The Trip to Formentera Island, Spain


Formentera island is the Carribean of Europe. The reason many people called it this way because of incredibly blue/turquoise color of water around the island. Plus, it has tropical white sand beaches.


Sea Water and Beaches

The easiest way to get to this paradise is by taking a boat from Ibiza. The ride will be for around 30 min to an hour. From so many beaches to choose from in Formentera, I decided to explore most of them during the trip, Playa Levante, Playa de Illetas, and etc. After all, the island is quite small. So I rented a bicycle and enjoyed a lovely day riding it around. It was so much fun. Plus, with a bike, it took just 15 min to get to the top of the island to Playa de Illetas, and by walk, it would take 45 min. You can rent any vehicle like bicycle, motorcycle, car and even quadricycle. Just little note that with some of them there are restricted areas. Also, if you are lucky enough to have a yacht, you can go around this island and park it next to any beach you would like and swim in turquoise water. Before coming to Formentera I heard a rumor that it is a nudist island, so I was a little worry how the trip will go. I wouldn’t be that comfortable laying around naked people. Happily, it was just a rumor and I haven’t bumped into any of such people and enjoyed my day at 100%. Water was very fresh and the sun was so warm on my skin.


Entertainment and Food

The main activities on this island is just rest, chill, enjoing the sun and lay on the beach. Plus you can have nice meal and tropical cocktails. Thera are some bars and restaurant to choose from but friend of mine recomened to visit Juan y Andrea. It is superpopular place and you deffinitly need areservation during a pick season. The restaurant was packed and lots os people where waiting to get in. Since I was alone they let me have my meal at the bar. Usually I would get angry at host but in that sircumsances I was greatful to try their food at least in this way. My meal was delicios and cocktail so refreshing. Deffinitly recoment to visit Juan y Andrea, if you are coming to Formentera.


Hope my review would be helpful for those who are planing the trip. Please if you have any questions, leave the comments bellow. Last but not least, check it out my YouTube video about the trip.

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