My Partner Cheated, Who is Guilty?

A relationship can be very complicated as it is between two people with lots of small or big differences. Dissimilarity could be in the way you both see the world, in the life values or just your backgrounds. If you ever been in a situation where your partner cheated on you, don’t blame yourself. The only person who is guilty in this situation is the one who actually did it!

It happened not because you are not good enough, not smart enough or not sexy enough. It happened only because your partner has problems with communication and lying. That’s all.

Is there a way to fix it?

Well, the answer is Yes and No.

YES – if you clearly said that you are not ok with cheating and your partner willing to change. He or she is doing everything possible and never repeating again this mistake. And who actually changed his/her values and priorities on this matter.

NO – if he or she is just a liar who doesn’t care about you, your feelings and who only thinks about him/herself. Then without collaboration from your partner’s side, you cannot influence the sick mentality and damage phycology of the person.

In conclusion, it is a very tough experience when your beloved one is not faithful. But if you are a person who cannot tolerate cheating partner and he or she is doing it again, the best way is to change a partner! It is hard but there is someone better for you out there with similar life values and the person who broke your trust 2nd time doesn’t deserve more chances. No need to waste your time on somebody like that.

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