Dubai Flea Market. My Crazy Wild Experience​

This weekend I had an unbelievable experience which I wanted to share. For the first time, I went to the flea market to sell my old stuff which I don’t use much. I had no idea what to expect if I will sell anything at all and if it would be worth paying a participation fee. So I took all possible items from the house to try my chances. For example, I brought new makeup, uncomfortable shoes, used cloth, home decor, pillows, chargers, even old magazines :)))

Once me and my friend have arrived, we chose the best possible stand and we had an hour of an absolute disaster. People were running to us and destroying things. We tried to tell, plz come back after 30 min so we fix the stand but they were really wild. Never saw anything like this… So basically we couldn’t even put everything nicely on the table as well as to track who is holding what, so some of our items were stolen in the crowd. After everyone calmed down, we put the rest on the table. Actually, we sold almost everything we brought and left the market around 4 pm. Coming there with a full car and leaving just with my camera, magazines and a few small expensive items. I notice that people buy things in a range of 1-50 AED and more expensive things better to resale on Dubizzle/eBay.

It was a bit wild day but very productive. Getting extra cash for things which just laying around the house and taking space, to me it is a triple win. You get more storage, money and other people enjoy staff which you don’t even need. So I will definitely participate in the flea market again and will keep it as a habit to go there at least once a year.


  1. Arrive at the opening time to get a good table. Choose someplace in the middle, this is where all people will be circling most of the time.
  2. Once you arrive, put on the table cheap things and not so many because, in the beginning, people behave like… how to say correctly… a little bit wild destroying things, plus some stilling. They don’t give you time to arrange the stand first hour so keep an eye.
  3. Also, a great idea will be to share a stand with a friend so you get a better profit and have a fun company.

About the Market

  • Place: Al Barsha Pond Park, Flea Market
  • Time: Friday, 10:00-17:00
  • Price: 300 AED, you have to book in advance

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