Condoms Will Not Protect Cheaters

If you are thinking to cheat while you are in a committed relationship or already doing so, this post is for you. And by cheating, I mean the worth form of it, having sex with somebody else. Today, I will not be talking about the ethical side of this question and how this act can create phycological trauma and constant distrust in your partner. In fact, I would like to discuss something more deadly…

While having a pleasurable time with someone else you might get lots of deceases and kill your partner bringing it home. Even if you think you are smart enough and use condoms, you can still catch quite a lot. Condoms protect from getting pregnant but they do not protect fully from sexually transmitted deceases (STDs). There are lots of medical articles on the topic. Plus, what if it gets broken? It could happen very easily with the nails. Or after cheating a few times you might think it is safe to do it without condoms but you cannot scan a person if he or she has infections. Besides the most dangerous ones show after 3-6 months. Then you are exposed to the full encyclopedia of STDs. So it is actually a stupid gamble to satisfy itching between your legs. You are putting on the death trap not only yourself but a person who loved you and trusted you.

Of course, everything we have in our universe exists for a reason. Sexual diseases are just the tool to remove weakest individuals from our planet. Who act like monkeys or other animals without any sense of moral principles and respect to those around. The sad part of this that the innocent partners also have to suffer after the immoral act of one who they trusted.

In conclusion, if you are planning to have many sex partners, just never lie about it and never commit to a relationship with one person by confusing him/her. At least, if you will get some sickness, you will not be transmitting it to the honest and clean people who want to have real love and kids. Better to stay in the same circle of people who don’t care with who they slept last night.

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