MAXON Hydramax Review


Got my hands on trying Hydromax line by MAXON brand. The reason I wanted to check it out because my cosmetologist always says to me that majority of the problems with skin even the acne comes from the lack of hydration. So I got two super high-quality products to check it out.

  1. Hydramax Cleansing Tonic – this one looks like for eyes only but apparently you can clean all face with it. To me, it feels a bit oily to have a two face solution, maybe because I got used to my Bioderma makeup removal. Maxon cleansing tonic removes around 70% of makeup, this is how I felt.  Also, for the eyes, I cannon use it, especially in the evening because on the next day my eyes will look tired and feels full of sand. I do not know why but it always happens to me with the two face solution for eyes so I just prefer never to use them. I guess the destiny of this bottle will be to give away to someone or to just clean my fave while avoiding eye area.
  2. Hydramax Cream – the hydration cream looks and feels nice as most of the creams on the market. Of course, MAXON put high-quality things in it so you cannot compare to some supermarket products. But in the pharmacies there lots of same things. I cannot say that this one will stand out in front of the others unless you are a big fan of the MAXON brand. So all I can say a good product which hydrates skin and leaving comfortable feeling on it.

I would give this brand and the specific line 8/10 because the quality is great but minus 2 because it doesn’t stand out. We all need to see some miracles in order to be overexcited and wave about it to our friends. Last but not least, if you are in Dubai you can order any of the products via Most of my friends order from them and I got this MAXON line from this online store as well. It was such a smooth delivery with them I got honestly impressed. In fact, I wasn’t at home and they actually brought the box to a coffee shop where I was enjoying my coffee with a friend on Saturday morning.



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