Secrets of Magic Morning Rituals

Having a particular morning ritual is one of the most important habits you have to develop if your target is a balanced, happy and productive life of course. On the contrary, if you want to leave a messy and purposeless life, you can just forget about it and continue to oversleep and have no structure in your day.

A morning ritual is so so so important. I meant it! This small habit can dramatically transform your life and will lift your happiness and productivity by 1,000%. Plus, the amazing news is that the ritual should be a selection of tasks that you love and which makes you feel your best.

The most important rule of Morning Ritual, to do only the things you absolutely love that are beneficial for you and your future.

So how to make your perfect ritual? Let me tell you about mine and you can take something from it and decorate your way. I start my day at 5:55 and you can, of course, choose a time which works for you the best. For my ritual I keep strictly 2 hours from 6:30-8:30, this is why I wake up very early to have enough time to set the tone of the day in a stress-free way.

My Morning Ritual Timetable

  • 5:55 Wake up call, smile and wash my face
  • 6:00 Make a delicious breakfast for my love (yes, it makes me happy but it is not the time for myself so I will add 30 min at the end)
  • 6:30 Gym time, have a 10 min cardio, 10 min. power, 10 min to get there
  • 7:00 Plan my amazing week & month
  • 7:10 Dream about some things I want, some financial goals or planning
  • 7:20 Read a book or listen to short educational video
  • 7:30 Write about my achievements & say what I am grateful about
  • 7:40 Mindful meditation, try to be present and look within me
  • 7:50 Stress-free net in case I spent more time on some tasks
  • 8:00 Shower, beauty rituals & get ready
  • 8:30 I am ready for the day and my yummy breakfast

This is how my morning looks like; however, feel free to add the tasks which work for you the best. As an idea, you can add affirmations, listen to music, dance, do yoga or whatever makes you a happy woman. Also, you can modify your Morning Ritual, in fact, I personally update it every month. Besides, you can make it just 1 hr or wake up earlier and do 2 hrs. Just try it out for a month, and see the magic how your mood and your day will transform. Or if you already have your morning ritual let us know what are your favorite morning tasks.

Last but not least, I also tried Morning Ritual or Hour of Power of Tony Robbins. So if you would like to know how he really does his morning, watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to be part of my next Celebrity Challenge. Plus, for more morning ritual insides and happiness secrets, check out our Detox Your Mind Course.

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