Self-Love, Where to start?

I guess many of us if not all, been in a situation where people around mistreat us. I suggest once and for all take ownership of this. Yes, you read it correctly, you are the one who responsible who people around treat you. You are the root of everything that is going on. People only take place in your life which you allow them to take.

So if you don’t love yourself, no one else will.

Sounds rough but better to realize the truth to analyze your mistakes and improve the situation. Self-love starts within you and spreads around as love to those around. When you respect your time, your body, your partner, nobody will dare to disrespect. And if they will then after seeing the way you behave, they change or adjust their behavior right away. For example, if you keep telling everyone how fat you are, it is a matter of time when people around you will start to call you fat. So respect your body love it and of course do everything it takes to make it perfect. The same goes for everything else…

But the question of the day, if you hate yourself so much for whatever reason how to change it? How to actually start loving yourself? How to practice and express self-love?

Start from small baby steps:

  1. After the shower, put cream on your body with love and care. Think about what do you love about it…
  2. Buy yourself a few nice face products. Such small gestures will give a sense of self-care. Of course, throw all creams, you deserve to have the new ones.
  3. Give yourself some gifts from time to time. It is great to give things to others but never to forget about yourself.
  4. Declutter your house, live in a clean environment.
  5. Give away some old clothes and buy a few new outfits every month. Don’t wear old staff to punish yourself that you are not pretty or have a perfect body.
  6. The list can go endless but I would like you to come up with your self-love rituals. Please share them in the comments down below, it might help others to get more ideas about where to start.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I will see you in the next post :))) Waiting for your comments.

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