Plant-Based​ Food For Weight Loss

I read so many books, listened to lots of doctors and experts about what is the best food to eat for longevity and perfect body composition. As well as I tested most of the diets on myself, to the point of being a fruitarian for 2 months. All of these just to find optimal food which will keep me young, lean and healthy with a bonus of being social and happy. I love eating and enjoy trying different dishes without limiting myself to any group of being raw vegan, vegan, fruitarian, vegetarian and etc. I am not black and white judging people’s food preferences and I am not limiting myself but rather I run lots of tests what works and what doesn’t. After this long 10 years journey, I came to a conclusion that the optimal for all of those targets, to eat 80%-90% plant-based food. I can assure you that its works because I don’t get thick, I don’t limit my food and don’t get fat, and my skin is glowing. People who follow such a diet have similar results. Besides this practical benefits, the food is super tasty you just need to know what to order and cook. The mind can get scared at first for trying something new, but don’t be because you are the baby of nature and this is the food you meant to be eating. I promise if you run a test, you will love it more than 21st century processed food creations.

So if any of my clients come to me with a request to help to overcome thickness or obesity, my answer would be, go for a plant-based food. With an addition of intermittent fasting if a person targeting weight reduction. It works for the majority of fit people in the world because its the law of physics, our nature and this planet. So there is no chance it won’t work for you if you really follow it. I added one of my favorite videos about a plant-based diet, so if you want a beautiful body, young skin and strong health, definitely watch it.

I do not believe in the short-term diets, they just don’t work and never will for long-term sustainable results. Of course, if you force your body to consume fewer calories, you will lose weight but will it be sustainable once you finish the diet? That is the root why most people faile. They do not change eating habits and expect result right away. Only dedication and consistency will take you where you want to go.

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