattern and along with it the weight will resurface.

That’s why in this article I will not advice you to start following a diet. I will actually suggest you how to make light changes in your lifestyle in order to get a healthier body and loose extra weight:

  1. Don’t eat sugar and fruits in the evening

I remember, once I realized that within the past 6 months I had added 7 kilos, I immediately cancelled fast food and went to the gym. And after 3 weeks of trial my weight just didn’t move anywhere. So I called my friend who is a nutritionist, explained to her the situation and she gave me a simple advice not to eat any kind of sugar, even the one which is in fruits in the evening. This advice worked for me really well! I just put a rule for myself, that I can eat something sweet in the morning, fruits in daytime and none of these in the evening.

2. Learn how to respect your body and stop putting “garbage” food in it on a daily basis

Here I mean the food and drinks, which are obviously harmful for your body: french fries, chips, Coca-Cola etc.
Apart from this you can always substitute them with healthier choices such as you can buy a sandwich with whole grain bread instead of a burger in McDonalds or fresh juice instead of Pepsi. It is rather an opportunity to eat healthier food, not a limitation.

3. Drink a lot of water but not with food

Try to drink at least a glass of water every day when you wake up and try to consume at least 2 liters every day. By the way many people forget to drink water during work and it causes a huge stress for body. Remember to drink water as it hydrates the whole body and improves digestion. And if you feel like you keep forgetting, you can download application, which will remind you to do it.

Just a little note: Try not to drink water during your meal. Do it 30 minutes before or after.

4. Don’t weigh yourself every day

Just relax. Your weight definitely will not change within a day, but checking it every day may cause disappointment and desire to find positive emotions by eating comfort foods that are usually high in calorie.

5. Try to follow intuitive eating

I noticed many times that sometimes I keep eating food even if I am not hungry. Or sometimes I am eating something absolutely not delicious just to fill my stomach with food.
That’s why I would advise you to ask yourself questions before eating food:
“Am I really hungry?”
“Which food would I like to eat?”
“How much food would be enough for me?”

6. Even if you don’t have time for sport, try walking every day

Doing sport is essential part of being fit, but if sometimes after your work you feel too tired or not in a mood, you can always choose walking as an option. Walking for extra 30 minutes or one hour actually helps to refresh mind, feel more calm and peaceful after a stressful day.

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