Giorgio​ Armani​ 7 hrs Lasting Lipsticks​ Review

I have been searching for a very long time for perfect long lasting lipsticks and finally found it. Today I will be reviewing the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet line. I purchased 2 lipsticks from this line in the shade 508 and 510. Actually, it was an impulsive purchase on the spot. I haven’t read or hear anything about them. In fact, I was going to a department store to get Gorgio Armani foundation which is so popular so many people are waving about it and which I don’t even like it that much. But anyway let’s get back to our magical lip products.

What I like about them, the “+”,

  • they do not dry my lips
  • the color suits perfectly my facial features and my outfits
  • beautiful package, very elegant and pleasant to use
  • comfortable application brush
  • no irritating smell
  • set perfectly for the whole day
  • long lasting up to 5-7 hrs (depends how much you kiss, just joking)

What I don’t like about them, the “-“,

  • these lipsticks have only one minus I can think of, is the price

So if you are not a price-sensitive buyer, then I definitely recommend to try them out. And even if you are, maybe you can make a little treat. I was buying them as a birthday gift to myself and it was totally worth it. Please, write the comments down below if you try them already or thinking to purchase it. I would love to hear your opinion and how it works for you.


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