GOLD COLLAGEN Review. Younger Skin in 30 Days

As many of you already know from my Instagram, I started using collagen supplements from awesome brand Gold Collagen. The brand sent me a 30-days program and at first, I didn’t even care much about it until I actually tried it.

So the package came with 3 heavy boxes of collagen mini bottles, the weight was more than 3 kg. Each box contains 10 bottles, so you can create your own collagen program for 10, 20, 30 days or even longer. Besides, I received amazing collagen masks for every week of the program. So beauty transformation within 30 days, guaranteed from the inside as well as outside. Also, this collagen infused with lots of other vitamins which contributes to your beauty and healthy spirit. While recording the video, I learned that Gold Collagen have programs for women 25+ Pure which I do, 40+ Forte and a special line for men. All products are made in U.K. and passed lots of labs tests for maximum effect.

I found very handy to take this little bottle every morning before my breakfast and so easy to drink on the go. No need to think about taking water or having a hard time swallowing it. So from my personal experience, it is the best collagen I have ever used. Once I finish my 30-Days program I will record another before and after review so subscribe to receive a notification and follow me on Instagram @yanallure. Last but not least, if you also tired Gold Collagen please share your experience, would love to know the results you got. Or about some other awesome products that you love.


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