Rubies are The Best Girl’s Friends

Many people magnetize with the beauty of diamonds but actually, rubies are more precious stones from various perspectives. After attending a preview of the book Ruby by Joanna Hardy, I was amazed how special these stones are. The origin and cutting play a big role in ruby’s DNA. Also, they have a unique color composition of different shades of red and structure which makes each stone like no other. The red color always symbolized the power, action, energy, passion, desire, and love. For diamonds, it is always been about the clarity and shades of transparent white color but for rubies, there is much more to it as it is full of vibrancy and life. This is why these stones were always been special for royalties, kings and tsars.

Also, I realized that rubies are a great way to invest your money, as a little stone can be worth millions of dollars and perfectly sustain value during any time. One ruby was even sold for $30 millions, and the price per carat was $1 million. Just not so many people know how to choose them to get a maximum value. However, if you choose right, it will keep value in any economic ups and downs with the possibility of high ROI, since there is a limited amount of them. So it is not only about a character of every stone but also about investment opportunities.

The book will help you to understand rubies as an expert. Therefore, I would highly recomend to check it out if you love jewelry or thinking about investing in precious stones. Also, please watch my video where I share some parts of the wonderful Ruby presentation.

To buy Ruby by Joanna Hardy, press here.



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