Morning Ritual for Women, Fast Road to Success

Mornings are very powerful part of the overall personal success. To have a special ritual at the beginning of the day, it is actually more important than eating your breakfast. The way you start your day is the clear indication if you achieve something in life or not. We all want to do nothing, wake up late and hope that our life transforms itself. In reality, there no such magic happens unless you make steps towards your success. And the first what you should work on is to optimize your mornings.

I was searching what are the things successful people have in common and found out that 99% have their own way to start the day. Usually, the wake-up call for them is at 4 am, 5 am, 6 am, or 7 am. The majority of high-performance individuals I have found, woke-up at 6 am; therefore, I made it my ultimate target for 2018 which will transform my life for the best. However, for those who like even earlier, the Robin Sharma will be your role model with his famous 5 am wake-up club. He also shared so many miracles that will happen when you get up that early. For me, at the beginning of the year waking up at 7 am was miraculous enough, so I decided not to be a hero and jump to the impossible right away in order to stay consistent with the commitment I am about to make. So for the 60 days in a row, I got used to 7 am and just now moved to 6 am.

Regarding the ritual in itself, I got lots of ideas from the book The Miracle Morning. This was my starting point, just to dedicate one hour to 6 different tasks which would move me forward in my life. Then I continue my research on other people’s morning rituals, and eventually, I developed one of my own which would perfectly suit for women.  Maybe it will be modified in the future but for 2018 that what makes me happy, moves me forward and guides me to success. I take 2 hours just for myself and below you can see step by step what I do it exactly,

  • 6:00 Wake up, wash my face & brush my teeth
  • 6:10 Workout, walk, cardio or other sport activities
  • 6:45 Shower, washing my hair and applying body cream
  • 7:00 Face care routine & make-up
  • 7:15 Tony Robins meditation & being at the pick performance
  • 7:30 Go over my goals, thoughts, and strategies
  • 7:45 Read some powerful motivation book
  • 8:00 Ready to take the world, or to have a breakfast at least

This 2 hours ritual may not only benefit me but other women as well. The ones who want to succeed and who are searching for the right road. So I do hope you will try it out or maybe develop your own ritual which will help you to be the achiever, not just a dreamer. Let me know in the comments below if you already have one and how you are starting your day.


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