Filorga, Flash Nude Fluid Foundation​ with SPF 30

Flash Nude Fluid Foundation is a new bee on the market so of course, I was curious to try it out. I am personally a big fan of this brand and I like 95% of the products they produce. I haven’t tried everything that is why I keep a 5% gap, just in case. Nevertheless to me, it is reliable skin care which maintains beautiful and young skin texture.

This new foundation I have been testing for a week and here is what I really think about it. Flash Nude Fluid

  1. Has a little bit oily and full texture which will give life to your skin and make a natural glowy look.
  2. Hydrates skin quite well so your face will feel perfect even if you skip the face cream in your morning routine. To me it is enough with an eye cream and serum, followed by Filorga fluid.
  3. Protects from the harsh sun and fast aging. Foundation has SPF 30, UVA and UVB  filters.
  4. Does not have full coverage. It only improves the skin tone but not covers scars or acne.

I haven’t read and research any information about this product so it is 100% from my own feeling and experience. Let me know if tried it out and what is your favorite day foundation?

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