The Best Way to Cure Binge Eating

I feel like anybody who tried to hold a diet or do calorie restrictions faced the problem of binge eating. Not many people are aware that it is an eating disorder until it gets really scary. For somebody who never heard of it, to describe in a few words, binge eating is when you start eating like insane almost everything you see or desperately want in the enormous quantity by stuffing yourself. Then after this crazy emotional eating without thinking, you feel terrible guilt. Some people start to punish them with exercises or starvation which get them into a vicious cycle. Looking back you feel like in the moment when you binge you couldn’t really think, have no willpower and it was like a blurred picture.

The reason that I describe so well is that I been there for most of my life. Sometimes it was better, sometimes it got worth especially after constant stress. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid stress in the…

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