Delicious Georgian Food in Moscow, Lari Restaurant

Georgian cuisine is very popular in Russian for its simple yet delicious food. Typical recipes include all kind of kebabs, khachapuri, vegies salads, and khinkali (almost like Russian pelmeni, Usbek manti or Chinese dim sum). My favorite Georgian restaurant in Moscow is Lari and all my friend who tried it they love it as well.


Here in Lari, I would definitely recommend trying Georgian salad, eggplant rolls with walnuts, home salted salmon, Megrelski khachapuri, khinkali with pork and chicken kebabs (shashlik). These are my favorites dishes; however, everything I ever tried at Lari was super yummy.

The ambiance inside is very cozy with comfy sofas, soft light, and friendly staff. You will be always welcomed with the smile here and served the best food that restaurant can offer. Moreover, the location is quite convenient, being in the downtown just next to the sport complex Olempiysky.


So if you are in Moscow is a must to try it. I went to many Georgian restaurants and it is by far the best here. Plus, I doubt that you will ever find out about it in the tourists brochures as Lari has so many clients they don’t even advertise. Most of you know that the best way to find out about great places is to ask locals. I can guaranty you will love it.

  • Location: Schepkina 33, downtown Moscow, Russia
  • Parking: city parking but always some places available around
  • Service: excellent, food prepared fast, people working are very nice
  • Prices: $$, very reasonable, you can get huge meal just for $20
  • Food: so so delicious and simple, you will get out full and happy
  • My rating: 10/10

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