Travel List for Any Destination​ & Easy Going Vacation

After so many travels I developed my own routine to get maximum of it with a minimum of stress. Travels can be overwhelming sometimes especially if you forgot something you really needed. Therefore, to be super efficient and ready I created a travel list on my phone. This helps to remove the stress and get rid of that feeling did I forget something. For me, it takes an hour to pack and after going over my list I am good to go. Personally, I prefer to travel with minimum luggage but being a lady always tempts me to take more outfits and makeup that I actually need. But the most important still to take everything so you do not need to do unnecessary shopping during your vacation, looking for the stores and spending money on something you already have. I guess, my list more for ladies than for men but you can just get an idea and develop your very own with such sample.

On the top of my list, I highlighted 3 particular things with which you can survive almost anywhere. It goes to my purse and the rest of the list is my actual luggage. Most of the times it fits even in carry-on especially if I have travel mini version of liquids.

  1. Money (local&foreign), credit cards, debit cards
  2. Phone
  3. Passport and IDs
  4. Headphones
  5. Charger for phone, laptop & camera
  6. Universal adapter
  7. Local sim card
  8. Eye blinds 
  9. Few dresses
  10. Jeans/comfy pants
  11. Few sweaters
  12. T-shirts and tops
  13. Skirt/shorts
  14. Bra, underwear, socks
  15. Sunglasses, swimsuit & flip flops 
  16. Body cream, face cream & eye cream
  17. Makeup removal & facial cleanser
  18. Makeup (foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, highlighter, bronzer)
  19. Hairbrush & hair rubber ring
  20. Tablets, vitamins

So these are the must haves for me, of course, if I feel like adding more or not taking something I am free to do it. The list is just pointers to go ever before traveling to take all the worries away and make sure that you got everything for the travel. In fact, going over each number I just answer a question if I took it or not, if not why I do not need it. With this reminders, you can travel anywhere. Either to chilly London or hot Dubai. It will help to tailor your particular vacation and give everything you would actually need.  You can copy this one in notes on the phone or you can modify it and write mast haves for yourself, Let me know if you created or already have your own travel list. What do you have more to it?

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