Soap and Glory Haul. Testing New Hair Products and Face Mask

Today, I will review 4 Soap & Glory products which I got in my GlamBox package. I came accross this brand 5 years ago and I like many of their body products. However, I never tried hair products or face masks before so let see how it will work.

1. Curls Allowed Shampoo – I don’t have a curly hair but still I am amaized by the shampoo. The texture is like nothing I experienced before. It is so consentrated and give lots and lots of foam. Absolutly in love with it and can’t wait to try their shampoo for fine hair. Wonder if it will work even better for my hair type.

2. Curls Allowed Conditioner – This product is from the same line as shampoo. The texture is very light weight, more into the range of hair serum. Smell is very present and super soft comparing with the majority of Soap & Glory range. It just keep my hair detangle and light weight.

3. Split Happens Conditioning Styling Oil – This one is my favorite from all the products I was trying today. It smells heavenly and it gives hair perfect shine without weighing them down. Plus, it have heat protection which just perfect if you are reagular user of hair styling tools. I guess this bottle will last for me a couple of years but I would deffinitly consider to get another one. By far it is one of the best hair oil on the market.

4. The Fab Pore, Pore-Refining Face Mask – The mask is my least favorite of all the products. It made me feel so cold like it is -30* at home. Can’t say that it did something to my pores but I deffinitly felt for super hot shower after it. This one I deffinitly not going to buy.

Let me now what is your favorite products of Soap & Glory in the comments below. Also, if you tried some of the products I reviewd, I would love to know your oppinion.

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