Pierre’s Bistro & Bar, Dubai

French cuisine has always been on top of the gastronomy experience around the world with its classy culinary creations. In Dubai, there are only a few excellent fine dining French restaurants and Pierre’s Bistro & Bar is now definitely one of them. By excellence, I mean ambiance, interior, food, service and the overall experience. After a huge success in Paris, Chef Pierre Gagnaire opened Pierre’s Bistro & Bar in Dubai. Even though it was opened just recently in 2018, it already got noticed by many fashionable Dubai magazines and famous bloggers from the region.

The Place

This restaurant is located at Festival City in Intercontinental Hotel. The place has the view at a beautiful fountain and it is nearby Festival Mall. If you are staying somewhere nearby, like Palazzo Versace, Intercontinental Hotel or Crown Plaza, it is right next to you. The interior of Pierre’s Bistro is very classy and during the weekend there is Dj playing great sets to elevate your experience even further. Service is outstanding as well and waiters help to choose the best dishes according to the taste of each person.

The Menu

The menu has a perfect number of dishes, enough to choose from and not overwhelming at the same time. Very classy and very French. In fact, you will find excellent seafood dishes, finest meat and even vegetarian alternatives. Since it is a French restaurant there is even a frog on the menu. It was great that I came with my friends so we could try a little bit of many things they have. All we ordered was so good, so delicious and creative at the same time. Celebrity Chef Pierre Gagnaire made not only outstanding quality culinary experience but also add to the process lots of innovative ideas. He did not follow the standard French rules rather that went beyond and created his own masterpieces with a French sole. For example, I would never think of such combination as Lobster with Semolina or Oysters with Frozen Slice of Banana. It was something very new to try.

This was an exciting and fun journey for me and my friends. I personally had unforgettable food experience and would love to come back. So if you appreciate classy French cuisine but want a splash of fun with great Dj sets on the weekend, Pierre’s Bistro & Bar is the right place to go.

  • Location – Pierre’s Bistro & Bar, Intercontinental Hotel, Festival City
  • Cuisine – French
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – beautiful
  • Service – great
  • Ambiance – wonderful
  • Parking – free valet
  • Price – $$$$
  • Overall Experience – loved the place and the food


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