My Favourite Matcha Lattes in Dubai

I have always been into healthy and green things. If someone told me I could eat something to get good skin consider it done. I often try one new fad to the other over time of course I have learnt many things about fad culture. The most important being that fads are called fads for a reason and we must pick and choose and perhaps even wait for some scientific research to really know if it’s true or apocryphal.

Despite my cynicism about fads I have hopped onto the Matcha Latte band wagon and can’t seem to drop off anytime soon. Here’s my recommendation of the 3 best Matcha Lattes by varying taste buds and portion sizes to suit you.

1.Baker and Spice – Souk Al Manzil

This is I think my most favourite matcha Latte to date. Been indulging in this one for at least two years now. I call it an indulgence because it is sweet, perfectly balanced, refreshing and satisfying. You can also ask for almond milk instead of regular milk and it’ll still taste very good. They also add honey which makes the taste balanced as opposed to the bitter matcha lattes available sometimes. I by no means want to offend bitter matcha latte but the sweet one is more to my liking and gives me the morning mojo or afternoon pick me up to keep growing and glowing.

2. Wild and the Moon

This place is really interesting and vegan and refreshing and from it’s roots in Comptoir 102 has really grown. It has by far the largest serving of matcha latte made with spirulina, almond milk and maple syrup. Matcha and spirulina are great anti-oxidants with regenerating and detoxifying strengths. I’m confused whether this or the matcha latte at Baker and Spice is my number one. To be fair they are both slightly different. I would say the touch of spirulina changes the taste and makes it a healthier version compared to the Baker & Spice one. Although a turn off for me is the large serving because I’m a tiny person and I like to exercise portion control relative to my body size and exercise levels.Besides the matcha latte here I also recommend the bullet coffee, which I will talk about in my next post. Promise.

3. Myocum

This comes in third place for me. It’s the right size, perfect taste in between bitter and nice and just like everything else Myocum is simply amazing. In case you haven’t been to Myocum it is worth adopting as your frequent haunt for healthy foods. I remember having an amazing tofu scramble and some colourful looking poke bowls. I also would laud this place for its great decor so urban and cool with crystals and greens.

4. Ladurée

Ladurée never disappoints and they certainly didn’t with a matcha latte as well. Served in their classic plan and pastel coloured cups. It is perfectly sweet and refreshing for an afternoon pick-me up. Perhaps not as potent for a morning boost as the baker and spice one but this could just be a personal opinion.

Thanks for reading. If you have any recommendations on matcha latte recipes or other places to try in Dubai please do let us know in comments.

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