How To Make your Hair Hydrated and Healthy?

Around 5 years ago I cut my hair really short, coloured it and 2 weeks after I realized that my previous hairstyle fit me better. But it was my decision and I couldn’t move back in time to change anything. And there my long journey to healthy and long hair started.

At this moment I can confidently say that I am pretty happy about the way my hair looks.

So I want to share with you some secrets, following which will definitely make your hair look better.

1.Use Tangle Teezer for brushing your hair

I don’t like to mention or recommend any specific brands as for all of us we have individual preferences about the products. But once I brushed my hair with this brush once, I said goodbye to other ones.
The key plus point is that Tangle Teezer brushes your hair gently, without damaging it. It is also a perfect option for detangling hair, after buying it I could finally fix my hair without breaking them. All my friends also love this product, so I highly recommend to get one if you still don’t have it and use it daily.

2. Each time after using shampoo apply mask or conditioner, avoiding the roots.

This is a simple rule. Unfortunately many women underestimate the importance of this procedure. But your hair will be grateful if you decide to follow it.

I personally like to cover my hair with shower cap after putting mask or conditioning and wash it out after 5-15 minutes (depending on my free time).

3.If you didn’t really have time to follow the previous rule, it’s ok. You can still use leave-in oil or serum for hair after washing it.

Believe me, it isn’t a waste of money, you definitely need to have at least 1 product like this. It is easy to apply and also helps to nourish damaged hair making it more soft and shiny.

4.Secret hair therapy with Vitamin E

Once in 2 weeks I try to make a 30 minute therapy for my hair. You just need to have Vitamin E Oil in a bottle and any hair mask and a hair mask bowl to mix the ingredients.

  • Take a bowl. Put 2 spoons of mask and 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. Mix them together.
  • Make your hair wet. Don’t apply shampoo. Apply the hair mask mix with Vitamin E. Don’t massage it into roots. Cover it with shower cap and towel, leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo twice to rinse the mask mix off. Apply mask or conditioner and wash your hair again after few minutes.
  • Dry your hair.

This simple procedure helps me to keep my hair shiny and nourished.

Hope my advice will be useful for you and good luck on the way to beautiful hair! Leave me some hair tips of your own in comments below.

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